17th August

Saturday night was wearing with Jezz having puppies and very little sleep due to the new puppy and the parti poodle I have here for a few days.
Jezz had 7 Labrador puppies 4 boys and 3 girls all doing well, I have picked my two girls they are dark yellow.
Shone, Cito and Narla were all very good with the new puppies, Narla wanted to wash the puppy
Sunday morning was a damp and windy start but all the dogs went out without getting wet, I cleaned everyone out and then they got fed in their kennels.
The two hybrid packs went out as it was windy but dry now.
I had a customer arrive early as they were travelling back to Hertfordshire and wanted to get her puppy back for lunch time.
I changed all the vet beds and did my washing, the tumble drier was the answer as the laundry would have been blown in to town with the wind we had.
The next people arrived earlier than expected so I had one group of dogs out on the drive as they pulled up.
They were here for a short time and off they went with their puppy, as they were leaving the phone rang and another family wanted to come in an hour to view dogs.
I got everyone out for a run and put the house hybrids back in the yard.
I fed my new pup whilst down at the house.
Lunch time feeds all done; they had to eat in the kennel.
The afternoon was wet and horrible so I did the house work and had puppy play time.
When the weather dried up I cleaned up the drive and then let everyone out again.
Coosa moved over into field two and the house pack came and went as they pleased.
Everyone locked up and Kiro out for the night.
Monday morning was an early start everyone fed cleaned and back in by 8.30.
I went shopping, Mole valley and builders merchants, I was back by 9.45.
I let the house hybrid group out and Coosa’s group.
Suzanne arrived with my new Schnauzer puppy called Noodles; she is company for my poodle Shiraz.
After we had a chat Suzanne went off with Kira a parti poodle.
Nigel, Michelle and their daughter Maisie arrived; we had a coffee and then a look around as Nigel has not been here for two years now, so he only knew the changes that Michelle had told him about.
I let the dogs out again and did the lunchtime feeds.
I had a call from people wanting to view puppies; my last girl went off to her new home.
We had roast chicken for lunch and spent the rest of the day doing dogs.
They left early evening and I finished off the dogs and did some paper work.
Tuesday morning was not such an early start as the rain was terrible, no one went out until 7.45 as it started to calm down a bit.
I had both meat deliveries arrive fairly early so that was all unpacked and frozen, rubbish all burnt.
After everyone had been out and fed I did the microchip registrations for the pups that had left.
I did some lead work with a couple of my dogs just to keep on top of the training.
I cleaned the yards and then did the lunchtime feeds for the bitches with puppies.
I spent time with the Coosa group as they get vocal if I have not seen them enough in the day time.
I had a spare hour whilst waiting for people to come and view dogs looking for a puppy in the future, so I did all of my paper shredding for the little dogs beds.
After visitors had left I let everyone out and had dinner, then put them all away and left the hybrids out for another couple of hours.
Everyone in morning feeds done and Kiro out.
Wednesday morning finished the kennels b 9.30 and had to wait for food delivery and cows ears to arrive before I could go up and pick up all the bones from Coosa’s field.
I cleaned up in their field and then did the lunch time feeds.
The afternoon was people viewing puppies, my westie left for her new home in Ireland and then my sister came for a visit with her friend and children.
I let the dogs all back out after they had gone and did the evening feeds.
I spent some time training with my new poodle; she is a handful very wilful.
I did my kennel club registrations for my lab and poodle puppies, it took me a while as I needed names for the pups I am keeping to be a little different from the rest of the litter, my two girls are Summer and Saffron.
I got the meat out for the morning and then brought everyone in and let the hybrids out until 9 pm, they came in for food and then Kiro and Reo went out for the night.
Thursday morning was so wet the showers were so heavy I could hardly hear the lady trying to talk to me on the phone.
I got each group out and cleaned as quickly as possible and hoped the weather would improve as the morning progressed; unfortunately this was not to be.
I left the hybrids out for a couple of hours in the field as they are not too worried about the rain.
I cleaned the floors in the house as the puppies are running riot in the house all day.
I did some paper work and then let dogs out for feeding in between heavy rain falls.
I wrote a couple of days of the blog and then started cleaning dog’s ears and vaccinating adult dogs.
I have cleaned three kennels ready to move bitches with puppies so it makes the morning easier, it means I can wash vet beds and then up pack the meat delivery and then go back to cleaning the other 3 kennels after breakfast.
Lunchtime feeds done and bitches back out.
I let dogs out and stayed up in the office as the rain kept coming down and I would not have got the dogs in before they were drowned, so I did emails paper work and general tiding up.
When the rain slowed down a bit I cleaned up the paddock and then changed the water buckets in the field.
The house hybrid yard had a good clean and then the bottom yard.
I did the evening feeds and then brought Coosa’s group in at 6.30 as it was so wet I thought it best for them to come in early.
Friday morning dogs out no rain which was nice.
Everyone fed and cleaned out, I moved my poodle from the house up into the new kennel block.
The bitches with puppies moved up into the three kennels I had cleaned on Thursday and then I cleaned their kennels top to bottom ready for moving them when I need to.
Coosa’s kennel had a good clean and dust.
Breeze came back from stud and went out for a run with Yaz and Jezz.
Meat delivery arrived so I unpacked it, sorted out the feeds for today and froze the rest.
Helen came down for a coffee and a chat, then I had people come for a chat to get advice on a problem they are having with a wolf dog breeder that has got quite out of hand with threats.
They were nice people and hopefully have gone away happy.
I got the evening feeds ready and the frozen feeds for the morning.
I took my Schnauzer and new poodle for a walk up the drive the poodle was good but little Noodles was not quite so keen, she did get the hang of it.
I left them I the big pen for half an hour while I was on the phone.
Everyone out again and then the hybrid groups out while I had dinner.
All locked up by 9 pm.
Saturday morning I started early as Wendy and Brian were coming to do some work.
I had all the dogs fed cleaned exercised and back in the kennels by 8 am.
Brian and Wendy arrived.
The hybrids were all out in the field, Coosa pack were lined up along the fence watching Brian fix the stabilising timbers to the new run before winter starts and the wind causes a problem.
Wendy tidied up the lean to and I got the next lot of feeds ready.
I took the two pups up the drive for a walk and they were helping Brian for a while.
Wendy and I did a big fire and kept adding to it with weeds that had been cut down and pallets.
We tidied up all area by the top shed ready to weed up there and bought down old buckets and scrap hopefully to get a collection next week.
Wendy cooked breakfast while it was raining we stopped briefly to eat.
I had two couples come and view dogs and puppies; this took a very large part of my morning.
Brian put the scratch coat of render on the wall from the house up to the kennel, hopefully to put the top coat on next weekend.
Wendy did some general tiding up while I did emails and tried to get in front as I was going to visit my nephew in hospital.
I had the morning feeds ready just to pull the buckets of frozen chicken out of the freezer when I returned.
I let all the dogs out in between showers and then cleaned up the drive.
My neighbour had a house viewing so I brought the Coosa pack in and fed them so he did not start howling and cause upset.
I did the evening feeds and got the morning dry feeds ready.
Wendy sorted out the new metal gate up by the burning pit and then I think Brian must have finished it off.
I got a phone call from both of my sisters telling to get to the hospital as soon as possible, I knew this was not going to be a straight forward night so I rang my neighbour and explained the situation.
This was a day where you could really do with your mum.
We have just faced the first major issue we have had to deal with since we lost our Mum in April ( another miss diagnosis of cancer), we are very lucky as we are a strong family who stick together when it really matters you know who will be there for you when life deals a bad hand.
Due to three miss diagnosis from three incompetent doctors since the 6 th of August we stood by the bed side of my 15 year old nephew feeling helpless.
Late last night Declan had a horrendous and very difficult operation as his appendix had ruptured and filled his whole stomach with poison.
He could not have a straight forward op as the colon was stuck to the intestine and all matted up, this meant that he had to have a large cut and drain holes put in.
Waiting for news after being told this was a very serious op and they did not know what they were going to encounter when they opened him up was so stressful.
Finally Dec came out of recovery but was very sore and extremely upset.
The doctors have said he will experience a lot of pain and the recovery could be months.
You would think great at least he is on the mend, and then you are told due to the nature of the damage he could well have scar tissue and need an operation when he is older.
The medical system in the country is below third world it’s a disgrace, our government is constantly throwing money at other countries for aid and help, why not get our own house in order.
I got home at 2.30am and had dogs to let out and things to do, hence why the blog is on later than normal.

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