16th November

Sunday morning was a bit to early start so I put Shone and Cito out with their food and went back to bed for half an hour with a coffee.
I got up and let the house puppies out and put Kiro away.
We went down to the kennel and got the first two groups of dogs out and the bitches.
Dave started cleaning the kennels and I did the feeds, after the first group were all fed and puppies had finished they all came back in and the yorkies went out in the drive and Coosa had the paddock and field two, he looked totally bemused when River ran through the new gate panel we had put in.
We cleaned the next two pens and then took the burning stuff up and sorted out the fire.
I put Narla’s group out in field one and Shone and Cito stayed down in the bottom yard, the house puppies went out in their yard.
Dave sorted out the compost area while I disinfected Coosa’s top pen area, while I was power washing his pen Dave picked up all of the leaves in one of Narla’s pens and then went onto pick up in the rest of Narla’s pens, I only managed to power wash Coosa’s and one of Narla’s pens, by the time I had swept them and we had cleaned out the drain it was time for me to swap over dogs.
Dave did a tidy up in the garage while I was sorting stuff out in the kennel and seeing a puppy owner.
I soaked the puppy food while the new owners were spending time with the labradoodle puppy.
After they had left I fed the pups and then fed everyone their chicken carcasses.
I brought Coosa and Narla’s groups in so the other dogs could go out in the field while the hybrid groups were in eating.
Dave cleaned the outside windows in the new kennel and then did some hoovering.
We stopped and then had lunch before Dave left.
After Dave left I power washed Kiro’s pen and then Kirsty came round for coffee we had a chat and then I went and changed over dogs.
Rach phoned up to say Vika is in season so she will be coming down to stay for a while to be mated to Reo, this will be the last litter of puppies for Vika and then she is being spayed, so pure bred Czechoslovakian wolf dog puppies for early 2015.
I soaked the puppy food and did a quick kennel clean out, fed the puppies and got the morning feeds done and the frozen feeds taken up for the hybrid groups for the morning.
Everyone came in and then I went up and got Coosa’s group in.
All in and locked up for the night.
I came back and fed Kiro and Reo and then let them out for the night.
I cleaned the puppies yard and fed them and Cito and Shone.
They all came in and I spent a few hours sorting out stuff that had been picked up from mum’s house so it can be ready for Wendy’s next visit and she can take it to the charity shop.
I finally sat down at just after 8 pm for dinner and to write the day’s events.

Monday morning was a cold wet start to the day, house dogs and puppies out and fed and Kiro in.
Down to the kennels and the first group out in the drive with the bitches and the second group out in the field.
I fed the all of group one outside in separate parts of the drive and then fed the puppies and cleaned all of them out and changed water buckets.
Next was to clean the two big kennels and then get them all in.
I put the yorkies out in the drive and Coosa out in the paddock while I cleaned them out and washed all the bowls.
I cleaned up in the drive and opened the gates for Hannah arriving.
The hybrid groups went out in the field and I cleaned their pens and got their food ready.
Shone and Cito went out in the drive with the two groups of puppies and Rupert while I cleaned the puppy room in the house.
I changed the vet beds for the yorkie puppies and then washed the floors in the house.
Hannah bathed one of the yorkies and I washed the walk way in the kennel.
Next was to wash the bottom block and pick up all the leaves by the gate.
Kirsty was doing paper work and food orders.
I got the lunch time feeds ready and answered a few emails and then fed everyone.
Just after lunch I had my licence renewal inspection with my normal licencing officer and a vet unknown to me from a local surgery.
All the dogs and kennels were inspected and then all the paper work side of the inspection was completed.
The vet attending was curious about the hybrids as she has done some work with wolves so she asked if they could meet all of the hybrids, Kirsty and I showed them around the hybrids and their day kennel areas, they were very happy with all of the hybrids and said how well they looked and we discussed what their breeding was and their diet.
After we had finished we had a coffee and I was surprised on the complements I was given on how well all of the dogs looked and how the place has changed so much in a year and the new kennel block being a credit to me.
All in all a very good inspection and a very pleasant afternoon with the vet who is a very knowledgeable and pleasant lady and Phil my licencing officer who was full of complements on everything, including the system of paper work that he advised me about last year has now been put fully into use and works really well, it just makes everything so much easier to check and cross reference things so much faster than the old system that I used to use.
After they had left all the dogs went back out for a couple of hours while I sorted out feeds and stocked up food bins.
Hannah and I gave Shone a bath in Neem shampoo as she has just had two nasty hot spots on her back, after we had bathed and blasted her she went back into the house as it was getting cold and damp.
I got all the dogs in and fed them and then brought Coosa’s group in and got the morning feeds ready.
Hannah and I had a coffee and then she left, I locked up the kennel and then I fed the house puppies and then off to pick up some stronghold for Shone.
I stopped off on the way home at my sisters for dinner and spent the evening with her.
I got home and let the house dogs out and fed the puppies there last feed and got there morning feeds ready and then off to bed.
Tuesday morning was another wet start so all the dogs could only go out for a very short time until the rain had stopped, I fed and cleaned everyone and then put the hybrids out and the house puppies out into dry areas.
House dog’s rooms cleaned and steamed.
The first meat delivery arrived, there was mine and my sisters, both lots had to be cut up and portioned, the timing was not too bad as it was raining the dogs were still in side.
I had just about finished the first delivery and the rain stopped so all the rest of the dogs went out.
Just as the last group had been let out the phone rang and the pallet of dry food was due to arrive in 15 minutes, I had a quick coffee and then went up and opened the container ready for the lorry arriving.
The driver dropped the pallet and I started to unload it, half was through the rain started, I rushed as much as I could but I had to stop and get all the little dogs in and then back to unloading the rest of the food.
I got to the last few bags and put them in the van ready to take to the top kennels, I was just turning the van around when the next meat delivery arrived.
I sorted that out and cut it all up and froze it.
I did the lunch time feeds and then everyone had to stay in for an hour as the rain was really tipping down.
Time to do emails and phone calls and orders, while I had a spare hour.
When the rain stopped I took the puppies and the house dogs and pups from the kennels out in the drive.
I folded the towels from the grooming the day before and then spent some time with Coosa’s group in the bottom block.
Night time and morning feeds ready prepared and time to fed the bitches and bring Coosa’s group down to the kennel and let Kiro out for the night.
Wednesday morning was a nice warm start all the dogs went out for a really long time while I was cleaning the pens and feeding, all the puppies had a total clear out and new tissue bedding.
The puppies and house pack were in the drive Coosa had been out and was now in one of the top pen areas.
Washing machine was doing its normal job, I cleaned the puppies room and got it all ready for tonight and then up to clean Narla’s pen.
I had quite a lot of paper work to do so it was nice for the dogs to be out where I could see them and still get on with work.
I washed the bottom yard and the bottom block and then moved Coosa down to the bottom yard.
The house dogs were out in the drive.
I got the lunch time feeds ready and soaked, I put the dogs away that were on the drive and then came back up and fed the puppies and the rest of the kennel dogs.
The yorkies had a quick run and then the rain came down so they had to come in again.
I got the frozen feeds done for the next day’s lunch time feeds.
Next job was to load my van ready for training.
I changed the vet bed for the puppies and did their worming.
The yorkies went back out in the drive while I was cleaning up in the drive and getting bags of feeds out of the container and filling up the bins in the kennels.
The sun was shining so I spent time out in the field with the hybrid groups and took some pictures of Narla and Soldier.
I got everyone fed and locked up and then loaded the puppies ready for Training.

Coosa’s group down to the paddock ready to bring them in before I left for training I put Narla’s group in the top kennel area and gave them their food and then gave the bottom block a quick clean ready for the morning.
I fed the house dogs and puppies and put them away.
Chianti, Shiraz and Chilli were all going with me for to training so I had to give them all a brush before putting them all in the van.
Kennel dogs all fed and Coosa’s group in.
I picked up in the drive and then off we went.
Daisy had Chianti, Evei had Chilli and I had Shiraz, they were all really good, I was pleased with the puppies the girls were training as they haven’t been as much as Shiraz.
We had a good night even though we were a few people short this week.

I got home and let Kiro out and fed the house puppies and hybrids and then wrote the day’s blog with the house dogs.

Thursday morning I am not normally too lively after a night of training but this week I woke up really early and thought wow what a nice morning, the sun was shining and it looked glorious.
I did the house dogs and puppies and then put Kiro away.
I went down to the kennels and let the first group out on the drive with the bitches and the second group out in the field.
I fed them all and then fed the puppies and cleaned all the kennels, they stayed out for a good hour and then I put the yorkies out in the drive and cleaned them out and fed them, I washed the bowls and did a few odd jobs and checked emails.
Yorkie in and Coosa’s group went out in the front yard as I had quite a few messages to answer.
The rain came down like nothing I had seen so far this winter, I took Coosa’s group to the bottom block and left them in their while I carried on with my emails and the then I cleaned out their kennel.
I cleaned the puppy room out ready for the evening and put the pups in the bottom kennel and yard.
Rupert went out with Cito and Shone.
We must have had three hours of rain just hammering down; the front pen had a really good wash.
Kirsty came down for a chat, and then my puppy owner who come weekly arrived to see her puppy.
I cut up the chicken ready for the lunch time feeds, and soaked the puppy food.
I fed all the hybrids first in the hopes that the rain would stop.
It still did not look like it was going to stop raining so I fed everyone in their kennels, they had all just finished eating and the sun came out so I scraped all the water from the front pen and let one group out in the drive and the poodles out in the field.
After they came in Narla’s group and Coosa’s group went out in the field.
While they were out I cleaned the bottom block and yards.
I got the evening feeds ready as the afternoon goes really quickly and I lose the light.
The house dogs spent an hour on the drive while I cleaned another yard and swept up leaves.
I soaked the feeds and fed the puppies and kennel dogs.
Narla’s group went in for the night and had their food.
I brought Coosa’s group in and fed them and then cleaned the drive.
Everyone was locked up and off now to meet my sister and get some bits from cash and carry.
Friday morning was a dry start, house dogs went out in the yard and had their food and then I went down to the kennel and let the first two groups out with the bitches.
I fed all the puppies and cleaned them out, next I cleaned the other two kennels and then got them in.
I put the yorkie out and then Coosa’s group out into the paddock.
Narla’s group went out in field one, while I cleaned the bottom block.
The first meat delivery arrived so I froze the lamb and beef and then cut up all of the chicken carcasses.
I swapped dogs over and took the house dogs out in the drive before the second meat delivery was due to arrive.
Dogs all back in ready for lunch time feeds, I fed everyone and then fed Coosa’s group in the field and then brought them down to the bottom block.
I had to get all of the hybrids in as Soldiers new owner had just rang to say they were going to be a little late as the link road was closed and could he be read to load as soon as they arrived.
I got the evening feeds ready and made sure I was in front with everything as time gets away when people arrive to pick up dogs.
Solider loaded no problem and then I let everyone out again to make the most of the sun shine.
I got a kennel ready for Siren and Narla in the kennel block as it is now time for Narla to come in and get used to being in with the rest of the dogs before she has her puppies.
Morning feeds all done ready, I gave everyone their last feed and let the bitches out while I fed the puppies.
Everyone in and locked up just before the rain started.
Akna are having their last litter of Czechoslovakian wolf dogs early next year Reo and Vika please contact Racheal or myself if you are looking for a pure bred Czech.

Saturday morning was cold but the sun was shining.
House dogs out and puppies in the bottom yard with food.
Down to the kennel and let everyone out while the sun was out.
All fed and back in then the hybrids went out and I cleaned their kennel and moved Narla and Siren to the top yard.
Coosa had the paddock and field two.
I got the worming done on all of the puppies and washed the vet beds.
I did my emails while Coosa’s group were still around the bottom paddock.
All of a sudden the rain came down so all dogs in and I took Coosa’s group to the bottom block and fed them, up and fed Narla and Siren.
My sister called so we popped into town quickly for a late breakfast and then I got home just in time for a puppy owner coming to view their puppy.
Lunchtime feeds done and everyone back out again.
Evening feeds ready and then I hoovered all around the office area and a quick dust through the kennel.
Next was a few more emails and adverts.
Kirsty popped in with a friend to talk about breeding and whelping boxes for a couple of hours.
After they had left I changed over dogs and fed the bitches and puppies and then brought the hybrid groups in.
Last job was wash bowls and lock up kennel before letting Kiro out and spending the evening with the house dogs.

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