16th June

Last Sunday was Sam and I the house dogs were finished and Reo and Matzi’s groups were already out in the field when Sam arrived so she went straight into the whelping area while I fed the hybrids and all of the bottom pens.
Shone and Narla were out in the yard with Chief and Ranger.
The pups in the whelping area were fed and first clean was done.
Sam arrived and got Reo and Matzi in and the lab group out
We got Razzles group out in the yard and did their feeds, the rest of the pups feeds and cleaned the pens.
The field dogs came in and had breakfast while Moon and Coosa went out and we cleaned out Kiro and the bottom groups.
Next was house dogs out and clean bottom yards and get their pens and vet beds washed.
After the house dogs came in everyone went out for an hour at a time.
I had people here picking up pups and viewing hybrids.
Lulu our black poodle girl who has been out on loan came back today as she is due pups at the weekend.
Jerry and Jude spent quite a while with their hybrid and played with the rest of the pups.
Mum washed all the bowls and cleaned the floors before she left.
Sam cleaned out pups and changed water buckets did the drains and filled up bins and blue roll.
Kirsty and Malcolm came down and walked Ranger and Chief for me and sent some time with them.
I did the lunchtime feeds and cleaned a whelping box ready to move a bitch ready to have pups.
Sam left and I went out with each group of dogs and brushed everyone for a short while.
I got the frozen feeds ready in the freezer so I just had to pick the boxes out in the morning.
I fed the Coosa pups their chicken carcasses and they were very good they sat quietly for hours munching away.
I cleaned all the yards and locked everyone in except Coosa and Matzi’s groups that stayed out as I needed to be finished for 5.45 for our puppy training class at 6.
After training I went out and played with the dogs out in the field and then came in and let all of the house dogs out in the field for half an hour and then it started raining so they came down to the bottom yard.
I had an hour with the house dogs before going on the computer and having a chat with Rachael before bed.
Monday morning I was on my own as Sam has Mondays off.
I started very early, first out was the lab group at the top, while I did the house dogs, feeds and cleaned their pens.
Stuart arrived to do some painting in the new kennel as I have struggled to be able to keep up with that as well as everything else
Next the pups were fed and labs in Matzi and Reo went out.
I put Razzles group in the yard and did their pens and Kiro and the pups out the front.
I brought the two field groups in and put Coosa and Moon s groups out and did their pens.
They went out for about an hour and a half I did Idaho she was really dirty just my luck.
I had a puppy owner come and collect their pup; they were very good they didn’t stop long.
In-between groups I kept coming into the office and putting more stuff on to print so by the end of the day I had enough stuff printed for the next three litters of pups going out.
I stopped for breakfast at 11 and got the puppies feeds ready and sorted out a couple of phone calls.
I popped up to see how Stu was getting on with the painting and it is looking good so far.
I did the puppies feeds and all the little dogs had their chicken.
I had plenty of time to spend with all of the dogs out in the fields checking fencing and picking up bones as it was starting to look like a grave yard.
Coosa was not very helpful he took as many bones out of the bucket as I was putting in.
Matzi kept trying to jump on my head so I gave up and just walked around the field and checked the fencing.
I did some weeding and then came in to feed the little dogs and do some more printing; I let the Coosa pups run riot around the house for half an hour and then gave them some raw chicken and put them back in their pen.
I started to get the yards clean while the house dogs were out in the field as I had people viewing Chief again and wanted to be finished early as I knew we would be a while as they were bringing their dogs to meet Chief and let them spend some time together with the children as well.
I fed the pups and got everywhere hosed and clean water buckets done.
Everyone was locked in just before they arrived at 6.30.
We had the dogs out in the bottom yard with Kia also out with us.
The dogs were fine even though their little dog had some serious attitude all of ours were fine.
Kirsty arrived with Lupus to tell me about her day as things had not gone so well for her with staff problems she has to sort out at her new job.
Lupus was a star as always, he just ignored the dog that was constantly pursuing him around the pen.
They were very happy with chief and went off to have a couple of days to think about it.
Kirsty left and I went and checked the pups and got everyone’s bowls out.
I did the frozen feeds ready for the morning and did a few feed bins of biscuit.
I washed up dogs bowl and then got the morning feeds ready and had dinner.
Tuesday morning was Sam and I; I put Rainn out in her pen with Moon.
The lab group went straight out in the field.
I let all the house dogs out and fed everyone and fed and cleaned the yorkie and Coosa pups.
I did the pups in the whelping area and Breeze, then Sam arrived and we did Kiro, the hybrid pups and Razzles groups.
After we had finished them Sam took up the feed bins and got the lab group into a spare pen, Reo and Matzi group went out and we cleaned all three pens and brought the labs in and fed them, the next two groups came in and Coosa and Moons group went out while we did their pen and Idaho.
We burnt the rubbish and then put the house dogs out; Sam did their pens while I spent time with lulu the poodle that had decided she was going to have her pups 4 days early with no warning, We came down and within a few minutes there was a dead premature puppy still I the sack on the floor and Lulu did not even look like she had the pup, so I gave her an internal and phoned Gavin.
Sam did the whelping area while I unpacked the meat order.
I came back and checked on Lulu, she did not look like anything was going to happen.
I gave her an injection and waited nearly two hours for the next pup; this one was stuck so I pulled him out very gently.
I left Sam to carry on outside and I went between Lulu and jobs for the next two hours.
We fed the pups and cleaned the yards and Sam went home.
I fed everyone and got the buckets ready for washing the yards down later.
The frozen feeds were done ready in the freezer boxes.
I had the puppy feeds ready, so I was organised for when Sam returned for the evening and Kate arriving with Millie coming and sit with Lulu and give her the next injection.
I fed the pups and wrote a list for Sam of what needed to be done and which dogs were to go out in the field, I left Coosa out as I would get him in when I returned.
I got Kiro into the van ready to take her to the vets and noticed I had a very nearly flat tyre, I phoned the vets and explained I would not get there until around 6.30 and that was not a problem as they had just got an emergency operation come in.
I went to the garage but it had just closed, he agreed to put the spare tyre on but said it would cost double the price, I didn’t care I just needed to get into the vets get Kiro scanned and get home to make sure Lulu was ok.
I finally to the vets and got the scan sorted, unfortunately she was in pup so I brought the injections home as it is not possible to have another litter of pups, her last litter are only 7 months old, so it would not be right for her.
I stayed at the vets and watched the operation and then came home and picked up a takeaway for Kate and I as Sam had already left.
Lulu had four pups when I got home.
We had dinner and I got Coosa and Matzi in and checked all the dogs and pups.
Kate went home and I let all the house dogs out, I moved Lulu upstairs and let the house dogs in to eat bones while I did some paper work and phone calls.
I brought Rainn in at around 12 pm to go in with the pups for the night.
I did the morning feeds and put everyone out and sat with Lulu until 2 am when she had her last puppy.
I went to bed and up again at 6 am.

Wednesday morning was Sam and I, the house dogs were finished and the pups were all doing ok.
I put Rainn out and fed the Coosa pups and changed their paper, I put the lab group out.
Sam arrived and did the pups and Breeze while I washed the first lot of bowls.
I put Chief and Ranger out and fed them, then Kiro out, I went up and cleaned the lab pen and got them in.
Reo and Matzi groups went out, I came down and let Razzles group out and fed the rest of the pups, Sam came and helped me and then took the feed bins up.
We did Kiro’s pen and then up to clean Reo’s pen and get them in and put Coosa and Moons groups out.
I cleaned Idaho while Sam did Moon, we fed everyone and then cleaned Coosa and Matzi’s pen.
Stuart arrived and started painting in the kennel, and Hannah arrived and started grooming.
We put the house dogs out and cleaned the yards, Sam did the vet beds and house pens while I went up and picked up my spare tyre and went to the bank.
I also had to pick up more paint.
I got home and did a few adverts then went out and helped Sam.
I wasn’t out for long before I had to help Hannah with some of the pregnant bitches and some clipping before I did the lunch time feeds.
Sam did the odd jobs and brought the washing in and I went out in the field and brushed Coosa and Tory.
After Sam left I was in and out all afternoon, letting dogs out and checking bitches and pups.
I was really tired after being up half the night with Lulu so I just ambled through the afternoon in my own time.
I had visitors looking at pups, and then I did the evening feeds and washed all of the yards.
Malcolm came down with a delivery of chicken for me, so I put that away and got the frozen feeds done for the morning and spent the evening with the house dogs and the Coosa pups.
I wrote the blog answered mails and went to bed.
Thursday morning was an early start as Sam needed to leave just after 9 am and I had people booked in to see puppies.
I finished the house dogs and one group of pups; two groups were already out up the top.
We put the bottom group of little dogs out and Kiro was out in her yard.
We finished the bottom groups and then cleaned out all of the top groups.
Sam left and I did the house dogs and got all the vet beds changed before the first lot of people came, they were a waste of time and fairly ignorant.
After they left I swapped dogs and got everyone fed and changed all the water in the fields and did the fire and muck buckets.
It was not very nice as it was raining, so I moved the bottom group into the covered yard and the house dogs came inside.
I put Matzi out as he doesn’t mind the rain if it’s not too heavy, while he was out I took some pictures of the Coosa pups.
When the rain slowed down a bit I moved razzles group back into their yard and cleaned all the bottom yards and let the house dogs back out.

I did most of the lunchtime feeds and then Melle arrived to pick up Chief we had a chat and went through so more questions.
After he left I moved Rainn from Moons pen and put her with Ranger down the bottom next to Kiro as she is still being noisy as she wants to be with the pups.
Now the two groups have to alternate between who goes out so they swap over every hour.
I cleaned the floors in the house and sorted out paper work for some of the pups leaving at the weekend.
I had a few calls to make to order the shower, basin, toilet and water heater for the new kennel.
I cleaned the yards and fed all of the pups and got everyone in by 7 pm.
I spent the evening with puppies and the house dogs.
Friday morning I put two groups out from the top kennel and then the house dogs.
I had everyone in the house cleaned out and just putting them back in when Sam arrived, she fed the pups and Breeze while I washed up and started Razzles group.
Sam did Rainn and Rangers food and water and then came to help me.
Stuart arrived to carry on with the painting.
We finished them and got the two groups in from the top.
After everyone was finished up their we came down and changed vet beds and cleaned out the Coosa pups again before Pearl and Gordon came to visit their Coosa pup, they brought their dogs with them and it was great to see how Koda had turned out she was a bitch from Vogue and Titan lobo, she looks just like her mum.
All was going well and then my credit card machine packed up so I spent a while on the phone sorting that out and praying for an appointment with 24 hours to replace the machine
Sam did vet beds and water for the house dogs and then she cleaned the whelping area at the front.
I went out for yet more paint just a flying trip to town.
I got home and started to clean the yards.
Kate arrived as I was finishing cleaning the covered pen in the bottom block.
Kate did registrations for the microchips of the last litters.
Kate helped me microchip the Coosa pups and then she took pictures for me and down loaded them while I sorted out the meat delivery and did the feeds for the bottom groups.
Next we had to take pictures of the yorkie boys that was a complete nightmare they are so active it took us longer to do them than all of the Coosa pups.
The plumber arrived to sort out some last minute stuff before he starts work in the new build.
Kate and Lobo left and I got Matzi and Taska out for a couple of hours.
I did the puppy feeds and cleaned the pups out and then washed all of yards.
I got the last of the dogs in just after 8 pm and then spoke to Brian about changing our plans for Saturday to digging a trench and digging in the water pipe for the new build, most of the pipe went in last year but we need to connect from the house end now so when the water heater goes in it can be tested.
I spent an hour with the Coosa pups running around the house before I let the house group back in.
Saturday morning was an early start as Stuart was coming to finish the last day of painting and Wendy and Brian arrived to move the shed and connect up the water pipe.
I put the lab group out and started the house dogs.
Sam arrived and fed the pups out the front and Breeze while I finished the house dogs and then I got the lab group in while Sam fed Ranger and Rainn.
I fed the other pups and then went up the top.
Sam started cleaning out Razzles group.
I did the lab pen and got Coosa and Reo out, after the lab group were back in their pen I left Sam to clean out everyone else so I could go and sort out with Brian what we were doing and where the pipe was going in.
I then had the man come to install a new credit card machine luckily just after he had finished my puppy owners came to pick up their pup.
Sam was still doing the top kennels so I sorted out the paper work and off they went.
I got the house dogs out and Sam came down and cleaned them out and changed vet beds and paper.
Wendy helped out with odd jobs and swapping dogs around and of course cooking breakfast.
I had quite a few phone calls for puppies and a couple more visitors viewing pups.
I went up to change dogs around and gave Coosa a brush as he was looking fairly tufty and scruffy.
I cleaned all the bottom yards and washed the floors in the house and then answered a few emails.
Sam kept a check on puppies and did the lunchtime feeds, then cleaned another whelping box and moved pups to clean their pen out completely.
I spent a fair amount of time with Brian while he was trying to locate the pipe.
After Sam left I had another couple of people viewing and picking up dogs, Wendy kept an eye on the rest of the dogs while I was with customers.
I did the evening feeds and changed dogs around.
The yards were cleaned and then Wendy and I popped out and got a takeaway as everyone was starving and we knew none of us would finish before we dropped with hunger. Brian was having a nightmare trying to locate the underground pipe to tee into for the connection for the water pipe to the new build, thankfully he can sometimes have the patience of a saint and today was one of those days were he needed pure patience, he finally found the pipe after 8 hours of digging and breaking concrete.
Stuart finished the painting after an eleven hour day; it does look good I am pleased with what he has done and in the time.
Stuart finished at 8, and then Wendy and Brian finished just after 9.
I then did the frozen feeds and a puppy check.
I came in and did the morning feeds and a couple of calls before watching the voice as I had recorded it.
I spent some time with the house dogs and then with the Coosa pups before writing the blog and now finally off to bed at 1 am.

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