17th February

Sunday was Lisa and I we had a wet day so this made everything slower, after the house dogs were finished the poodle group had to go out into pen 1 as it was far too wet for them in the field.
We did the bitches and pups then up to the top kennel.
After we had finished up there we let the house dogs out again and changed their vet beds and did the water.
I got feeds and stuff sorted out while Lisa did the bottom block.
I had an early visitor to view pups.
I got the lunchtime feeds done and the chicken cut for the little dogs.
I did a telephone interview for radio five live about wolf hybrids and wolf dogs.
The program was to explain to people about the dogs and to clear up a misunderstanding about the number of alleged wolf dogs in UK rescue centres, the dogs in question are Husky, Malamute and gsd crosses that people are trying to pass off as hybrids.
I had two other people view dogs and then I hosed the yards and got all the feed bins filled up.
Everyone went out again but only for a short time as the rain was not letting up and the dogs really did not want to be out.
Cito is making life difficult as she is fine with Narla when I am around but I cannot put her outside with her as she picks on her.
Narla is happy to go out with anyone so she goes in the field either with C or Shone.
Shone spent a couple of hours in the kennel eating a beef bone with Kiro today as she was just getting soaked following me around, it’s nice for Kiro to have some company.
Coosa wanted to come in at about 4 pm he was black and very wet so I rubbed him off with a lot of straw before he went to bed.
I fed everyone and the bitches, and then I wormed all of the pups, the yorkie pups are a nightmare to worm as they are so small.
I got the frozen food ready for the morning groups to be fed.
Kirsty came in to look after the dogs so I could go out for dinner with my son.
It was nice to get out for a couple of hours, without any dogs.
When I got home I got the morning biscuit feeds ready and answered all of my emails as I had not had time to look at the computer today.
I had a quick chat with Rach as she was whelping then off to the computer to write today’s blog and then to get my Kennel club registrations done for my yorkie pups before finally going to bed at 2 am.
Monday morning was dry I was doing the house dogs when Kirsty arrived and helped me finish them off before cleaning up after them and getting the bitches out and pups fed.
Narla went out in a kennel for a while with her food while shone went in with kiro.
We got all of them finished while Razzles group were out, and then after all the pups were cleaned we went up to the top and fed the morning group and got everyone else out and cleaned.
We came back down for a quick coffee when Vicci arrived to help out for the day.
Vicci has taken over from her gran with the baking I think she has been having lessons on the quiet, she made a fantastic chocolate cake and a fudge cake, maybe we should find her a low fat recipe as cakes don’t last long here.
We did the whelping area and vet beds then Kirsty went to do Roxy and Atlz and put them back together after they had finished their food.
Vicci and I were soaking vet beds and washing bowls while kirsty swapped dogs out in the field.
I cut up all of the little dogs chicken and got the feeds ready.
Vicci was just a to b doing all sorts of odd jobs.
We did the lunchtime feed after the last house groups came in from the field.
We fed everyone and a quick clean out again for all of the pups.
We then microchipped the labradoodle pups and got pictures of all the pups for the web site.
All the top groups were fed, and the poodle group went back out and then the lab group.
When they were in Coosa went back out while his pen was cleaned, Reo was out at the same time in field two.
The bottom yards were cleaned and then Reo in, girls out.
Coosa decided to get quite vocal and wanted to come in at 4.30 so he went in and I locked up all of the top block and did the bottom groups and house dogs.
After the bitches and pups were finished Vicci and I had a coffee before she left.
I then had loads of phone calls and things to sort out with kirsty before going on the computer to answer emails and order food and stuff.
I did todays blog and went to bed at 12 .30
Tuesday morning was a slightly damp start but not too bad.
All the little dogs got out and we were on target with the bitches and pups.
The mornings are taking slightly longer as all of the pups are now being weaned and they are a little slow when they first start eating.
If it’s dry it is not too bad when the bitches can go out while we feed if it’s pouring down then we either feed with them still in the pen or we have to do it in relays so the bitches can go into dry pens.
We did the top groups and fed the morning wolf dogs.
We then put the house dogs out and changed their vet beds and blankets, even with two washing machines going all day long it takes ages to get through all of washing and drying.
Most of the bitches were changed onto tissue bedding today to cut down on the washing.
The new whelping box arrived today so it is ready outside the pen for when we move Roxy next week before she whelps.
I unpacked the meat delivery and sorted out the feeds while Kirsty finished off some job and spent time with different puppies to get them handled.
I had a lady come to pick a labradoodle pup to take in a couple of weeks’ time; I sorted out some paper work for the microchip details of the rest of the pups while she was here as it was for quite a while.
We then did the lunchtime feeds and got the chicken cut up for the afternoon feeding.
I hoovered and cleaned up in the house and wrote a list of jobs that are falling behind and need to sort out next, mainly paper work and a few bits outside.
I fed everyone in the afternoon and everyone went out until 5.30 when I let the house dogs back out and locked up the bitches.
I got the frozen feeds ready and de frosted the freezer, I was pleased to get in after that.
I fed the inside pups while dinner was cooking and changed paper.
I had only just put my dinner on the table when Shone was sick everywhere, great, I jumped up to sort that out and thankfully with all of the house dogs loose no one ate my food.
I did the morning feeds and spent some time sitting with the dogs while thinking of names for the pedigree’s I needed to do when the dogs were all in bed.
After everyone was away at about 11 pm I started with some paper work and finally went to bed just after 1 am.
Wednesday morning was a horrible wet start so the doodle group was not out as long as normal.
The rain continued until 3pm which was a pain.
All the house dogs and small dogs had to go out in pens so it was constant floor cleaning and drying.
In general all the dogs were fed up with the weather so they only went out for short runs and had their feeds early and chew’s at bed time.
C was excitable all day as she did not get out enough as the fields were so muddy.
As it was so wet we spent more time with the puppies, feeding and playing with them.
I got everyone in early as I was feeling ill and poor Shone was not feeling good as she had hardly had any food as she had a bad tummy.
Kirsty came in and did some paper work and spent time with the pups.
I went off to training with Shone , all things considered as she was not feeling too great and did not have as much energy as normal she did very well, by the end of the class she was so tired she did not want to walk to the van so I carried her.
I got home it was till raining very hard so I had to wash and dry pen one after the house dogs had been out before bed.
I spent a couple of hours sorting out paper work and adverts before bed.
Thursday morning was good it was a dry day which made the dogs feel happier.
After the house dogs were fed and had a short time out Razzles group went out and Kirsty and I did the bitches and pups.
Then we did the top groups, while they were all out we moved Roxy and Atlz as she was looking like she could whelp in the next few days.
Roxy is now in a pen under cover with a nice new whelping box.
Atlz is going to have to stay with her as she gets very stressed if we try and move him out, they may change when she has the pups but I doubt it.
We did the afternoon feeding and Kirsty fed Taska’s pups and spent time playing with them.
I fed all of the meat feeds and then got the feeds ready for the next day.
Everyone was in at just after 6.
Friday morning was very busy we had Sam start, so as it was her first day she spent the first hour with Lisa and I and then Kirsty came in to show her all the jobs she needs to be able to do while we do the rest of the outside dogs.
Lisa and I did the top groups and stripped every pen out completely and scrubbed top to bottom.
We disinfected Idaho and hosed her pen out and towel dried it.
We had hoped to clean out the big pen that Roxy had been in but we ran out of time.
Tessa came in for a few hours and did some paper work to help out.
Lisa and I did the lunch time feeds which now takes some considerable time.
We had people viewing pups again.
I had some problems to sort out with deliveries for the builders as not all the materials had been delivered.
The meat delivery and food delivery both came at the same time which was not ideal but it was all sorted.
The lunchtime feeds were done.
Sam had put all the paper and stuff out for cleaning for the next couple of days
I had a couple of people looking at dogs and picking up pups.
Mum came over to do some cooking and sort out things with the builders.
I did the afternoon groups letting out and feeding and get the yards clean and water filled up for the next clean out.
We had dinner and did some paper work before doing more research and thinking about what we are doing next in the new kennel.
It was another late night and not much sleep.
Saturday morning was Sam Lisa and I.
I did the house dogs feeding and letting out before anyone arrived.
We got Razzles group out and fed everyone down the bottom and then Taska’s pups were fed while she was out.
Sam did all of the bags and muck buckets out and feed bins.
I cleaned and Lisa did water.
After we had finished the bottom group Sam did the house dog’s pens and cages while Lisa and I did the top groups, as we had finished all accept Coosa’s pen up the top when Sam went to get Bobby and Siren out.
I carried on with Coosa’s pen and Lisa went down to do pen 4, shortly after Lisa went to clean the pen Roxy started whelping.
Kirsty came in to keep a watch on her while we carried on.
We had our favourite little yorkie male pup go today he went off to meet up with his owner and get the train back to London.
Everyone is going to miss him the house dogs loved him and the yorkie tribe were very protective over him. If C or Narla got too rough with him all the yorkies would see the wolf dogs off like a little army of gremlins.
Then a labradoodle went so that took up some time.
A rehome dog came back and we spent a lot time with him meeting another wolf dog that he may be going to live with if everything works out.
Roxy has had her pups but they are mainly boys, the last 8 months we had had a high number of male puppies born.
Siren was moved in with Kiro today, they seem to be happy together, she much prefers to go out with him than she does Atlz.
Booby is in with Moon, they are happy together, so I can still run three groups at the same time for now.
I fed everyone and then had to go out for a couple of hours to help out with a dog.
I got home and Kirsty and I finished off the dogs.
I did the feeds for the next day and then let all the house dogs out and fed all of the pups again.
I stopped for dinner or about half hour and then back on the computer.

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