18th October

A cold damp start house dogs out and fed, Kiro in and the labs out and fed.
I cleaned the labs kennel and then did the kennel dogs.
Everyone done and then Moon, Shone and Cito out in the field.
I picked up in the bottom block and let the house dogs out.
I had a few bits to do on the computer.
Next was to move a couple more plants and then check the fencing in Coosa’s field.
I brought the wolf dogs in with me and then moved Coosa’s group over to the next field.
Chicken cut up and then I went out with the brush cutter for a couple of hours before people were due to arrive to pick up puppies.
I finished out with the brush cutting at 4 o clock so last groups out and I de weeded the drive for an hour with the bitch group.
I brought all of the kennel dogs in and then let the house dogs into the garden and the wolf dogs back out into the field.
I power washed the poodles yard.
I went in and did some more packing.
I brought the poodles in and had dinner.
After dinner I put the poodles out in the yard and called the wolf dogs in from the field, they all came in with bones in their mouth; they had taken the lid off from the bucket I had left out for Coosa’s group for the morning.
A really cold start I let the house dogs out and then Kiro in I let the labs out fed them and cleaned their kennel my arms were stinging they were so cold.
I put the house dogs back in and then did the kennel dogs, after I had finished I did the fire and then put Cito, Shone and Moon out in the field.
I let a group of dogs out on the drive and then steam cleaned the poodle’s room.
Next was to pack some more stuff in the house.
After two hours packing and moving stuff into the container.
Next job was to cut up the chicken and feed everyone, I was just putting a group into field three when Graham the farmer arrived I thought oh shit please don’t tell me one of the hybrids are out, but thankfully no he had found a beagle and didn’t know what to do with it so I put it in the kennel and then scanned it, the chip wasn’t registered so I rang anibase and they got hold of the implanter.
The owner finally arrived to pick up the vocal little beast.
Time for another hour strimming and then the labs went out and I hosed both of their day pens.
The labs came in and then I put the house dogs into the bottom yard and the wolf dogs into the field and hosed the poodle’s yard.
I got the evening feeds ready and started to bring everyone in for the night.
Kiro out and the house dogs in.
Another cold start, house dogs out labs out and cleaned, Kiro in and then the kennel dogs all done.
I cleaned the cooker and then steam cleaned the puppy’s room in the house.
Next was out to the paddock with the brush cutter as it was starting to get very long.
I finished and then swapped over dogs and did my emails and phone calls.
I moved yet more boxes from the house to the container and kennel.
The weeds were growing in the drive so I got the nap sack and sprayed all over the drive and then up to the top bank and around the fire.
Next was the stinging nettles in the field that divides the hybrids from the little dogs.
I came in and my shoulders were killing me that thing is heavy.
The meat delivery arrived so I sorted out my chicken and called Kate to come over and pick up hers.
I fed everyone and then Kate arrived, we had a coffee and went through what needs doing on Friday night when I am away.
Kate left and I locked up the gates and let the dogs back out on the drive.
I hosed the labs yard and then the poodles were out on the drive while I cleaned the bottom yard.
I put my dinner on and fed everyone in the kennel and brought Coosa’s group in.
Kennel locked up and the house wolf dogs out in the field with the gates open so they could come in when they wanted to.
The poodles in the garden.
I wrote out the feeding for Kate and then sorted out some more paper work.
I went to bed and woke up to hear the Labradors barking I could hear the most awful screaming like something was being killed, I couldn’t work out what it was, I went out the front and could not see anything wrong Kiro and Reo were ok, I took Shone and Cito up to the labs, they were ok.
I stayed up for a while and had a coffee.
House dogs out and then the labs out and fed, I cleaned their kennel and then put the house dogs in with their food.
I went into Kiro’s kennel and saw exactly what had caused the commotion last night a huge dead rat in Kiro’s mouth, thankfully when I threw some biscuits on the floor she dropped the rat and I swept it onto the shovel and disposed of it, this has to be the biggest one I have seen since I moved here 8 years ago, absolutely disgusting, I was shocked that she hadn’t been bitten as it screamed at least 6 times before she killed it.
I did the kennel dogs and then popped into town and picked up some bones.
I got home and swapped the groups around.
I got the van ready for training and then cut up the chicken and started to feed everyone.
I placed an order for more fish skins for treats.
Next was to steam clean the poodle’s room and sort the washing out.
I fed Coosa’s group and did the fire.
Coosa had matted fur on the side his face so brought him in and clipped his face he is left with a big hole where the cyst has burst, it doesn’t look very nice but at least I can keep it clean and prevent infection..
The afternoon was hoovering in the kennel and getting paper work done.
I did the evening feeds and then washed the bottom block.
I got changed ready for training and fed everyone and then brought coosa’s group in and locked up the kennel.
I put Shiraz and winter in the van and picked up in the drive and off we went.
We had a really good night both of my dogs were exceptional I was so pleased with both of them they couldn’t have worked any better.
I got home and checked on everyone and then brought the house dogs in for the night.

A cold start the house dogs went out and then Kiro in.
I did the labs and cleaned their kennel.
I brought the poodles back in for food.
Next was to do the kennel dogs, after I had finished them I picked up in the drive and then let the house wolf dogs out into the field.
The fire done and the leaves picked up in the track by the top kennel and then I cleaned up Coosa’s face again, it is looking a little better, not so raw.
I cleaned up the labs pen and then packed my clothes for Friday night off to a cancer charity ball with my sister and friends.
A quick whip around the house with the hoover and get Kate’s bed ready.
I cleaned the poodle’s room and steamed the floor.
I had a chat with Wolf a friend of mine and had breakfast at the same time.
The chicken delivery arrived so I cut up and bagged it all so Kate has the food all trayed up labelled in the fridge and the next day’s food all labelled and frozen.
I fed everyone and then got the bones ready for Coosa’s group for tomorrow.
All the washing and towels were still sat on the grooming table so I folded them and put them all away.
Lunch time a quick bite to eat and then I cleaned the bottom block and the yard.
I wrote out feeds and groups going out for Kate and a few odd bits, but most of it she can work out.
The poodles went up into the drive to play so I went out and picked up and then played ball with them.
Poodle’s yard cleaned and then moved some more boxes to the garage.
Kate popped in for a while with the girls for a quick run through the routine for Friday afternoon and Saturday.
After Kate left I locked up and started evening feeding, everyone in and fed.
Kennel locked up and Kiro an Reo out.
Labs away and then cleaned the last yard before finishing.
As expected a cold start, house dogs out and fed and then Kiro in and the labs out and fed.
I did the kennel dogs and had to swap groups around as 2 bitches had come into season which has made everything having to change, all the feeds made up for Kate had to be altered and the kennel plan and going out routine has changed, I wish they could have waited a couple more days before coming into season as neither of these bitches are going to be mated as it will be a bad time for selling puppies early in the new year.
The meat delivery arrived so I got everyone’s bones bagged up for Kate.
After swapping the dogs around I had to spend time with them all.
I have also moved one of the labradoodles as she is due to have pups next week, the two schnauzers have moved as one of them is due to have pups next week also.
After sorting them all out I did the fire and then put the house wolf dogs out in the field and brought the labs down to the kennel to make it easier for Kate.
I disinfected their kennel and then power washed it so it would be ready for me to put them back into on Saturday night.
Next was to wash the yard where Shone and Moon are in the day time.
I steam cleaned the poodles room and left to dry.
Everyone was fed a little earlier than normal so I could be ready to leave when Kate arrived.
I gave Winter his last part of his vaccine and then fed the house pack and moved Cito in with the poodles as it was cold and she can get back into the house.
I sorted out the mornings washing.
I got everything ready for Kate and then left.
Kirsty came and put Kiro and Reo away and Kate did the dogs.
I came back and got in and then the builder arrived to go through some stuff for the house.
After they left I sorted the dogs out and then brought Coosa’s group in.
I locked up the kennel and then let the house dogs out on the drive.

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