17th January

Another morning waking up to heavy rain.
I managed to get everyone out cleaned and fed without them getting too wet.
The rain wasn’t going to let up so I cut up the chicken for lunch time feeds and I went out and got some shopping and more dog toys.
I got home and the rain eased up so I let everyone out and then fed them all.
I had ears to clean on a few dogs and then the evening feeds to get ready.
I managed to spend some time with most groups and then brought coosa’s group in and fed them.
Kiro and Reo out for the night.
An early start, everyone done and then off to the vets, Rupert has an ulcerated eye so he has had an operation, Coco the poodle was spayed as I am looking to find her a pet home and then my puppy has caught his eye so he ended up with an op.
Rupert I thought had had some issues with one of his anal glands but also he has a lump about the size of a walnut internally next to the anal gland so he is going back next week to have it removed.
I got home at lunch time and unloaded the three dogs and then fed everyone.
Jez has moved into Razzles pack and Rupert and coco are on their own for a while.
All the dogs spent the afternoon out in the fields or on the drive.
I did the evening feeds and then brought Coosa’s group in.
A really busy morning everyone done and sorted out all the lunch time feeds done and the delivery of floor joists arrived for the builders.
I left to see Laura and Sophie and then Kate arrived with Lobo and did the dogs for the afternoon.
I got home and brought Coosa’s group in and had a drink with Kate before she left and then I fed Cito and shone.
A dry start everyone fed and cleaned and exercised.
All the dogs stayed out until lunch time and then were fed.
The rain started at about 1.45 and everyone was back in their kennels sleeping.
The only one whinging was Rupert as he is only in with Coco and not the pack.
While it was wet I got my stuff ready for training as we start back tonight.
Everyone managed to get out and not get too wet.
Coosa’s group came in for food.
I went off to training as it was first night back I didn’t take any dogs because it’s very busy and I like to see who will be in my class.
It was a good night I got home reasonable time as we only have three classes this term thankfully.
Hailstones awaken me nice and early.
I got feeds ready while the weather was terrible; some were fed in the kennels.
Shone and Cito went out and then it started to dry up so everyone went out and then was fed.
I went into town as the rain was still heavy; I picked up meat at the butchers and then a quick trip around the super market.
I got home and got the feeds ready, next was a phone call from Rach to say she would be down early evening with Vika to get a mating with Reo.
I did the afternoon feeding and then left everyone out for a bit.
I had some time with one of my pups doing some training.
I had a few things to order for the house and then some more cows ears for the dogs as they are stuck inside more with this weather.
Everyone had their last run and food and then in for bed.
I bagged up all of my spare bones for Rach to take back with her for her dogs, I also defrosted one of the freezers and cleaned it.
I got some food ready for Rach and Barry arriving with Vika for the mating and Dolly the Akna poodle mascot, she came for the ride and to have a visit.
I had a number of phone calls to catch up with about puppies and older dogs for sale.
Rach arrived and we did the mating and then had food, they came for a look around the house to see how things were progressing.
Just as they left the rain started again so I waited for a bit and then let Shone, Cito and the puppy out for a quick toilet break.
All started off well some of the dogs went out and then the hail stones were coming down so the rest got fed in the kennels.
Hannah arrived to start grooming and then one of the builders arrived the other was off today so I got hold of my sister and she dropped off my nephew for the day as it was too difficult for one person to get the floor joists up the ladder.
The rest of the dogs went out and then I finished off the kennels and got the first load of washing in.
My sister arrived and I spent ten minutes with her and then let the next groups of dogs out.
I had to be around the kennel as Rupert was being groomed so I sorted out banking and emails and made a few calls for materials.
Lunch time feeds done and then I got the evening feeds ready while I had a few spare minutes.
I went out with a few groups in the freezing cold and then started to get everyone in and fed.
Coosa’s group came in and then Kiro went out.
I locked up the gates and took my nephew home and stayed for dinner with my sister, I wasn’t there long as the roads where not too good.
On the way home I was defiantly not driving in my usual manner, I was being very cautious thankfully as I came round the corner I just lost the van and started to slide sideways I thought bloody great it looks like I am going into the hedge, but somehow I managed to get around the corner avoiding the gateway and the hedge, that was it now I was crawling so my journey took twice as long but at least I got home with the van intact.
I took Shone and Cito out for a run with the puppy and then emails before bed.
The morning was cold and the front pen was really slippery so I had to be careful when the larger groups went out.
Everyone out, fed and clean.
Wendy and Brian arrived as the shed needed moving and we had a few odd jobs to get done to make it easier for the next month or so while the weather is so bad.
Wendy emptied the shed and re homed the straw to the top shed and garage.
After the shed was moved Brian put up a new panel at the end of the kennel and dug away some of the bank so the water runs away more towards the flower bed behind the wall.
All of the dogs had a long time out in the fields today; they still came in covered in mud.
I did the lunch time feeds and then we stopped for food.
The dogs all spent the afternoon outside and then everyone came in at 5 pm and had food for the night.

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