17th June

Sunday all went well we did have a slightly late finish in the morning as we were determined to get the degreasing done on pen three.
I spent the rest of the day outside power washing and grooming.
Coosa and Matzi’s group are still kennelled up the top as we are giving the concrete as much time as possible to be nice and firm before they start to dig at it.
After everyone came in I took Taska out for a walk as I am trying to get as much time in with her before the wolf dog event in September.
At the moment it is also looking like Coosa may be coming with me, I was hoping to leave him at home but for some strange reason my instincts are telling me that he cannot stay here when I am away, much to Kate’s relief.
Kate is happy to work with everyone else but she knows Coosa can be very difficult to get in when I am away; also he is likely to howl from when I leave to when I return.
Monday was an early start as I had an appointment with the Osteopath to sort out my trapped nerve in my neck, it is definitely helping, I am feeling so much better.
We degreased pen two up in the top block and after lunch I cleaned all of the steps and paths.
I did a little training with Sira, she is a smart little pup she is willing and wants to please.
Hannah came in the afternoon to groom and clip Peaches and trim the faces and ears on the two poodle pups, I spent a couple of hour’s running back and forth helping her then finished off the outside dogs by 7 pm.
Tuesday morning was good the weather stayed dry for the morning; after we had finished cleaning Kate degreased pen one up the top while I made some phone calls and did some paper work in the house.
While letting out the last few groups in the afternoon I degreased two of the dirtiest panels in Matzi’s outside pen before feeding everyone.
The last two groups came in just seconds before the heavens opened up thankfully.
Wednesday was wet as expected, the morning went ok after cleaning Kate did the bars in pen three while I did the paperwork and cleaning in the house.
Then I bathed and groomed three of the Yorkies.
Kate went home feeling ill do I did the afternoon then went dog training with C,I had to get there early to help my sister set up as she is feeling unwell she has pneumonia again.
I took C and Lexi her German shepherd for a walk in the rain before the class started.
We ran through some of the criteria for the silver test, all was good C was no problem with anything.
I came home earlier than normal as I was really tired, I did not stay to help pack up after the last class.
I spent an hour or so with the house dogs before going to bed.
Thursday morning we did the first let out and cleaning then I bathed and groomed the last Yorkie.
Kate cleaned the bars in pen four in the top block so now this just leaves a few of the side panels in that area to clean.
I blasted and groomed Rupert the poodle in the afternoon.
After everyone had been finished in the evening I took Coosa out for a walk he was not impressed with the rain but other than that he was fine.
Friday morning was a mad rush Sophie started at 8 then Kate came in at 10 as I had a hospital appointment, what a waste of time that was, the doctor and hospital do not seem to coordinate things so my notes had not been updated, three hours out for nothing, only to give me a bloody migraine which lasted two days.
I let Coosa and Matzi’s group out last and went to sleep for an hour and half as I felt so sick and dizzy I could not go back up to the top until I felt better.
I came down and spent a couple of hours with the house dogs and then went for an early night hoping that I would get rid of the migraine.
Saturday morning I still got up feeling terrible but after a few hours it did start to feel a bit better.
Sophie came in after I had finished most of the dogs so she gave me a hand with odd jobs and then she cleaned the front bars and gate of Coosa’s day pen while I did the house dogs and washing.
I power washed the pen after Sophie had finished and let the next two groups out as I needed to be down at the house for people coming to see the labradoodles.
It’s been a while since I have had a rant about people being damn right rude the people coming to see the labradoodles did not turn up neither did they bother to phone.
What really annoyed me was I have got more people booked in for Sunday that could have come on Saturday.
Sira has now been sold she leaves in a couple of weeks’ time as her new owners are moving and they have to make a weekend of coming to pick her up as they are from Yorkshire.
Kirsty is still taking her out and for walks and doing some training with her so it makes things easier for the new owners and it is also nice for Sira to play with Beau being litter mates, Kirsty said it’s great to watch as they are a riot together.
I finished the outside dogs in the afternoon and spent some time playing with each pen before they all got locked in.
The rest of the evening was spent on the phone to new owners of the next pure cvs litter due next month from A’Lupa and Reo.

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