18th March

18 March Mother’s Day blog
Wolf Hybrid pups now are all reserved.
Deposits now being taken for our next planned litter from Soul and Reo.
Soul will be in season in October / November pups should be ready to leave in February 2013.
We are taking 6 deposits; two reservations have already been confirmed
There maybe a litter earlier in the year if we have enough demand for puppies the sire would be Matzi.
Sunday morning was another three hours shopping for dog toys and treats at Crufts.
After my weekend away I got home early on Sunday evening and gave Kate a hand to finish off outside.
We unloaded the van as Kate was as excited as the dogs to see what I had bought, the house dogs were straight into the bags, they all had the Stag bars and ran off to chew on one, they are a great natural treat and very good for occupying most dogs.
Kate was absolutely exhausted she had a hard weekend without a great deal of sleep as she has a poodle bitch and a litter of pups in her bedroom; they are only a few days old.
Kate had no puppy viewers as this is too time consuming when you are on your own; she just had to answer several phone enquiries and emails.
I touched base with her on a regular basis to check everything was going well and pick up on messages.
Monday morning I was woken up not by the dogs but a very inconsiderate person enquiring about an older dog we have for sale.
After the morning cleaning I had to catch up on paperwork and emails while Kate did the dogs.
After I had finished the boring stuff I went and spent time with all the pups and Coosa, he had defiantly missed me more than most of the other dogs.
Kate and I had a chat about Steels feeding as she is underweight after having the puppies, before she whelped she looked like she may have 4 or 5, this would not have been too bad, but she has had 9.
We have now put her onto 4 feeds a day as opposed to my own bitches that are on two feeds.
Siren has been moved into the pen with Lobo and Mya as Kate is off at the weekend and wants to take Lobo with her.
It would not have been fair to have left Mya on her own.
Tuesday morning was busy with power washing, then we hoovered and de cobwebbed the top kennel block, this is a job we both dislike, I hate the dust and Kate hates the spiders.
The office pens were all stripped out and the walls washed, this is a monthly job so it’s not too bad.
A friend came down and brought us sacks of newspaper which we were desperately in need of this was fantastic, the reason for the visit was to spend time with her hybrid female pup, which has now been moved into the house to spend time with our dogs before she leaves in a couple of weeks’ time.
She will be joining Meli, Zamu, Kanti, Koda, and a couple more wolf dogs, she will have a fantastic life, and she couldn’t have gone to a better family.
Meli and Zamu are both doing really well and very happy in their new home.
The grey male hybrid will be moving into the house on Sunday to be crate trained before he leaves, this will only leave two pups so they may be moved to a different pen and Steel may be moved into the whelping area.
Wednesday morning cleaning went well.
Hannah our groomer was in for the day doing the house dogs, all of which she just got on with and made a very nice job with the clipping and grooming.
We had to get finished in reasonable time as it was our inspection from the Kennel Club for the Assured breeder’s scheme for our Labs, poodles, yorkie and Cocker spaniels.
Even though the Scheme has nothing to do with any of our Wolf dogs or Labradoodles or any other mixed breed we have, the inspection included every dog and puppy on the premises, and this was fine with me anyway as we have always been open to visitors and have no reason not to let people see the kennels.
We do ask people to be considerate enough to make an appointment as it is very inconvenient if one of us is doing the dogs and the other may be whelping a litter or microchipping a litter.
Also some people travel a considerable distance to visit and I feel it is unfair to cut their time short for someone who cannot be bothered to ring first.
We pride ourselves on having exceptional high standards, the kennels are immaculate at all times and the welfare of every dog here is of the upmost importance.
The inspection was just over two hours and the lady who I won’t name was very impressed as she told us several times.
She also stated that she would certainly not consider the kennels to be a puppy farm but a very exceptional commercial breeding establishment.
This is something I have always known but it was nice to hear it from an official of the kennel club.
She has taken quite a few pictures of the dogs and the kennels.
She has said she would like us on board with the breeder scheme, next week we will get a written report and conformation of the decision.
I just had time to order the mesh for the outer fencing to stop the small dogs from going through the wire; this will be put up at the weekend, peace of mind that the Yorkies don’t go off visiting the village again.
We fed everyone and then went to training, Peaches was not herself she was a little stroppy and not bouncy and did not appear to be enjoying herself as much as normal.
C was very good and worked really well; this was her last week before her test next Wednesday.
I have no reason to think that there will be a problem as she has been very good throughout the course.
Thursday morning was a bit dull and drizzly but the rain held off so that was good.
Coosa and the wolf dogs in the house all had a brush.
We had a big meat delivery that took ages to pack away.
As the weather got a bit unsettled, early evening I got the house dogs out then went and spent time with all of the dogs in their kennels.
Friday morning was hard, as I had hoped to be doing paper work but Kate was having a blonde day so I ended up outside most of the day, then the evening was shopping then home to finish off paper work for the end of the year accounts.
Saturday morning was a really early start as Kate was leaving early and I needed to get in front with as much as possible as I knew Sunday would be exceptional busy with fencing.
I had all the house dogs done and pups had their first clean out and all the pups were wormed, then Kate arrived at 7.30 and we did the rest of the dogs.
As the small dogs now know they can get out I have to go out in the field with them and this takes up time that could be used more constructively.
Thankfully this should not be a problem as soon as the new fence is done.
After Kate left I had most of the dogs either in the field or in outside pens all the towels and vets beds hanging out to dry as it seemed like such a nice day, well not quite while I was defrosting the freezer ,I suddenly heard the pounding of rain on the roof.
By the time I had got everyone in we were all drowned, then I had to spin all the washing again.
The sun came out for a few minutes then the biggest hail storm I have ever seen, the little dogs were out Oh my did they scream I think they thought they were being bombed.
The weather did not improve at all, everyone came in before five and had dinner and raw hide cows ears.
Thankfully there was not much left outside to do.

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