17th July

17 th July Wolf dog puppies

Wolf dog adult ½ Czechoslovakian ½ Inuit 6 years old looking for new home due to a change in circumstances of one of our other re home girls.
Meli has had her last litter of puppies and now needs a retirement home.

Pups still available 2 pure csv pups 2 British wolf dog females and 1 male puppy from Boots and Reo.

Meli pups ready soon.
2 slightly older pups from Mia.

At the moment no more bitches have been mated until these pups are sold we are not planning on anymore for a few months.

We also have a litter of male Labrador puppies.

Everyone is doing well no real problems with any of the groups just a slight struggle juggling males, but not too bad this time of year the winter will be the main problem when all the bitches start coming into season.
Also having Vicci’s purebred Saarloos male coming in on a permanent basis from next month.

I had a really nice day off on Thursday I went to sit in on a dog course with Shaun and Isla were I met Hector who is Andy’s csv pup from Kiro and Reo, he is a very nice pup really well behaved, it just shows how the right upbringing can make or break a dog.
Andy has done exceptionally well with him. I am impressed with most of my first time csv owners they have all got very good pups.

My Cito pup is very good in the house she lives with my labradooles and poodles, she is clean in the house and hardly chews anything.
I have got a few pictures of the Wolfzone pack at Shaun’s and Shaun and Isla doing a meet and greet with Wayakin a Saarloos beta male.
A few more dates for courses are available on the wolfpack management web site.
Also if you would like to do a wolf experience with Shaun.

On another note anyone visiting to view puppies could you please bring any spare newspapers you have for our puppies.

Cito is doing well with her new pack after her sheep incident last week.

Idaho has settled down with Coosa and Zamu, hopefully by the winter Zamu will be rehomed, as I need Coosa to pair off with Idaho so they will mate next spring.

Saturday has been really busy with three families coming to view the dogs for possible hybrid puppies this winter.

One family was suitable for a puppy and the other two will both make good owners in the future probably after owning a British wolf dog pup or a pure Czech.

Please be aware that a non refundable deposit will secure your puppy.
The words non refundable means you have entered into an agreement.

Sunday morning is a nice early start as Vicci and I are off to Fraddon in Cornwall for Motocross and Kate will be looking after the dogs.

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