18th January

Saturday evening was quite relaxing until the house poodle puppies started barking at the tv when we were trying to watch a wolf dvd, they finally settled down and then we changed the programme and they seemed a little confused for a few minutes, it was strange as there is not normally any reaction from them with the tv on, all of the puppies have been raised in the house from the day they were born.
Sunday morning I put a very large pan of giblets and offal on to cook for the day.
House dogs went out and the puppies were out for a short time before breakfast.
Kiro back in and Narla out with food while the puppies were having breakfast, puppies fed and cleaned out, Narla back in and we went down to the kennel and got the feeds ready Dave and I fed and cleaned everyone out and then wired one of the panels we had put in on the Saturday.
I let Cito and Shone out into the field and then picked up in the drive ready for Dave leaving.
After Dave had gone I let Razzles group out on the drive and then power washed the back outer run in Coosa’s day concrete area.
After an hour I swapped over dogs.
I finished doing that pen and then did the track out to the field, I stopped just in time to feed before people arrived to see hybrids and then a puppy owner came to visit their puppy.
I got the frozen feeds out for the next day and then cleaned Narla’s yard and picked up in the bottom block and gave it a quick clean.
Dogs swapped over again and then a little paper work done.
I did the evening feeds and then got the morning biscuit feeds ready, I brought everyone in and then locked up the kennel and let Kiro and Reo out for the night.
I fed Narla and her puppies and then brought Cito and shone in for the night.
Monday morning the weather was terrible it was cold, windy and very wet, I put the house puppies out quickly and Cito and Shone went out into the bottom block.
I fed Narla and the puppies.
Kiro was already in her kennel waiting for her food.
I cleaned everyone out and let everyone out except for the yorkies as it was just too wet.
Everyone clean and fed, Coosa’s group were up in the top kennel area with their food.
As it was just too wet to let anyone out for quite some time I thought this was an ideal time to clear out my spare bedroom that is really just full of stuff, it is now clear and tidy.
I hoovered everywhere in the house and then cleaned the puppies’ room while they were playing in the lounge and eating bones.
Everyone was fed in their kennels as it was still too wet to let them out.
Next was to cook up 5kilos of chicken and cut it all up small for the yorkies and little pups, to stock up the freezer.
I washed and dried the floors in the house and then it was getting late in the afternoon so all of the dogs had to go out as they were going to be locked up soon.
I got the evening feeds done and then the morning feeds ready.
Everyone fed and locked up, Kiro out and then I fed Narla and the puppies.
Tuesday morning was a dry start I thought great this is just what we need after yesterday, house puppies and Cito and Shone out.
I cleaned the puppy room and brought them back in for their food.
Kiro in with food, and Narla out while her puppies had their breakfast.
I went down to the kennel and made the feeds, the bitches with pups went out first and Razzles group went in to the field while I fed and cleaned the puppies out.
They came in and the next groups went out.
I had finished most of the kennels but the rain started really heavy, I went out and picked up in the drive for the first meat delivery coming in, I was soaked by the time I opened the gates.
The meat delivery arrived and then I put Coosa’s group out it was still raining very heavy; I fed them and left them with the hatch open so if they wanted to go out and get soaked they could.
Kirsty arrived and dropped off her Malinois as she had to go away for the day.
The rain had stopped and the sun had come out so I put Budds group out in the front pen.
The next meat delivery arrived so I sorted out half of it and then a lady arrived to mate her bitch, thankfully half way through the mating Vicci arrived and as the rain and hail stones were coming down fast and I could not leave Rupert with the bitch as they were tied.
Vicci put the dogs away for me.
After the mating was finished Vicci and I had coffee and a piece of Vicci’s very nice chocolate cake.
I finished doing the rest of the meat and put the trays all in the fridges ready for the next day.

Kate rang and asked if I was busy, so she popped in with both of the children, they were great neither of them woke up all the time they were here.
Vicci held Narla’s puppies for photos and then we did the dew claws on the yorkie puppies and wormed the cockapoo puppies.
Next was to do the fire while we had five minutes of no rain, after fire I fed all of the kennel dogs and then we put the next group out but only for a short time as it was so wet we hardly had many minute s all day without rain.
I downloaded the pictures and sent them to Jacqui and then Vicci had to leave as she needed to get home before the weather got too bad as she lives on Dartmoor.

I locked up and let Kiro out and then fed Narla and the puppies.
Cito and Shone came in for their food; they eat with the house puppies and the yorkies.
I got the morning feeds ready for the house dogs and then wrote the last few days blog before I forget what has happened in the previous days.
I watched the weather forecast, this is out of character for me but I thought as today had been so horrendous with constant rain if it was going to be the same tomorrow I would go to cash and carry.
I got up early and let the house dogs out as I wanted them to have a good run if I was going to go out, next was Kiro in and Narla out and feed the puppies.
I put the house puppies back in and went down to the kennel it was still dark.
I got everyone done and left to go to Exeter; the back roads were really bad there was still snow and slush all over the road.
The main roads were good they had been heavily gritted.
I was there and back by 12 o clock ready to feed.
The weather was not so bad everyone went out and most were fed outside.
I got the frozen feeds out for the next day’s feeds.
I gave Shiraz a blast and groom so she was clean and tidy for training.
All the kennels had a quick clean around and then I did the evening feeds.

Everyone in and fed, Shiraz in the van and off we went to training.
I took the puppy class as my sister has a collie pup she is training, we had a full class I believe it was four dogs in the class I had bred.
Shiraz was in the bronze class, she was good I think she could be a little difficult on the waits, so I need to try and find time for some work with her at home.
My sister took the silver class and then I did the gold.
We cleaned up the hall and ready for home.
I got back and let the puppies and the bitches out into the bottom block, it was pouring down with rain and hail stones.
I had an hour with the dogs watching tv before doing feeds and going to bed.
Thursday morning was still very wet and windy, I put the house dogs out and did Narla and put Kiro away.
Budds group out and within three minutes the hail stones were like bombs, all the dogs ran to try and get back in through the gates.
Hannah arrived and started to groom the three red poodles from the house as they’re all kept in full coat.
Each group went out for as long as possible in-between heavy showers and hailstones.
I had plenty of jobs to do in the house and around the kennel so it was easy to get dogs in quickly when the rain started.
I spent the morning tiding up in the kennel and hoovering up dust.
I fed everyone and then put everyone in except the hybrids and Hannah and I went in for lunch.
After lunch the dogs went back out as much as they could for the afternoon.
I made up the morning and evening feeds.
I picked up in the drive and opened the gates for Hannah leaving.
I brought the hybrids in and then Hannah finished off clipping Budd, I fed everyone and then locked up.
I let Kiro out and then cleaned out Narla’s puppies again and fed them.
The house dogs went out and then came in for food with Cito and Shone
Friday morning
This is my second attempt at writing todays blog the first time I had nearly completed the days blog when Coosa started howling again, I went up to move him to the top kennel area when I got back the electric had been off so no blog when I put the computer back on.
The morning looked bright and hopeful for a dry clear day.
Everyone out fed and clean, the meat delivery arrived so I cut up the chicken and then froze most of the meat.
I brought Shone and Cito in as it looked like the sky was going very dark, by the time I had got back up to the kennel the poodles were covered in hail stones.
I sorted out everyone’s chicken for lunch and then fed everyone while it was dry for a sort time.
The rain started again so I made some calls and then ordered some more feed.
Shone is blowing her coat so she had a good brush and Cito had a token gesture so she didn’t feel she was being left out.
I did a little lead work with my Labrador puppies as I have not got the time to take any of these puppies to training.
The dogs were out when it as dry but by 3 pm it was far too wet to let anyone out.
I brought Coosa’s group in at 4 o clock and then went to the vets with Aimi to get her scanned as Coosa had mated her in December.
Thankfully she was not in pup so I have not got that to worry about now.
We got home and I put Aimi back in with her pack and fed everyone and then let Kiro out and did the housed dogs and Narla and the puppies.
Saturday morning was much the same as the rest of the week, everyone out fed and cleaned and then back in until the rain lighten up.
I had a couple of hours to do house work while the dogs were in.
I got the frozen feeds out for the morning.
A couple came to view their puppy, so the drive was cleaned and the gates opened.
Lunch time feeds done, the couple were not here too long so all the dogs went out again.
I had to move Coosa’s group down to the bottom block as he was being very vocal.
Morning and lunch time feeds ready.
I let the dogs out for their last run and then brought Coosa’s group down to the kennel and fed them.
All fed and clean then locked up for the night.
Kiro out and the house dogs fed.

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