17th March

Sunday was Kirsty, Sam and I we started with the last few house dogs to be finished off, then Razzles group out while we cleaned the bitches and pups.
Sam did water buckets and straw and all the odd jobs like bowls to be washed, vet beds, filling up straw bags, cleaning drains.
After we had finished the bottom little dogs we went up to the top block and got all of them out washed out Idaho put fresh water in all of the outside pens and fields.
Back down to the wolf dogs in the bottom block, all the old bedding burnt.
We had a couple of visitors to view dogs.
All the yards were disinfected then it started to rain so all the little dogs went into their kennels.
Lunchtime feeds were all done, we microchipped and wormed puppies.
Mum was here so I had a quiet lunch then put the lab group out and did an hour’s paper work with mum.
I swapped groups out in the field then fed all the little dogs their chicken; I got the frozen feeds ready for the next morning.
I spent some time out in the field picking up bones that dogs had left all over the place.
I gave Coosa, Narla and Kia all a brush, by the time I had finished I had back ache and was covered in hair and fluff.
I got everyone back down in their kennels and washed all the yards and the day pens.
I did the evening feeds for the pups and bitches.
Vicci arrived with Buck so he went out for a while to play with the girls.
We got the morning feeds done and all the bowls washed.
Sam came in for a couple of hours to keep an eye on the dogs while we went out for dinner with my son for mother’s day.
We got home just after 9 pm and let all the house dogs run riot for a couple of hours before bed.
Monday morning was an early start, Vicci and I did the house dogs before Kirsty arrived then we got everyone out pens cleaned, all the frozen feeds done.
Kirsty stayed here to do the dogs while Vicci and I went to the vets with Beau, Kirsty’s Czech male, and Buck to get them both castrated.
After Beau was done we put Buck on the table and quickly popped into town for lunch and then back to pick the dogs up.
I came back here and Vicci went home with Buck, both dogs are fine no problems.
I came in and Kirsty gave me a run down on what she had done and the phone calls I needed to sort out.
Jerry and his partner arrived very soon after I returned, they bought their hybrid bitch to visit, she is a beautiful girl and very well mannered, she is a credit to Jerry and the breed.
Her mum is Dora but she looks just like Narla and you can see Matzi in her face.
I swapped over dogs that were out and fed the little dogs, each group was not out for much more than half an hour as it was trying to snow and the wind just cut right through you.
I had everyone in and finished by 5.45.
I did some emails and then spent time with the puppies in the house, Roxy’s pups are getting quite active now; they play and come out and sit on your lap.
Tuesday morning was Kirsty Sam and I, the house dogs were finished by the time they arrived so it was straight out with Razzles group, clean all the pups and bitches out.
We had no water anywhere in the outside taps so all the water had to be carried from the house for all of the water buckets down the bottom.
After they were all finished we went up to the top while Sam did the odd jobs.
After the main groups were finished in the top kennel we came down and did the two bottom groups we had to get numerous buckets of water to clean the pens and to rinse them down after.
Everyone was fed their bones.
Taska was moved back up into the top kennel away from the pups now; she has gone in with Coosa and Matzi.
Tory and Rainn have been moved into a pen on their own so I can let Coosa run with them part of the day but keep them separate at night.
The meat arrived so we cut all that up ready for today and Wednesdays feeds for the little dogs.
All the rest of the meat was frozen and packed away.
Sam got the vet beds soaked and washed.
Kate popped in for a few hours with Millie she gave us a hand to feed and do a few odd bits.
After Kirsty and Sam had left I let all the groups out and started to clean down outside yards and fill up water buckets just in case we don’t have any water in the morning.
I brushed A’Lupa and Narla they are both nearly finished moulting now.
I fed the pups and bitches then got everyone in locked up for the night.
Kirsty dropped in with the chicken delivery.
After a few phone calls I had time to spend an hour on the computer and registering microchips.
Wednesday morning was bitter cold and some heavy showers on and off.
We did the normal morning routine, we were freezing cold;
Everyone went out and came back in pens cleaned and feeds ready.
We were pleased to get in to do the house dogs and the washing.
I got the frozen feeds ready for the next day.

It stayed cold and dry most of the day, we did the lunchtime feeds and had people here viewing dogs.
We did the lunchtime feeds and checked on all of the puppies and a quick clean out.
Kirsty and Sam left and I started to feed the smaller dogs the chicken that was cut up ready.
I got everyone out and into the areas where I needed them so Lisa could carry on for a couple of hours while I was going to be out training with Shone.
I got the feeds ready for the bitches and pups, got Coosa and the girls in and off to training with Shone.
Training did not go so well, Shone was very sick travelling and this upset her so much she dribbled right the way through her class, she found it hard to concentrate and was very unhappy.
After her class we came home and I gave Shone her dinner and sorted the rest of the dogs out.
Thursday morning was Kirsty Sam and I, another cold start taps were all frozen.
We finished off the house dogs and then got Razzles group out and cleaned the bitches and pups and Kiro’s pen.
Sam did the water and washed bowls and disinfected yards.
We all went up to the top kennels and cleaned them out and fed everyone when they came back in.
The bottom groups went out and then into day runs with their food.
I had a couple of customers to see while Kirsty and Sam did odd jobs and changed dogs around.
We did the lunch time feeds as the morning had got away from us with people here.
Bowls washed and reasonably we caught up together before Kirsty left.
I let the lab group out and fed the house dogs before Lisa arrived to do the afternoon with me.
I prepared the feeds for the pups for the evening, did a couple of emails.
I washed the floors in the house, then changed over dogs so I could leave Coosa’s group in an outside pen for Lisa to bring in while I was out at my sisters walking shone with her dogs.
Shone was very sick and made a terrible mess in the van which I had to stop and clean out a mile away from home.
I got to my sisters and cleaned her up then we went for a walk around the fields and ponds, Shone had a swim with the other dogs, they were really good with her and she had a great time.
On the way home Shone still dribbled everywhere and was sick.
I got home as Lisa was leaving and had dinner before sorting out the dogs in the house and then checking everyone around the rest of kennels.
I spent some time with the house dogs then on the computer before bed.
Friday morning was a new girl trying out with just myself.
Hannah was here grooming, apart from Rupert who she struggles with she just got on and did what she needed to.

Lisa was going to be coming in from 2 pm so if things had got too far behind she could help me to catch up.
The morning was very difficult and pretty stressful with the rain and getting so far behind.
We also had people viewing and picking up puppies.
The adult dogs feed times were all over the place, I think they were thinking o no here we go again.
The pups and bitches with pups all got their feeds at the correct time.
We had the meat delivery to sort out.
When Lisa came in we rushed through the afternoon, dogs were not out for too long as it was so wet.
Coosa’ group were covered head to toe in mud, he must have been really desperate to get into his kennel and dry off as Lisa came down at about 5 ish and said he had come in from the field and she had put him into his kennel.
We cleaned all of the yards and then brought everyone in and gave them either bones or biscuit depending on what they had in the morning.
We had a delivery of 60 odd bags of dry food to unload from the pallet; Hannah came out to give Lisa and I a hand which was great as we were short of time.
We finished off and locked up; I went over to my sisters to drop off dog food and stayed for dinner.
I got home and did the dogs and feeds and stuff, I got to bed just before 2 am.
Saturday morning was the new girl and I so Lisa offered to come in for three hours before she went to a prior appointment she had.
It was brilliant to have the extra help from someone who knows how things work here; it is a real shame for us Lisa will only be here for a short while before she has her baby and makes Kirsty a granny lol.
Anyway it turned out that there was going to be problems with public transport and getting lifts to the bus stop.
Kirsty and Sam both came into try and work out a way for the new girl to do different hours, but anyway it is not possible as I have no intention of doing the first three hours myself, I would have already done at least an hour prior to this with the house dogs, and if I am up all night whelping I am going to start the day badly and behind which is absolutely unacceptable for the dogs, and if they are unhappy it will also upset my neighbour’s.
While Kirsty and Sam were here they helped out with dogs and cleaning for quite a while, this was a seriously great help.
The day went on ok until the rain, there was some let up but the showers were very heavy.I got the rest of the days jobs done and dogs all sorted and in bed by 6 pm.
I had cuddles with lots of the dogs and came in soaked, so it was change, dinner blog and me time with the housed dogs.

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