17th April

A good, no people day so plenty of time to spend grooming dogs and playing with puppies.
I did spend a couple of hours tiding up and hoovering the ground floor in the house ready for everyone coming in on Monday morning.
I gave the kitchen a good clean up and washed the floor.
The afternoon was out with the wolf dogs and picking up bones in Coosa’s field.
The dogs were out until nearly 8 pm.
I had finished nearly all the dogs when Nath and Tommy arrived to start fixing for some of the wiring for the electrics
We did spend a couple of hours watching a commercial van auction on line and Nath bought another T5 transporter project.
I was cutting up chicken in between watching the auction.
I spent the afternoon hoovering and cleaning.
I had a customer come to view the pups and then everyone was fed.
Kirsty and Jess popped in for coffee and kirsty helped me with the pups.
All the dogs were out until 7 pm.
Dogs out and fed all the morning stuff was finished by 9 am.
A busy day with organising stuff for the house and then feed deliveries of dried food and chicken carcasses.
A customer viewing pups, and then a visit from the building inspector.
The day was full on until 5 pm when I went to visit Sophie and then back home late and finishing off dogs feeding and letting them out again.

Everyone done by 8.30 as I had Jake labouring and Matt and his dad putting down underfloor heating pipes.
Nath and Tommy doing electrics upstairs.
Customers were picking up puppies today.
I alternated dogs out in the fields and drive all day in between sorting out puppies and feeding.
I did make a few quick visits to the house to see how things were going.
Van sorted out ready for training.
Great night training with Winter.
I got home and brought everyone in and fed them.
The rest of the week was tied up with sorting out building issues and picking up my new dog.
I have done introductions to several of the little dogs with my new boy.
A busy day with more house estimates and Wendy and Brian here sorting out more things in the house, Brian finished off the roof and the ceiling in the boot room has now got the insulation in.
I spent a few hours out with the dogs before they came in for bed time.

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