17th June

A nasty wet week.
My start to the week was a day off at motor cross with Nathan, not a good start we waited 2 hours at the track and the meeting was cancelled due to the weather.

Coosa group’s new pen area with kennel, inside run and hatch to the field was all completed by Wendy and Brain on the Saturday night when I was away.
All that needs to be done now is overhangs inside the pen to stop the new girl getting out of the roof.
This may all seem a little extreme but unlike my own hybrids our new girl has not been handled, so every precaution needs to be taken until such times as I get to know her better and understand what she is capable of.
At first she will only have access to the inside areas, this will give me time to get the outside fencing done.
Now they have all got the hang of getting out they think they are in heaven.
At the moment they have access to an acre field all the time, soon this will be decreased in size for security when the new hybrid comes in to join Coosa and Zamu.
This is all good progress for me as it now means I can go away and not have to worry about these three as Kate and Vicci can both manage them without having to go in and out of their pen too much.

Another little hybrid pup has come in to join my labradoodle group in the house, bringing her up with more domesticated pups will help her socially to be far more accepting of people and not so reserved.

Meli had pups on Tuesday night it was a long and very tiring night for Meli but all is well with mum and pups.
She can be viewed on web cam with her puppies. Reservations for this litter are now being taken.
The pups are ¾ Czechs ¼ Inuit dad is Reo.

I have 8-week-old puppies from Boots still available.

Due to time wasters I have 1 purebred Czechoslovakian wolf dog girl left for sale.

Cedar and Boots are both doing well with their new family they have updated me with more pics this week and both girls look very comfortable in their new home.

A number of enquiries have been made for hybrid litters later this year, if these are serious homes that will benefit our puppies then two litters will be bred.
Anyone wishing to purchase a hybrid puppy will need to telephone to see if they can offer the right home, then visit to make sure they understand the commitment these pups need.
All suitable new owners will have to place a deposit before the females are mated.
The females selected for these litters are Dora, Eba, D’Quilla, Soul and Taska..
Depending on the time of the seasons the sires will be Matzi and Coosa.

Next litter due will be Labradors.

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