16th October

Wolf dog puppy still for sale from Meli and Reo he is a very nice social little lad.
Storm is still looking for a home, he is a genuine, nice but dim boy just a real softy.
Also looking to find a home for Roxy or Star, as I have no real need to keep two sisters, as it does not really help with the breeding program.

Not long to go now before the hybrid puppies are born, two of the girls will be moving into the whelping area in the next couple of days.

Coosa has been very civil this week, a friend of mine that bought a hybrid puppy last year came for a visit with her friends from Europe who also breed hybrids, they came to meet Matzi and some of the dogs.
Kirsty brought Lupus over so everyone could see one of the other hybrids from the same time.
Lupus is always a star he is happy in any situation and very sociable with everyone he meets.
They were very happy, as they had not expected to get a cuddle with Coosa so this made their visit even more enjoyable.

I have been busy arranging the flight for A’Lupa to arrive in the uk very soon, this will be a very special day for us we have waited such a long time to finally be able to bring her in.
At the moment it is undecided who or where she will be staying she may be in the house for a while.

C was starting her new class at training this week but due to a number of dogs in the country being very ill with sickness and diarrhoea I thought I would leave it until next week as we have got a number of puppies here that have been leaving for new homes this weekend.

This coming week is our yearly license inspection so Kate and I have been checking that all the paper work is ready and in order.
I does not really make any difference to the outside area as everything is always kept to a very high standard and the licensing officer always says that the kennels are above and beyond the requirements needed, which is nice to know.
General maintenance is kept up together at all times by Brian and Wendy, my general lifesavers along with Stuart on occasions.

Saturday along with 7 puppies leaving and three people-viewing dogs, we had a really busy day and lots of jobs were achieved,we all felt exhausted but very happy we had completed so much.
The garden project had started to fall behind which we have made progress by raking up 45 big large tubs of stone and putting them in the new bank where we are going to close off one of the entrances in the drive to make unloading the dogs safer.
A double gate system is now on the front of the two pens were the nosier dogs will be housed over night in the winter.
White boarding has been put on the front of outside runs, this is to stop the smaller dogs barking when dogs are passing to go out on exercise.
The soak away is still a problem as its not draining as quickly as it should be.
The whelping area has been stripped out ready for the next litter.
A couple more panels have been put up to slow the dogs down when going from the kennel to the field as in the winter it gets very icy and we are likely to gets dogs falling over if the continue to run at the speed they do when going out and coming in.

We had two meat deliveries on Friday and one on Saturday, this is a struggle to fit it all in, we have three very large chest freezers and this still is not enough space to hold all of the food we need for a week.

Kate has started to do some of the paper work side of the business which has helped enormously as this is one of my pet hates partly due to lack of time.
Last night was the first time in months that the whelping area has been empty it seemed very strange waking up in the night not to see pups sleeping or playing on the screen in the bedroom!
In the next couple of day the bitches will spend sometime in there before being moved in permanently ready for the pups coming.

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