16th September

Sunday morning Kate and I rushed through all of the first lot of cleaning and exercise so that I could go out for a walk with Kirsty and Lupus.
We were in the park by 9.30, the boys were great.
Coosa meet his first horse today we were on the path when two horses came down and the lady was very nice she stopped and we just walked past, he didn’t take any notice at all.
A little further up the path was horse manure well that was far more interesting than the horse, he wanted to roll in it but I said no and he reluctantly walked on.

I got home and power washed the yard then had people view their puppy.
We took the photos needed of the puppies.
Kate disinfected all of Idaho’s pen on her own, then I went in and power washed it while Kate fed the bitches and pups.
Kate left while I finished off the cleaning and sweeping in the top pens.
I put the labs out and had a quick bite to eat before going out and spending the rest of the day getting everyone exercised and sorted out before more people came to view dogs.
Kate came back late afternoon to help me get everyone in and sorted as we were going out with Kirsty and Narla ,Coosa and myself and Lobo with Kate.
This is the first time Kate has been able to come out with us as she is always the one here doing the dogs as I am not happy to leave anyone else with them.
We got all the dogs done and locked up then loaded the two boys into the van, Lobo was a little uneasy going in as he has been an ass lately around the kennel to Coosa as Lobo is always the dog in the kennel with whatever bitch that is in season so he thinks he is a bit special.
We arrived at the park in Barnstaple on time for a change and met Kirsty, she had Lupus not Narla as she had forgot which dog she was bringing and had not long feed them all, Narla does not always travel well soon after food.
We had a long walk around the park all of the boys were very good, Lobo even gave coosa a few kisses on route.
We then walked through the quiet side of town by the shops, and came back through the lively side with the pubs and banging music; none of the boys were fazed by this they all took it in their stride.
Coosa and Lupus in the park pictures by Kate Browns fab new camera.

The three boys

We got home put the boys away and let the house dogs out again.
They had been out for a while and I went and checked them as they were nice and quiet, poor little mites were all wet it had started to rain which I hadn’t expected.
Most of the little ones went to bed and C stayed out me and the yorkies for an hour before I went to bed.
Monday morning was Kate and I, I had all of the house dogs done before Kate came in as I wanted to spend the day grooming with Hannah.
Kirsty came in to do Roxy and Atlaz before going to work.
I did the labs, doodles and some phone calls and emails then went on to help grooming for the rest of the morning.
Kate did the kennel dogs until lunch time, and then I went between the letting dogs in and out feeding and phone calls, not much grooming as it was hard to juggle everything.
After I had everyone finished Kirsty came back after she had finished work to do some training with A’Lupa, we have to work her at night as we have very little spare time in the day.
A’Lupa was very good if things stay on course as they are now the filming work we have coming up will be a breeze, famous last words.
I came in to do the morning feeds while Kirsty stayed out with Roxy for a while.
I got all of the pedigrees printed for the next litter going out.
I then got the house dogs out before the rain and got their beds ready.
Tuesday morning I did the house dogs then Kate and did the labs and doodles and pups.
The house dogs went out in the field and got soaked from the wet grass.
I went off to the dentist while Kirsty did Roxy and Kate did the outside dogs and Hannah started grooming.
I got back and did my emails washed all of the morning bowls got the lunch time feeds ready and the frozen food for the evening before rushing off to Taunton to drop off my van for a service before going away.
I dropped off the van and mum and I met up with my son by chance for lunch.
We came home and arrived just in time for the food delivery.
Hannah had got on well with grooming the little dogs we are nearly up together with most of them now.
The poodles looked really nice for five minutes before going out in the field and getting muddy and wet.
It would be nice to see them all fluffy and clean for more than a few hours but at the end of the day they are dogs and they to be outside running around so as long as they are happy and have no Matts in their coats it doesn’t matter.
Kate and I fed everyone and put the house dogs out.
The new cage arrived for Coosa, so we managed to unpackage it and put it in the garage as the delivery drivers were total jobs worth’s and would not help us as it’s not their job, all they have to do is put the pallet down and leave.
It’s a good job I was there, it’s obvious that a pregnant lady would not be able to move the cage and they told Kate it was not their problem.
Nearly all of our delivery drivers are very good they will help us unload but we don’t normally have a delivery from pallet line, I am sure if I were looking for a company to deliver my goods it would not be them.
Anyway the cage is nice and very well made so I think Coosa will be happy in his weekend residence.
After the last two groups came in mum and I went off for a quick meal before getting back to dealing with emails and phone calls.
Steel is going with me this weekend as I have been speaking to a man who has a Czech male and is looking for a female for company for him.
Hopefully he will be meeting us on Sunday at the seminar and Steel will be going to her new home.
I had a chat with Rachael to sort out some final details for the weekend then
We did some paper work and then bed.
Wednesday morning was Kate and I.
Hannah was grooming the last group of dogs today, now we will be ok to go back to Hannah being here once a week.
After Kate and I had finished the morning cleaning I went up to Taunton with mum and picked up my van.
I dashed back home to give Kate a hand as we had to be at the vets by 6 pm to pick up vaccines.
After the vet we met Kirsty at Torrington common and went for a really nice long walk with Coosa lobo and Lupus.
They played in the stream for while which was good as Coosa was dirty from travelling.
Then we walked up through the town and it seemed to be joggers night we must have seen at least 20 , Coosa just stands and expects then to go around him.

Torrington, in the stream

We put the dogs back in the van and went round to the chip shop as by this time it was starting to get dark.
We got home around 9 pm, Kate and I got the house dogs out then Kate left and I did my phone calls and emails.
Thursday morning Kate and I got everyone done and I started to get everything ready to go in my van so we were no in such a rush on Friday morning.
We had a puppy owner pop in to visit their pup.
Then my sister came round for an hour or so, after her holiday.
I got all the dogs finished by 7 pm.
I then took the house dogs out before Vicci arrived with Buck.
I sorted out a couple of emails and phone calls, then sat down with Vicci
16 sept blog from Friday-by Kate

Andre, sophie and vicci did the morning. I didn’t have to come in until 10am for andre to leave by 11am. Weather wasn’t too good when I arrived in but soon cleared up and was lovely sunshine for the rest of the day. Sophie left at 12:30. I just spent the afternoon outside doing a few little jobs. I went out in the field with the house dogs to see if I could take a few pictures of them. IFinally finished everyone around 6pm. Had a relaxing evening watching telly with my feet up and poodles for scarfs 
Sophie isn’t in now until next we so that leaves me 3 days of extra hard work. Let’s hope the weather stays nice.
Saturday started out really misty and cold. Once everyone had been out for their first run I sorted out washing and all the little things that would normally get done in the morning. The afternoon soon arrived, had a quick lunch and then pressure washed down the steps, all that soon takes out couple hours of the day. Then onto the night feeding. Whilst matzi was out for his last late night run I pressure washed down his pen and Coosas day pen ready for the morning. Was in and finished ready for a well needed sit down just gone 7pm.

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