It has been a good week nice weather all the dogs and puppies are doing well.
Bisto the lab has done fantastic with her litter of Labradoodles a marked improvement on last year when she looked at them like they were aliens and our Saarloos girl Dora adopted them.

Reubin our young red miniature poodle has done the deed with our little labradoodle girl Tease so looking forward to seeing if she is in pup, if so her puppies will be born early December ready for sale in February 2011.

Della our white mini poodle girl gave us a little bit of a surprise this week she has given birth to a very nice litter of cream white and apricot puppies for her first litter, I must say its been a long time coming Della is 3 and a half and this being her first litter.
She was a little slow on grasping the concept of puppies but she has now got the hang of it and is doing quiet well.

Doodle the yorkie is doing well with her pups they had the first feed this week of the new Royal Canin mother and puppy mousse, oh my they loved it but what a mess poor Doodle spent nearly an hour cleaning them up after dinner.

Now for the wolf dog news.

Cujo our ¾ Saarloos girl is now living very happily in Orkney with Paul and his family, great news for Paul this week Cujo’s bva score came back  fabulous news for Shoshone and Paul we are all absolutely over the moon with another really low score.

Cito our pure csv girl is due anytime now, looking at her I think this will be a smaller litter than she would have had in the past, Cito decided not to come into season last winter so I am really looking forward to keeping another fab csv female to partner Reo in the future.

On that note Reo has mated Luta this week so her puppies will be the first litter for sale in 2011.

Dora is looking very much in pup this will be a very exciting litter of Saarloos Timber wolf hybrids.
D’quilla is not looking very big but I think she has taken I will keep you updated on that one.
She is certainly eating like she is but that’s the Saarloos for you very greedy.

Zodi still has three puppies for sale.

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