17th July

Sunday was a really good day all the dogs done early and then a customer came to pick up their puppy.
Next was to finish off cleaning the top kennel.
I then cleaned out Ferns pen and the bottom block.
My next job was to take the old bones out from Coosa’s field and pull out some of the nettles.
I did the lunch time feeds and then pulled weeds out of the drive, I had Dolly with me.
Dave arrived mid-afternoon and we had a coffee and then burnt all the rubbish from the house.
Then we started pulling rag wort from field three before the farmer can come in and top the field.
We cleaned the labs pen and then Dave picked up in the drive and then we moved the cars out so the dogs could go back out on the drive.
We moved the dogs into different kennels and then did another clean out.
Dave weeded all along the bottom pen and then along the side of the kennel.
We did the evening feeds and then brought everyone in at about 9 pm.
This gave me some extra time with Shone’s group in the evening.

All the dogs done and then the builders arrived.
We had a quick chat about the day’s work and then I popped into town.
I cut up the chicken and then we did some more weeding.
I had people come and view their puppy and then I had some time to get out and power wash as the paths are getting very green.
I had a chat with Rach as Dusan was going to the airport in the early hours ready for his flight to America and we needed to finalise the arrangements.
Dale came over and picked up his poodle puppy, he will be with another of my poodles a little black boy called Ozzie.
I fed everyone and then out to do some more outside cleaning.
Next was to clean ears on a couple of the bitches.
Evening feeds done and then we had to go to my sister’s shop to pick up all of my new kitchen that has been stored there for the last six months, we stopped for dinner and then all met up at the shop and loaded everything up, we got home and unloaded and then I finished off the dogs by this time it was well past 10pm.
Not quite such an early start as I was totally shattered from an early morning and a late night.
Everyone was cleaned and fed and then the builders arrived and I went up to do the dogs at the top kennel.
This week has just been so busy with puppies leaving and people viewing the Czech wolf dogs and the little dogs.
All the bitches from last week that were spayed are all doing well.
Razzle has now moved in with them for the time being.
Dave has pulled ragwort from everywhere including the garden; he has also mended the garden fence.
We went up to see Nath, Sophie and Laura in the evening and then when we got home we still had feeding and moving dogs.
After all the dogs were finished I did a couple of hours power washing while Dave did some more repairs around the place.
Lunch time feeds done and then we stopped for food.
We have de weeded the whole drive and a couple of the flower beds.
The new kitchen has all been split up ready to be put in next week.
Edd has been cracking on with the lime painting and Steve is back plastering.
Matt has been here installing the new outside boiler.
Evening feeds done and back out for a couple more hours weeding up the top by the gates and Dave has done some poisoning.
Michael has been in and topped both of the end fields so we can now see the dogs when they are running around.
Everyone in at just after 10 pm.
An early start as I need to go to vets with Razzle for another check-up, Peaches and Cola to be spayed.
When I arrived Gavin checked Raz and said he is ok but it will still take another four months before he has healed properly.
Gavin got called out on an emergency with a horse so I left the girls and then came home.
I did the lunch time feeds and then picked up the girls from the vets and got back just giving me time to sort the dogs out before another viewing for a possible Czech puppy this year.
Late afternoon we had rain so we quickly popped out to get some shopping.
Home and dogs back out and then evening feeds done.
Everyone finished by 9.30 ready for a customer arriving at 10 am.
After she left I power washed another yard and Dave helped out in the house with Alan.
Hannah was grooming so I gave her a hand when I could and made sure I was around when she did Rupert
Lunch time feeds done and then back out to do a couple of hours weeding and then I power washed the labs outside pen when they were in the field.
I had a long chat with a lady who has yorkies and made arrangements with her to take Oli for a visit at the weekend.
Lunch time feeds done.
Dave hoovered all through the high area in the kennel as it was getting quite dusty.
I sorted out next week’s plans for the house and then evening feeds done.
We went out and spent time with the dogs and then everyone in at just after 9.30.
We finished the cleaning and feeding by 10 am and then another couple of hours power washing.
Dave took the whelping box apart as it was the smaller one for Chianti and it had been in the shed and got really dusty.
I have had Chianti in my office for the last week as Shiraz was not good when Shone’s group came in at night so they have swapped places and Dolly has finished being mated so she is in the bitch in season group.
I fed everyone and then went out with Dave pulling up docks and brambles.
Lunch time feeds done and then a customer arrived for the Schnoodle litter, they took their puppy and then time for lunch before the next person to pick up their puppy.
We were out until well after 10 pm finishing off getting the weeds out where we hadn’t finished the day before and the bottom yard and bottom block had to be washed.
Dogs in at 10.50

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