17th November

Sunday morning I was on my own as Maddie said she told me she was not here but as she hadn’t and it was not in the diary I decided that is was best to let her go as her time keeping has not been good and I need someone reliable.
I put the hybrids out in the field and Reo out.
I cleaned Reo’s pen then came down and let the house dogs out and made the feeds for the bitches and puppies and everyone else.
I cleaned the puppies out and fed them, all the vet beds changed and in the wash, next I did Razzles group and Budds group, all the rubbish went up for burning.
Reo came in and Kiro went out, I cleaned Kiro’s kennel and the hybrids two kennels then Kiro in for food and Coosa’s group out, I cleaned his pen and burnt the rubbish.
Back down to the house to clean the house dogs pens and let them back out again, vet beds in the drier.
I got the frozen feeds out for the morning as they are taking a long time to defrost.
I cut up all of the chicken ready for the little dogs at lunchtime.
I put Reo out for two hours as it was ok and not raining.
Next I spot cleaned all of the yards and got the feeds ready for the puppies as I had someone coming to view pups and didn’t want the feeding time to run late.
My next job was to pick up all of the screws and nails from where we had the fire last night before any of the mud or stone got spread on the drive and I got a puncture, I spent nearly an hour picking up hundreds of nails and pulling the last of them from some of the bits of wood that didn’t burn.
Reo came in and Kiro went out while I collected all of the bowls and washed up, I had lunch and made a start on the blog for the end of the week.
I took Cito out for a quick brush before I fed all of the house dogs and the little dogs.
I cleared all of the paper out of my van ready to pick up the shavings next week.
I burnt all the rubbish from the new kennel ready for the kennel fitters to come in tomorrow and start fitting the first part of the kennels before the lorry arrives with the remaining panels and doors late afternoon.
I filled all the feeds bins up ready for next week so I am in front with as much as possible.
I cleaned all of the yards and did some straw bags ready for the top kennels.
Everyone came in a 5.00 pm and had food.
Shone and Narla came down to the bottom block to eat before coming in for the evening.
Monday morning I moved my van early before everyone arrived, we had the plumber, the ground workers, the digger drivers and the kennel fitters all here by 8 am.
I put Shone and Narla out in the field with the other hybrids and Reo out in field one.
Next was house dogs out and feeds made ready for when Amy arrived, house dogs back in and we started on the puppies and the bitches kennels.
All of them were cleaned out and the vet beds all in the wash and then we did the poodle and doodle groups, all fed and cleaned out and then back in the kennels as the rain came down like Niagara falls for about an hour.
We went up and cleaned all of the top kennels and the hybrids pen, I left Amy to towel dry them while I went out and picked up pipes for the treatment plant.
When I got home I made the feeds for the puppies, Amy fed them and I cut up the chicken for the little dogs and house dogs.
We cleaned the bottom block and then Amy left so I fed all of the doodle and poodles and the house dogs.
I had quite a few phone calls about puppies and then I fed the hybrids and put them out in the field for a couple of hours.
I cleaned the yards and went up to put Kiro out and Coosa was stood at the gate in his day pen he looked fed up so I brought his group into their kennel at 3.45 which was early for them.
The hybrids came in and Reo and Kiro’s groups went out while I got puppy feeds ready.
I brought the last dogs in and fed the pups and locked everyone up for the night.
Tuesday morning I started at 6 am as I had a lot to get done with all of the building work going on.
Reo and the hybrid group went out while it was still dark and I cleaned their kennels and the hybrid run.
I put the house dogs out and made the feeds for everyone.
I started cleaning out and feeding puppies before Amy arrived.
When we had finished the puppies and poodle and doodle groups we went up to the top and I put Coosa and Kiro’s group out, I did Kiro’s pen and then brought her in for her food.
I went to town to the bank and to get shavings while Amy had a list of things to do while I was out.
I got home and unpacked the meat delivery and fed the puppies and the little dogs.
I cut up the house dogs feeds and then we cleaned the bottom block.
Amy picked up hundreds of leaves everywhere before she left.
I put the hybrids back out and cleaned their outside pen ready for the morning.
I cleaned the yards and then got the frozen feeds taken up to the top kennel for the morning.
I put all the little dogs away at 4.30 as it was starting to get very cold.
When the hybrids came in I moved coosa’s group over into field two so the kennel fitting guys could see Coosa, and put Reo out into field one.
I fed the puppies and re cleaned them and locked them all up for the night.
I brought the rest of the dogs in, Shone and Narla came down to the house.
I had a chat with Martine she phoned to give me an update on Atlz and Luta, they are both getting on well.
Wednesday morning I had the first two groups out at 6.30 as it was dark there was no noise, I cleaned their kennels and came down and let the house dogs out and made the feeds, and while they were out I did the first group of puppies and bitches.
Next house dogs in and then the next two groups of puppies, after they were done and the vet beds all in the wash I did the poodle and doodle groups.
Hannah arrived to groom the little dogs, I left her a list then went up and burnt the rubbish and swapped dogs.
I cleaned the rest of the kennels and got to the bank and builders merchants for 9 am.
Back home to see the kennel fitters and the plumber.
I swapped dogs in the field and brought the hybrids in for another feed.
I got all of the frozen feeds done for the morning and then did the puppy feeds ready for lunch time.
I cleaned the bottom block and then sorted out a couple of phone calls before feeding puppies.
I fed everyone there chicken and then came in for lunch, I sorted out the next day’s chicken carcasses for the little dogs and then sorted out he shed ready for a straw delivery in the evening after all the diggers had been moved so the tractor could get in.
I bought my van down to the side of the house and unloaded the shavings and got the cages ready for the evening for training.
I swept up hundreds of leaves and then washed all of the bottom yards.
I cleaned two of the outside runs at the top kennel and got Coosa’s bed ready for the evening.
Puppies all fed and the dogs all locked up.
I got changed and then loaded River and Shone up ready for training, they both decided to travel in the same cage which I was dreading as Shone was likely to make a mess but thankfully she didn’t.
I arrived early at training and took River into the hall with me while we set up; she was good she just wondered around.
River was very good in both classes she is working well for Daisy which is so nice to see.
Shone was brilliant I could not fault her in any way I was especially pleased with her recall she ran back to me looking really happy.
We got home and I fed the dogs Kate left and then I started doing paper work for an hour before bed.
Thursday morning was a cold and windy start but it was dry, so I let the house dogs out and made the feeds, house dogs in and then I went up to the top and I put the hybrid group and Reo out, I came down.
I fed and cleaned out all of the puppies and doodle and poodle groups, Back up to the top to clean Reo’s kennel, they came in for food and I let Kiro out and the hybrids in and then Coosa out, I cleaned all of the top kennels it did not take me very long as they were fairly clean.
I burnt the rubbish and then came down and washed the bowls and did the last day’s blog, and some emails.
I had a couple of pups to vaccinate and one of my yorkie girls.
I had to go down to the new kennels to check on some things with the kennel fitters.
I fed the puppies their lunch and then split the litter into boys in one kennel and girls in the other.
Hannah arrived to groom my cockapoo girl that I have kept and the cockapoo puppy my son is having tomorrow for an early Christmas present, he looks stunning just a big ball of fluff.
I was up and down all afternoon dogs in and out as the showers were really heavy.
I spent the afternoon printing stuff for the puppy files whilst swapping dogs around in the field and doing odd jobs.
I got the last dogs in just before a major down pour at 5.10 pm and then I fed the puppies and locked them all up for the night.
I had my new pup and Nathans pup in the house with my own dogs and Shone and Narla so it was 16 dogs in for the night.
Poor Shone has just decided she really does not like being in a pen as she gets really stressed, I left her sleeping in the lounge, she was really good no damage no mess nothing , so she will sleep in the house loose from now on.
Coco the poodle drove me mad digging around in her cage most of the night, in my half state of sleep I decided she was going to be evicted out of my bed room into a whelping area with her puppies first thing in the morning.
Friday morning I did all the house dogs and fed them at 6 am next I fed all of the puppies and cleaned the front whelping area and changed vet beds on the bitches.
I fed the next group of puppies and cleaned them out; I was feeding the last group when Amy arrived, so we finished them and then did the doodle and poodle groups.
We went up to the top and cleaned all of the kennels and the outside hybrid pen, Amy did the field water buckets while I hosed the pens.
I left Amy to sweep them while I came down and did the insurance for the puppies that were leaving today.
While I had a customer here Amy did all of the puppies water buckets.
Next the meat arrived so I unpacked that while Amy did the house dog’s pens and then I sorted out all the meat for Rach to take back with her and did the frozen feeds for the morning.
Amy swept all the leaves from the yards so I could hose them, I hosed the yards and Amy swept them while I was cutting up the chicken for the little dogs.
I sorted out the washing and Amy went back up to the top with the boxes for burning and dried all of the pens that we had washed earlier.
I did a couple of adverts while Amy swept up more leaves up the steps and in the track.
I disinfected the bottom block and hosed it while Amy fed the puppies, then she left while I went and sorted out more bits with the digger driver.
I fed all of the dogs at the top the rest of their bones and chicken.
Rach phoned to say she would be here at around 3 pm with my new puppy, it’s a Westie called Asha, She is nearly 9 months old, Rach bought her for me last week as her fat lazy owners could not be bothered to train her.
I had all of my evening feeds ready.
I loaded all of the feed and cage and bits up in my van ready for Nathan as Rach and I were taking up Ralph his new puppy after I had finished doing my dogs in the evening.
I got all of wolf dogs beds ready and started cleaning the yards while Rach went down to the new kennel and had a look around.
Everyone was in and fed, puppies all fed by 5 .15, I locked everyone up and got changed and then off we went to Nathans with Ralph, they were over the moon with him, Nath bought us a really nice Indian takeaway, we stayed for a couple of hours and then home to let all of the house dogs out for a while
Saturday morning I let the wolf dogs out in the house and made the feeds.
I put the little dogs out and went up to the top and let the hybrids and Reo out, Reo came in for food and then Kiro went out.
I came down and put the little dogs in with their food.
I fed and cleaned out all of the puppies, vet beds in the wash, bowls all washed.
I did the poodle and doodle groups next.
Back up to the top to put Kiro away and let Coosa out, I cleaned the kennels and fed them all.
I was finished and back down to the house to sort out my emails and write the blog.
I had printing to do for dog training club so I did that will I was in the office.
Rach was hoovering and washing the floors in the house and then she washed all of the dog bowls.
It’s nice having someone who will just get on and do something without having to be asked.
I had a customer due at 10 am to pick up their puppy, so I needed to get the paper work done for him leaving.
After they had gone I fed the puppies and then cut up the chicken for the little dogs.
We got all the bones out of the freezer and loaded Rach’s van ready for her to leave.
I got all of the frozen food out ready for the morning as the food I fed today was still a little frozen.
We went and had a chat with John who was digging out more stone and rolling the drive ready for the next stone delivery first thing Monday morning.
I had to brush Cito as she is still blowing her coat all over the house, the little dogs are constantly choking on it.
I swapped dogs in the field as I was expecting more people viewing puppies.
I spent a couple of hours with viewings then fed the puppies and locked everyone up for the night.
I left Shone loose in the house with the other dogs and just prayed she would not damage anything while I was out at my sister’s birthday party.

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