18th August

Last Sunday Sam came in early; I had already finished cleaning all the top kennels and let everyone up there out and fed them.
We fed and cleaned all the bitches and pups out while Narla and Shone were out in the field.
I cleaned the bottom yard while Sam put the washing on and washed and dried bowls.
Wendy and Brian arrived, Wendy gave me a hand and Brian did the guttering on the bottom block.
I put Coosa in field two before I left and Sam cleaned his entire field of muck and bones while we were out.

We loaded the van with Rainn, Shone and River and went up the park for a walk, I had Shone, Kirsty had River and Wendy had Rainn, and she did very well with her as she has not been walked in that sort of area before.
River was storming off out front with Kirsty as happy as can be.
We walked back through the woods to the van.

River in the van

Rainn, Shone and River

Shone with Kirsty

We went up to the Northgate and met Brian for breakfast and then back home as I had someone viewing puppies at 11.30.
We fed the pups and then the family arrived to view them.
Sam changed vet beds for the puppies in the house and cleaned their pen while I was busy with viewings.
Sam left and Kirsty arrived to pick up some bits.
I fed all the little dogs and the Coosa pups, and cleaned two yards.
Next was swap dogs in the field and power wash Coosa’s pen.
I had my next lot of visitors viewing little dogs.
Brian was putting a new gate into the bottom yard so the pups can go out in the garden when it’s not wet.
Also another gate in the yard so dog can go directly into the garden when the bottom block is being used for dogs.
I did the frozen feeds early and left them in the freezer.
I fed the puppies and gave them a quick clean out.
We did some odd jobs and repairs where needed and then I started to wash the yards and put dogs away.
We had Chinese at about 8 pm and then Wendy and Brian left.
I sorted out the morning feeds, did a bowl collection, last clean and then in with the house dogs for an hour before bed.
Monday morning I fed Shone, C and Narla and went up the top, I let all the top groups out and fed them and did the first quick clean, they came back into day pens with their chicken and bones.
I put Narla and Shone out in the field and left Coosa in his pen so he could get out in the field.
I fed the house dogs and the Coosa pups and the house dogs.
I did the feeds ready for the bottom groups and the bitches and pups.
Maddie arrived and we fed the rest of the dogs and cleaned them out and changed water.
C and Cito went out while we cleaned the top kennels.
I burnt the rubbish and got the dry feed bins done for the week.
Hannah was here grooming.
We cleaned the bottom yards so the Coosa pups went out in the garden and had the back pen if they wanted to come back in.
They had a great time running around exploring, Matzi has had his middle board taken off of the panel so he can see the pups in the garden, he loves it laying there watching them playing.
It is also good for him to be able to see more people that come in the yard.
Shone and Narla had the yard and the house dogs were able to get out in the covered yard.
I had a young girl Chloe come with her mum to have a look around she wants to do some voluntary work a few afternoons a week, as she is interested in animal behaviour.
The dogs seemed ok when she was here so I said we can try it for a while and see how it goes.
Maddie was cleaning Matzi’s pen while I was busy with Chloe and her mum talking about the dogs and what we do in a day.
She is going to start next week.
I made the puppies feeds and maddie fed them while I was busy with the tiler.
I fed all the little dogs and the lab group and then did some adverts.
I made a couple of quick calls; I had to book transport for a puppy leaving this week, paper work for new pups done.
Puppy clean time and then all the feeds ready in the freezer for the morning.
I put the shavings down in the night kennels ready for later and fed the pups.
The yards all cleaned and dogs away at 8.30, Shone and Narla out in the field, house dogs in the garden and the Coosa pups in the covered pen and fed.
Kirsty phoned up to tell me how Aimi the Coosa pup that she is looking after and training is getting on, pictures below.


Aimi and Lupus

Aimi in the shower

Aimi in bed

Tuesday morning all the dogs were on form they started at 3.45, I shut them up and then they started again at 4.15 so I fed them all and left them all in their kennels, but that didn’t satisfy them and they started again so I let them out as I wasn’t going to get any sleep.
I let everyone out and cleaned all the top kennels.
I came down and fed the Coosa pups and the house dogs and made all the feeds for the bitches and pups.
Maddie arrived and we fed the pups and cleaned them all out and then back up to the top to clean Idaho.
We cleaned the bottom yards while Narla and Shone were out very briefly as they all started howling again so everyone including Coosa as locked back in day pens for half an hour, not that it makes a difference as they don’t learn from it.
Even the little dogs have been howling and being generally moody.
As I had got in front with the cleaning we microchipped puppies and did some odd jobs.
The meat delivery arrived so we sorted all of that out and got the feed bins done for the next morning.
We did the lunchtime feeds and then fed all of the little dogs as it looked like it may rain.
I feed the Coosa pups in their pen and not in the garden so they get used to coming in for food.
I had a quick chat with the tiler while I was burning the rubbish, all is going well with him, the main kennel area and the wolf dog kennels are all done ready to grout.
The kitchen is done and now he is in the grooming room, just office store room and wet room to go.
We had a heavy shower at around 4 pm so I kept everyone in for a while until it blew over.
I came in to write the blog for the last two days but nearly fell asleep so back outside for me.
I gave Coosa a brush while he was in so he had my company and didn’t cause mayhem by howling.
I did all of the water buckets and disinfectant ready for the yards.
I fed the pups and bitches and put the shavings down ready for the evening when they come in just in case I had to get them in a rush.
Kia has been very strange for the last four days it’s like she has dementia, she is constantly getting in the way when you try and go through a door, if the phone rings and you rush for it you are likely to fall over her.
I left her in bed yesterday when I was up the top doing the kennels as she doesn’t normally like to get up with me, I hadn’t been up there long when she started howling and set everyone off.
She asks for food all day long and then gets stroppy when she can’t get on an armchair at night and starts to pace around the room, last night she nearly sat on one of the yorkies.
I brought the last dogs in at 9 pm as it was getting dark.
Wednesday morning was a horrible wet start but everyone still went out and got soaked as it was warm.
One of the builders arrived at 6 am to level one of the floors.
I cleaned all the top kennels and fed everyone before Sam arrived as Kirsty and I were hoping to take the puppies out but it was too wet.
I fed all of the house dogs and put them in outside pens were they would stay dry.
Sam arrived and we fed all of the puppies and cleaned the whelping areas, next we did the poodles and Razzles group.
Cleaning the bottom yard was a pain as the rain did not stop so the dogs got wet and then came in and made the pen wet again after we had dried it.
Kirsty came down and helped me with the pictures of the little dogs, and then mum arrived to pick up two puppies for a delivery.
Sam left for a few hours so she could come back in for the evening cleaning and feeding.
I did the lunchtime feeds and fed the little dogs their chicken carcasses.
I had a couple of phone calls to make and then got the feeds ready for the next day so Sam could take them up last thing in the evening.
I did a quick re clean everywhere and made up the feeds for Sam for the puppies.
Kate arrived and we loaded the dogs for training, off we went.
River was absolutely brilliant I could not have asked for more she was so good with all of her training and talking to all of the dogs and the people, she couldn’t get enough of the children they were giving her treats and she loved it.
She was so confident; she has to be the best bitch I have taken so far.
Ranger was really good this is the most responsive he has ever been, everyone said goodbye to him they are very upset that he is leaving us next week to fly to Finland.
Shone was good she did everything without any problem even when dogs were getting up on their down stays and owners going back to their dogs and putting them back down, there were only inches between dogs lying next to each other, and they could touch the next dog.
Her heel work was spot on and bouncy, she worked every corner of the hall, so all in all we had a really good night.
After training we stopped at Tesco’s on the way home as I needed some wet food for the little dogs.
We got home and Kate unloaded the van with our shopping and training stuff.
I fed the dogs that were with us and then brought Coosa in and locked up the kennels.
All the house dogs went out in the yards and I cleaned out the puppies again.
I down loaded the pictures that had been taken earlier in the day and did my emails.
I finally got to bed at 12 pm.
Thursday morning was another wet start and everything was going very slow, not helped by the phone ringing and builders whinging.
I had finished the house dogs and then we cleaned all the puppies out and fed them.
Sam and I cleaned all the bottom groups and then up and cleaned the top and Idaho, I fed everyone up there and came down and washed the bowls and did my emails and saw the tiler again.
Also the carpenter was here putting in the door linings.
We came down and cleaned all of the bottom yards, the Coosa pups had to go into a pen as it was too wet to let them out in the garden.
Sam left early due to a dentist appointment and this was her last day anyway as she has family issues and cannot concentrate on her work which was becoming increasingly more difficult for her to cope with, it’s a shame as I have put a lot of time into getting Sam trained to be able to leave her when I go out.
I need to find someone mature enough not to bring their problems to work as it has a really bad effect on the dogs and I am not keen on dealing with other people’s problems, I am busy enough with everything going on here with dogs and building work.
I cut up the chicken and fed the house dogs and little dogs, then the puppies and the Coosa pups.
Dogs were in and out like yoyos with the rain, they were getting fed up with it.
Coosa stayed out in the field he wasn’t bothered by it.
I cleaned the yards down again then cleaned the floors in the house and washed them.
I sorted out the washing and then went to unload my van with all of the dog food for the little dogs; I was pleased to see Sam had cleaned out the van from the night before when we went training.
I cleaned the yards again and got the freezer food done for the morning.
I cleaned the bottom end of both fields and then fed the puppies and started putting the dogs into their kennels for the evening.
The meat delivery arrived which was great it meant it wouldn’t hold me up in the morning.
I unloaded it all and froze it.
Everyone was in and outside pens all cleaned by 8.30 so Narla and Shone went out in the field until 9.30 and came back in the dark.
I did the morning feeds and checked puppies and off to bed.
Friday morning I started early as I needed to get finished before Maddie and Kirsty came in to look after the dogs while I went to the chiropractor.
I fed the Coosa pups and then went up and let the top groups out and back down to let Narla, C and Shone out for food, back up with a coffee to fed and clean two kennels at the top.
I swapped over dos and came back down to put the little dogs out of the house and feed them.
I went back up and cleaned the next two pens and swapped over the next two groups.
I came down and cleaned the puppies out and fed them.
The poodle group were next to be done and then swap dogs at the top and let Narla and Shone out in the field while I cleaned out Razzles group and the next puppies.
I let the Coosa pups in the garden and cleaned one of the bottom yards.
I made the lunch time feeds and kirsty and Maddie fed the pups and cleaned the bottom yards and did a few odd jobs while I was out.
I went to Barnstaple and had my back and neck done again and then home to do the rest of the feeds for the little dogs and the house dogs.
Matzi had been out in the field while I was out so I brought him in and let Rainn and Reo out.
Coosa howls when Rainn goes out so I either bring him in to his day pen or I stay up the top and burn rubbish or find odd jobs to do.
I spent some time with the Coosa pups and then cleaned the yards and fed the puppies.
I did the morning feeds and then had a chat to Kirsty.
I got all the dogs away by 7.30 and let Narla and Shone out in the field, they came back in by 8.30 as it was raining so they came in the house with the rest of the house group and we watched tv for an hour.
Saturday morning I fed the Coosa pups and the wolf dogs in the house then did two groups up in the top kennel.
I then did the little dogs in the house and fed the outside puppies.
I went back up and swapped dogs at the top and cleaned out two more kennels.
After I had cleaned everyone and fed them I came down and finished all of the pups and the little dogs at the bottom.
Mum arrived as we had paper work to sort out.
Kirsty arrived to take Ranger to the vets for his health certificate, and she also took Kia as she has a very large lump just behind her shoulder blade, I am taking her in next week to have it removed.
I had people come and pick up their puppy but they were good they were not here to long.
I cleaned the yards and then Kirsty came back with the dogs, Kia looked happy and seemed to enjoy her outing.
I did the lunchtime feeds and then left the dogs in for a couple of hours as it was raining quite hard and this gave me a chance to sort things out with mother and write most of the blog.
I did the frozen feeds and left them ready for the morning.
Everyone went back out for a good run and then I cleaned all of the outside pens and put everyone away early.
I fed the puppies and re cleaned their pens.
We had dinner at a reasonable time for a change.
The evening was paper work and an hour of tv.

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