18th December

The week was expected to be very busy but we didn’t expect to be completely run off our feet.
Monday flew by with a really early start, as Kate had to go off TB testing at the farm.
I was doing the dogs paper work very limited amount due to the weather and a new puppy owner was visiting as well.
Shaun and Isla came over to see their new labradoodle puppy for the evening, which was nice as it made a reasonable end to a long day.
We popped out for a while and left Shaun dog sitting.
Tuesday one of our hybrid owners came over to see their pup. And we were changing things around ready for the dogs to move kennels after the vet’s visit that was planned for Thursday.
I had to pop out and pick up a load of shavings, as the dogs are so wet it helps to clean the mud off them.
Some of the hybrid puppies had to be vaccinated, my pup has now moved into the house full time with her little black labradoodle friend Molly, they are both in with Peaches my little poodle pup, she is showing them the rules of the house.
Kia and Rupert gave that Oh my god not more dogs coming in look.
Wednesday we had our training club games and Christmas party night.
C was very good as it was not just our class attending but all the club was there for the presentation.
C was second overall in the musical obedience, which was good.
Thursday was an early start as Wendy and Brian were also joining us with two of there wolf dogs to visit the vets.
Wendy gave us a hand with the morning cleaning so Kate would not struggle so much after we had left.
I had two bitches for spaying and Lobo, Kate’s Czech boy had a vasectomy.
Wendy had a castration and a yearly check up on hers.
Shaun came over with a spaying, two vasectomies and a castration
Simon brought Kirsty’s bitch Neeka for a spay, so we had a social day out with the dogs lol.
All of the dogs are fine we had no problems and everyone is quite happy.
Friday was a another rush as I had to go off to Taunton and get an estimate on my van after the incident in Sainsbury car park last week, so I thought as there was not much time left before Christmas I had better get some food shopping and more Yorkie food as we have Yorkie pups and mum is eating for England at the moment.
As I was out I made the most of it and had lunch with my son which was nice to see him again so soon, he has plenty of time on his hands now he is young, free and single again!
Saturday was really busy we had another big meat delivery as the supplies start to drop off a bit for the next couple of weeks, Kate has gone to do some Christmas shopping and spend the night with her family and Lobo had gone for a visit, I am lucky Kate does not get home sick, she has practically moved in at the moment which has been good.
Matzi is not a happy boy at the moment two more girls have come into season so he is stressed, he decided to rip my sky wiring out of the armored cable and wreck all of the outer casing, little darling he is.
Shaun came over to see his puppy on Saturday which gave us time to discuss the talks that Shaun will be doing next September at the Wolf dog meeting in The National Forest of Dean
Details of the venue and planned events for the weekend will be published when everything has been arranged, and tickets will be on sale from Racheal Bailey of Akna K9 Academy email address is rachealbailey33@hotmail.com
Please wait until the details are on the web site before contacting her for tickets.
Cathy made my day when the DVD she had done of some of my dogs arrived in the post this week.
First thing Monday morning off to the vets to get the final paper work done for the puppies that are flying on Tuesday.

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