17th April

Good feed back this week from all the new Czechoslovakian litter that were recently homed, most are now in training clubs and started socialization.
They are little clumsy with other dogs and a bit vocal for the first couple of minutes, but besides that everything is going well.
Rupert is here for a month he is going to training with me at a local club, as Wolf is busy.
He is doing very well he lives in the house with all of my little dogs.

Taska hybrids are doing very well they all have wolfdog companions.
The last female left is in the house until she goes home with Clare and her family next month, she is living with the labradoodle pups, she has really started to come out of herself.

This has been a busy week getting ready for the next two litters with Cito and Boots.
Boots is now on the web cam.

Wendy, Brian and Stuart worked all day yesterday, we had a really good day Stu did loads of odd jobs that we do not have time for, we are now nettle and weed free all around the kennel area for now.
Brian has cut a window in the top kennel for more airflow, its really nice pen one can now see right across the field.
He has also put another gate into pen 1 in the bottom block to make life easier for us to get pups in and out of.

Wendy has fallen in love with a Mia male puppy, even though the pup named Loki is not really female orientated, given that he is a new pup for Brian, he has gone to join their pack in Somerset, he will be very happy with his new pack now making the group of five wolf dogs and a retriever all males.

The house pups are enjoying the sun they are all playing out in the yard in the paddling pool, the only problem is Razzel keeps pulling the plug out so it’s a quick search on EBay for a pool with no plug.

Kiro has one male and one female pup left; Mia still has a few pups left.
Deposits are being taken for the Cito pure csv pups due.
Meli has just been mated with Reo.

El Cid has gone to his new home in Lincolnshire with James, Cid will be assisting James at his new dog-training centre, and he is joining a young male dog James bought from me last year.
All being well and weather permitting Cid will be back in Dec or January to have his last mating this will be with Taska.
He will be very happy with James but it really was sad to see him go, I could tell James was unsure how I would react when I closed the car door.
It was sad but also a sense of joy knowing he would have a really good home for the rest of his life.

Martine is very happy with Titan; he has settled in well, it has been a new experience for her as she has only had Inuit’s.
Martine now say’s her next puppy will be csv.

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