16th January

It’s been a good week very busy but lots of puppies sold and a couple more matings.

Saffi the lab is doing very well with her litter of Labrador puppies, only one yellow girl left.

Tease’s labradoodle puppies are all now sold.

Talia has one female puppy left she is 10 weeks old, half Csv half Saarloos, she is a big girl very friendly and outgoing.

Della’s poodle puppies are all now sold.

I had a phone call this week from a very distressed motorist he has hit a large Inuit dog in Dorset on the A37 on Thursday night in the fog.
He was driving nr Clay pigeon in the Holly well area.
The dog does not appear to have been reported missing.
The driver said he clipped the back end of the dog leaving a lot of grey and white hairs on his car.
The dog ran off and the police were called, they closed the road for around 30 minutes as they were concerned with the weather conditions the dog may cause a serious accident.
The dog still has not been found.
Any information please email

Kiro is doing exceptional well with her litter of nine pure bred csv puppies, being such a lively girl I had my reservations on how careful she would be with the pups but she has been outstanding I am really pleased with her.

Sakari the female search and rescue dog who had the ligament operation a couple of months ago is doing exceptionally well, her progress has been outstanding and the vet is very pleased with her. So back to work soon for Sakari.
Ace is another member of the wolf dogs bred by me also a SAR dog is doing very well at tracking and trialing.
Both dogs are owned by Mandy.

Rachael Bailey has had some outstanding races and results with her wolf dogs.
Rachael is one of the few people who breeds the odd litter of puppies and dedicates so much to the breed.
All good news for Rach before she heads off to Aviemore with her Eskimo team soon.

Deposits being taken for the Lycan Reo litter due next month ½ Saarloos ½ Csv.

Dogs for re home




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