18th November

Sunday the 11 th was Kate and I, we had a dry start so the labs and doodle went out first while we fed and cleaned out bitches and pups.
All the feed bins were put out for night and the bottom yard cleaned before the first two groups were back in.
The bottom block went out and stayed dry for a change, Bobby was still only going in the yard as she is still in pain relief for her injury at the time of the mating with Lobo.
Everyone went out up the top while their pens were cleaned.
Coosa decided he was going to start his morning off by howling on his mud mound, well-being a Sunday morning I thought my neighbours may not appreciate this as it was a reasonable day and they would be hoping to enjoy a peace full morning.
I brought him in and he stayed in his outside pen with a bone and watched us rushing around.
After the inside pens were finished I did Roxy and Atlz with Laura and Kate did the house dogs.
We came down and helped Kate and then all went and washed out the whelping areas and changed water and bedding.
I let coosa out and prayed he kept quiet.
Idaho was disgusting as always so I power washed her pen while Laura cleaned all the doors and boards in the front of Coosa’s day pen.
I did the lunchtime feeds and then while Kate was feeding I was with visitors.
After Kate and Laura left I was outside for the rest of the day washing yards and picking up more bones that Coosa and Taska had left out in the field.
Normally when the labs are out in Coosa’s field they bring bones back in with them so it’s less for us to collect.
Kia came out for a wander around so she went in the house dog’s field as I haven’t let her out with anyone as she is not really up to keeping them in line at the moment.
Then I went out with the other groups of dogs and picked up the odd bone and bits of toys.
I had another person came to look at dogs before it was back to the next lot of feeds to be soaked and prepared for the bitches and pups.
I fed all of the outside dogs, then the house dogs before locking them all away and feeding the bitches.
I cleaned the doodles yard before finishing outside and coming in to clean ears on little dogs.
I spent an hour on the computer with emails and sending pictures of puppies to new owners.
Monday was a terrible start it was so wet that we could only let out one group at a time or they would have been soaked to the skin before we had the pens ready for them to come back into.
The labradoodles did not go out in the field until there was a slight let up the rain; this was only brief as it was pouring down again after about half an hour.
They were happy to get back in and they all went and dried off on the straw with their chews.
All of the dogs down the bottom went out in a covered pen for feeding or toilet in the afternoon so I was washing and towel drying the pen most of the day but this is easier than towel drying dogs all afternoon.
I had a scare when Reo mated one of the bitches and she came in from the field dripping heavily with blood, it had been a bad parting and the bitch was torn inside, thankfully a cold wet towel helped to stop the bleeding and she is now on antibiotics just to be on the safe side.

I got all the frozen feeds prepared and defrosted one of the freezers as I could not do that much outside.
The day started and finished cold dark and wet.
Tuesday morning was another early start as the house dogs started howling at 5.30 instigated by Rupert the rampant poodle wanting to mate one of the bitches.
This started Kiro off, so I had fed the house dogs and got them all back in by 6.30.
When Kirsty arrived I had fed most of the bitches and picked up the muck from the yards.
We put the labs and doodles out while the pups were eating we cleaned them out and changed their beds.
Hannah arrived and started grooming dogs from her list.
Some of the hybrid pups have been moved so they are mixed with labradoodle pups, this helps to bring them on quicker and they are more outgoing.
We have done this before with our previous hybrid pups and it worked well for us then as it is proving to be good for these pups as well.
We cleaned most of the top block and then came down to let the house dogs out so Kisrty could change their beds and water while I was seeing my first lot of visitors at 9.30.
After they had gone we went back up to the top kennel and carried on cleaning, we didn’t have to listen out or the next visitor as Hannah would just call us when they arrived.
When I was seeing the visitors Kirsty carried on scraping and drying pens.
The meat arrived so we got the housedogs food out and packed it all into the freezers and burnt all of the rubbish.
Feeding time came round again very quickly.
After everyone was finished I took Coosa out for a walk.
When I got home I spent some time practicing with C for Wednesday night’s training class, she was great I could not fault her with her send away.
Wednesday morning went well all finished before three lots of visitors arrived.
Kate took pictures of all the hybrid pups so I could start sending them out to new owners to pick their puppy.
Most pups have now been selected we have 1 female from Kiro left; they are ready to leave on the 9 th of December.
1 female and 1 male from Tory left, they are ready to leave on the 13 th of December.

Female available from Kiro

Female available from Tory

We will still have a number of pups staying as they need to have the rabies vaccines as they are going out of the country.
The afternoon was a rush to get finished in time for training; I finished outside five minutes before rushing out of the door.
C was excitable and much easier to work with off lead heel work was good and her send away was brilliant so much so that the whole class were cheering and clapping, my sister is one of the trainers of the silver class and she said in 15 years as a dog trainer never have I seen a class so pleased that a dog has finally cracked an exercise that everyone thought was beyond her.
I did speak to a wolf expert about his problem with the send away and I was told that C had probably reached her limit; I felt this was a very defeatist attitude and it made me even more determined than ever that I would find a way to get her to do it.
I was so pleased that I phoned both Kate and Kirsty on the way home to tell them of C’s a mazing achievement.
Kate was over joyed I think she knew just how much it meant to me to prove a number of people wrong.
I was still smiling when I got home and phoned Rach, she was also very pleased as she had been trying to think of ways to do the exercise for weeks.
Next week will be the crunch to see if she will still do it without hesitation.
It is only three weeks until the test and I need to brush up on the questions as well as keep up the practice at home with c.
Kia is doing ok she still has her doughnut ring around her neck and the stitches are still in, I am praying that when I take them out the skin has knitted together.
I will probable still keep her neck collar on for a few days just to make sure she does not scratch it or chew it again.
Thursday morning we had to power wash Idaho again as she was her usual filthy self.
Roxy and Atlz were smelly so I also had to do them which took up a lot of the morning.
Coosa was being a pain with his howling and annoying the neighbour’s so I had to bring him down and let him have the yard and pen 1, this made him really happy as he likes to be near were ever I am and he can see what is going on.
I moved him into the pen for a short while as I had people here viewing doodles for a pup in the future and he is not that keen on all of our visitors.
I spent the afternoon feeding and had time to play with the puppies for a while, they are now of an age where you can see their characters coming out. They are fun but hard work at this stage.
All the pups are eating very well, not leaving much for their mums to finish.
They get excited and look longingly at mum in the hopes to get some of her chicken carcass.
Next week they will start to get a carcass for one of the meals instead of a minced chicken feed.
I spent the whole evening on the phone talking to some of the new puppy owners.
Friday morning Kate and I had a lot get to done before our first visitors.
When the first group were out the scaffolding guys arrived and thankfully this did not cause a problem with the dogs.
After we had finished the first let out and clean, Kate carried on with the dogs and got the puppy food ready.
I went off to the bank and to pick up some cement for the builders next week.
I ordered some more white board and shavings for Brian and Wendy to pick up on Saturday morning as it’s easier than putting it in my van with the cages in.
I got home and unpacked the meat delivery and did the frozen feeds ready for the evening.
Sandra and les arrived to spend an hour or so with their new hybrid girl possibly she will be called Myst.
It’s good when friends come and spend time with the pups as you know you can trust them to look after the pups.
For us this is great as we don’t have to stand in the kennel with them, we can get on with doing the rest of the dogs.
Saturday morning was very busy; Kate Lorna and I were doing the dogs while Wendy and Brian were doing several odd jobs.
Each time a group of dogs were out in the field Brian was replacing white wipe down boards on the front of the pens.
Brian has put a new bed area in the back pen for Idaho in the hopes that if she is mated then she will have a secure area in which to have her puppies in the spring.
We have been having problems with the puppies dragging all of their bedding out over the pens and it looks terrible as well as they don’t have a warm comfortable bed to sleep on.
This is a problem that needed rectifying immediately, so today Brian made small doors to fit on most of the whelping boxes and this has made a great improvement on the mess all over the pen.
Lorna did the house dogs pens while Kate and I did the top block so this helped us get on a bit quicker as we had four lots of people coming and low and behold what happened everyone came within ten minutes of each other, so I was a to b for the next hour trying to answer everyone’s questions and tell them about their puppy.
We scrubbed the pens in the bottom block from floor to roof and degreased them, Lorna scraped and towel dried them while Kate and I did the lunchtime feeds.
Thankfully Wendy realised we were all starving so she got on and made lunch which was very nice and much needed.
The afternoon was just a busy as the morning it was nonstop until well after dark.
I am very lucky that Wendy can do most of the dogs feeding and letting out and bring back in from the field so when the phone rings or people turn up the dogs are not just stuck outside until I have finished.
Due to the pressure we have been under with some of the hybrid owners of the current litter I have decided that the puppies from our next litters will not be viewed by prospective new owners until five weeks of age.
This will make life easier for us and the mothers of the puppies, the socialising will only be done by close friends as it always has been in the past.
We have a good varied network of people who are happy to do this and it does not interfere with the daily running of the kennels.

Kate has nine weeks left before she has her baby and she has really started to get big, it’s difficult for us to pass her in most places now, she has taken well to her new nick name of fatty and baby.
This last week we can all see she is starting to struggle and the hours are telling on her
Today Kirsty and I had a chat and decided that we need to change some of what Kate is doing and take the pressure off her.
There are a number of things she can still do without having to keep running up and down the steps.
From next weekend Kirsty is going to be doing two hours in the morning where the heaviest work needs to be done and Kate will be concentrating on the housedogs and the bitches and puppies.
This will make our lives easier and we know Kate does not want to stop working just yet.
Lorna will work with me and get used to how things will be without Kate being here when she does take her maternity leave.
She hasn’t left yet and we are trying to plan how soon we can have her back again.

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