18th May

Sunday morning was going to be a good day, my neighbours were away so I got to stay in bed until 7.30.
House dogs out, Kiro in, and then up to feed and let the labs out.
I had purposely not booked anyone in to see puppies as I was unsure if I would be home or going back up to look for Fern.
As Fern was found it meant I could spend the day with my dogs.
I fed and cleaned all of the kennel dogs and changed the vet beds.
Coosa’s group were out in the field and then the lab group went into the top pen area, Cito and shone out in the field, the house poodles in the garden and bottom block.
I had to put a comfy collar on Rupert as his ears were hurting, I then went up and did the fire and cleaned the labs kennel, when I came back down I couldn’t find the comfy cone anywhere I searched for ages, eventually I found it hidden in the outside toilet, Rupert was not happy when I came back in the house with it.
While loads of dogs were out I had a quick bath as I was going to meet Kirsty and Jess for lunch in the afternoon.
I spent some time with each group of dogs and took a few pictures and checked ears, a few of Budds group needed ears cleaned.
I cut up the chicken and soaked the puppy food and then fed everyone their lunch.
Frozen feeds out ready for tomorrow.
I picked up in the drive and opened the top gate ready for Kirsty ringing me to meet up with them.
I shredded some more paper and junk mail and did some printing ready for puppies going out soon.
I left most of the dogs out while I was out to lunch.
When I got home I checked on everyone and then started to clean the yards.
It was nice and dry so everyone stayed out until just after 8.30.
I fed everyone and then brought Coosa’s group in and fed them.
Shone and Cito and the house dogs came in and then Kiro and Reo went out.
Monday morning was a little wet to start the day off.
House dogs out and then the lab group out with food in the back pen while I cleaned their kennel and left it to dry.
I put the labs out in the field as it wasn’t raining too much.
I went back and put the house dogs back in with food.
I did the kennel dogs and changed the vet beds and took them all to the house for washing.
I lit the fire and then put Cito and Shone in the garden and the poodles in the bottom yard.
I picked up in the drive and then let another group of dogs out in the drive.
I had to sort out my van insurance and then my public liability insurance was up for renewal, I thought I may try the kennel club insurance but after 15 minutes on hold I returned to my original thoughts on the kennel club they are a joke, I will stay with my own company.
I picked up in the drive as people were coming to view dogs.
After they had gone I rang the vet to get an appointment this week to spay Aimi and castrate Siren as Siren lives with Narla and Aimi is part of the Coosa pack, she is a stunning bitch but this makes life easier come the winter when I have to split them up Aimi can stay with Taska and Matzi.
I cut up the chicken and fed everyone and then got the evening feeds ready as I was going to take my van up to Wellington to get the service and mot done.
After dropping off the van I was meeting Laura my son’s girlfriend for dinner as Nathan is working away and it gives us a chance to catch up.
I fed the puppies half of their dinner and gave everyone chews.
All the wolf dogs stayed out in the fields as it was hot they would be fine until I got home.
The house dogs had both front and back yard so they didn’t have to get locked in.
Shone and Cito had the garden and bottom block and the labs stayed out in their outside pen with shelter.
I went up to Wellington and dropped off my van for the service and mot and picked up the courtesy car and then went to my son’s house for dinner with his girlfriend Laura as Nathan is working away.
We had a really nice meal and I got home late it was just after 11.
I still had to let the kennel dogs out and feed again and then bring the hybrids and house dogs in.
Tuesday morning was busy I had everyone fed cleaned and out in the fields and the drive.
My meat delivery arrived and then I had all of my emails and phone calls from the previous night to get through.
After all that was done I had to go to town to the osteopath and then on a shopping mission to find a good quality cordless hoover for Laura, I ordered it in the end and then had to pick it up on the way back to get my van.
After picking up the van I stopped at Laura and Nathan’s for coffee.
I got home much earlier and then did the dogs and finished just after 11 pm.
Wednesday morning was all dogs out and then paper work.
I had to have a house cleaning morning as I have a meeting with listed buildings on Thursday lunch time.
I spent some time with the puppies and then popped to town to get some fresh fruit as I was going out to meet George a friend for dinner and I said I would bring the sweet.
I got home and did the next feeding and sorted out insurance for pups leaving.
I went out for dinner we had a fab meal my favourite Guinea fowl it was cooked perfectly, we had a chat for a couple of hours mostly about dogs as this is how we met and then I came home and fed everyone and brought Coosa’s group in and fed them.
I wanted an early finish so all the dogs were done by 9.45.
All the dogs done by 9 am and then the first visitor arrived, this went on all day until 6.30 pm so I didn’t finish until 10 o clock.
My sister came over to have the meeting with listed buildings as I had no chance being inundated with people and puppies leaving.
Friday morning was really busy all dogs done by 8.30 Labradors had already had 2 hours in the field when I brought them in to a top pen and put Shone and Cito out.
All the dogs were out except three groups that Hannah was letting out.
I loaded Siren and Aimi into the van and off to the vets.
Hannah did the grooming and the dogs until I returned at 3.15.
Vicci pulled up right behind me, we got all the dogs fed and Cito and Shone came down to the bottom block for food.
Kirsty came down and had Lupus’s claws clipped.
After all the dogs were done I left labs and hybrids out in the field and then Kirsty , Vicci and I went out to the Bistro for a girls night out, we had a great evening it was nice to catch up with Vicci, brilliant company and very good food.
We got home and loaded up Vicci’s bones and then I finished off the dogs.
I went to put out Kiro and she had either a bite or an abscess on her face I haven’t yet worked out which as I can’t open her mouth, I put her straight onto antibiotic injections.

I let her and Reo out and then fed the house dogs again and brought everyone else in.
Saturday morning was busy everyone out and done by 9 am.
A stream of visitors viewing dogs and puppies.
Siren and Aimi were both fine after the vets visit on Friday.
Coco had a run in with a snake and I had to get it and put it over the fence it was not nice.
I spent some time cleaning ears and brushing dogs so I had interaction with each group of dogs.
I left the hybrids out and went out to meet my sister for dinner.
When I got home I had another two hours to finish off feeding and letting dogs out.
Kiro and Reo went out and the house dogs came in.

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