16th August

The morning was really a bit of a blur, I was so ill it was taking me ages to do anything; I did the house dogs and the labs and then passed out for over an hour.
Kirsty called me and I think we had a bit of an incoherent conversation, I remember I had managed to get to the kennel by this time and was lying down, and there were a few groups of dogs out.
Kirsty came down and fed dogs and cleaned out puppies and moved them.
She sorted out chicken and did a few other jobs while she was here.
After Kirsty left I put dogs in and swapped them over.
I went back to sleep for a couple of hours and then Kate came over and fed the dogs and put the labs out in the field.
I managed to pick up in the drive and open the gates as someone was coming to look at pups.
They had a look at the pup and left a deposit.
Kate was here for a couple of hours which got me in front again she fed and cleaned the house dog’s pens.
After Kate left I was starting to feel a little bit better.
I finally managed to get around without being sick or passing out at about 6.30.
I brought all of the dogs in early as it was raining and horrible, Kiro and Reo went out and then I stayed in the house and slept for a couple of hours with the house dogs, I woke up and then hosed the yard and the bottom block and put the house dogs to be and then went to bed myself.
A horrible start to the day the rain was so heavy I put a coat on but it was making me too hot and I started to feel really sick again, so I opted to get very wet instead.
House dogs were out in the bottom block and Cito and Shone had part of the bottom block and the garden.
I did their feeds and cleaned out the puppies, then went up and put the labs out in the back of Coosa’s day pen with their food while I washed and towel dried their kennel and then put them back in so Coosa’s group could go straight up to the top and stay dry.
I did all of the kennel dogs and then the rain eased up a bit so I did the fire and then did the house dogs and disinfected their rooms.
I moved my yorkie bitch into the house as she is ready to have her puppies; she settled in really well and was sleeping when I went back into see her.
I left the house dogs out in the bottom block and let Cito and Shone out and the labs out in the field while I fed all of the kennel dogs as it was dry.
I had a video today from one of my owners in the middle East my hybrid girl is very happy playing with two young pups, it’s nice to see as she was very shy, I do get regular updates about her.
Coosa’s group came down to the paddock for a while so I could spend time with them.
The afternoon was spent sitting outside with the dogs as I was trying to take it easy still not feeling on top on the game yet.
I went in for dinner and fed the house dogs, after dinner I swapped over dogs and then got the evening and morning feeds ready.
Puppies fed and cleaned out, I brought everyone in and fed Coosa’s group and then let Reo and Kiro out on the drive and brought the house dogs in.
A good start nice and dry and warm house dogs out house puppies cleaned out and fed, the labs fed and out into the field.
I cleaned their kennel and left it to dry.
I put the house dogs back in and then did the kennel dogs and put Coosa’s group out and did the fire.
Hannah arrived to groom
Shone and Cito went out in the field I went to town to meet up with Kirsty for breakfast, my road is still closed for repairs so I had to take the scenic route.
I got home after an ordeal with a geriatric that could not reverse 10 feet and let all the dogs out again.
Shone and Cito came in and then Narla and Siren went out in the field and I started to feed everyone.
Dave called to say he had broken down so I was on the phone to the rac trying to get him recovered down to Devon.
My neighbour dropped over a big heap of towels as they are moving tomorrow.
My meat delivery arrived so I sorted all of that out as I needed to make sure everything was done before I went to the dentist later this afternoon.
I left a few dogs out and off to the dentist, I had a tooth out and then came home and let the labs out with food.
I hosed the labs yard and then cleaned the bottom block.
Dave arrived and we stopped for dinner and then went I back out and got the dogs fed and brought Coosa’s group in.
Dave hosed the yard and then Kiro and Reo went out for the night.
A nice day warm and dry, house dogs went out and then the labs out with food.
We cleaned their kennel and then put kiro and Reo away.
The house dogs went back in for food and the kennel dogs all went out and had their food and back in.
We did the fire and then Dave poisoned the drive where weeds hadn’t died from the last time he did it.
We went to Wicks to pick up some sliding door for the new cupboard that is going into the grooming room at the end of the week.
Lunch time feeds done and everyone out for the afternoon.
I had got all the feeds done and everything ready so I would be able to take Shiraz and Merlot to training, Dave was organised with his tablet charged up ready to take some video’s and one on my bitches decides she would start having puppies, Kate came to the rescue and looked after the bitch and the pups.
I managed to get a mating with Rupert my poodle and one of the schnauzer girls, she was a little feisty so I had to keep her still or she would have dragged Rupert off half way up the drive given a chance.
After that was done I groomed and clipped the other Schnauzer as she was starting too matt.
I only went to help out with the puppy class and then to take the bronze class.
Kirsty came with her new cocker puppy Bella, it was funny to see Bella’s reaction as she is used to playing with wolf dogs not normal domestic puppies, she soon settled in and did very well.
The bronze class did very well they worked really hard and did some very good waits and stays even with other dogs doing heel work around them; I was really impressed with all of them.
After the class finished I left so Kate could get back home to the girls.
I got home and all was well with the bitch Kate had managed really well, Kate left and I finished sorting the dogs out and feeding puppies.
Coosa’s group came in for food and bed and then Kiro and Reo went out.
I got the frozen feeds out ready for the hybrids for the morning and then let the house dogs out and fed them.
We spent a couple of hours with the house dogs before bedtime.
The morning was a warm and sticky start it definately looked like rain was coming in.
I let the house dogs out and Kiro and Reo in.
I cleaned their pens and then let the labs out and fed them.
Dave picked up the yards and I fed the house group.
We went down and sorted the kennel dogs out and did the fire just before it started to rain.
Dave went off to Wiltshire to pick up his car from the garage that did the starting motor when he broke down on Tuesday on his way down here.
I groomed and clipped the schnauzer that Rupert had mated and then tried for a mating today but no luck she was jumping around even with me holding her.
It was now raining really heavy so I went to mole valley and picked up some sawdust as I am going to try this with a couple of kennels as the shavings is getting into the coats and starting to get the coats matting very quickly.
I also found some other really strange stuff used for horses, it is called verdo it come in a 15 kilo bag in pellet form, I haven’t yet experimented with it but apparently you have to add quite a bit of water to it so it fluffs up and then you put it down in the kennel and when the dog wee’s on it you are meant to find that it just absorbs the urine and forms and lump that you can just pick up, it all sounded a bit odd to me but I was curious so I am going to give it a go tomorrow.
I met up with Kate and the girls in town for a coffee, it was nice and the girls are so good.
I got home and let the next groups of dogs out not for long as it was still raining.
The labs went into their kennel and I fed Coosa’s group in the inside pen except for Aimi I fed her in the field as she is such a pig and she stole Coosa’s food the previous day, he just gives it to her and comes to see if there is any more in the bucket if there isn’t he gives you that really sad look so I nearly always give in and get him some more.
I did try not giving him any more after she had taken his food last week but it doesn’t make any difference he still won’t defend his bones.
After they had all eaten most of the food I let Aimi in and she tried to take Taska’s food, well Taska roared at her and she dropped to the floor and squirmed away.
The meat delivery arrived so I kept out the chicken for today and froze the rest.
Dave arrived back and I fed the puppies and off to town to get a few bits of shopping and some more food for the yorkies and the puppies.
We got home and let everyone out again as the rain had nearly stopped, Dave unpacked the dog food while I got the evening feeds ready and cleaned a few of the kennels and then let the labs out in the field.
Dave went off and sorted out the new rat poison we have for the winter, it comes in 15 kilo sacks loose so he has bagged it all into little bags to fit into the bait stations.
I got everyone in a little earlier than normal as the rain was horrible and it started to get dark.
All fed and cleaned for the night.
Labs in and fed and Kiro out for the night.
The house dogs all fed and then I cooked dinner, and then wrote the blog.
I had a chat with Rach about meeting her friend so Enya could come down and stay here while Racheal is in Ireland showing her dogs.
I woke up to hear the rain at 6am not good you certainly don’t feel like getting out of bed to a horrible wet morning.
The house dogs went out and then the labs went into the back of Coosa’s day pen and had food, I left them up there until it was time to put Coosa’s group out.
I cleaned the labs kennel and then Dave dried it as they were going to be back in before too long with this rain.
Kiro and Reo in for the day.
We did the kennel dogs and then I put Coosa’s group out so they could get into the back pen area.
Dave put all the kennel stuff up into the top shed as there was not going to be much chance of burning anything for a while.
I sorted the labs and Coosa’s group out and Dave picked up in the drive and opened the gates ready for Alan coming in at 8.30 and the meat delivery.
Alan arrived to start on my new cupboards in the grooming room.
The meat delivery arrived and then Kirsty arrived to pick up her meat.
I sorted out all the meat and then let Shone and Cito out in the bottom block.
I had some phone calls and emails to get done so I was in the office for an hour or so while it was still raining heavily.
Dave did some hoovering in the kennels.
Alan was getting on with the shelving in the grooming room.
I cut up the chicken for the lunch time feeds and then let dogs out as the rain had nearly stopped, I did a big fire and then let Cito and Shone out into the field and brushed both of them, and Shone is still moulting really badly.
After I had finished brushing them I left them out and went into the house to put the chicken in the oven and prepared the salad for lunch.
While I was in the house I fed the puppies and cleaned them out and then cleaned the poodles and the yorkies rooms.
I went back down to the kennel and did odd jobs while uploading several videos to Facebook for dog training.
Alan had completed the shelving and was just starting to get the door prepared.
I had a couple of calls to make about shipping puppies from the next litter of wolfdogs as Rach had phoned to say Enya is in season.
Dave went out with his long handled cutter blade that he has made so he could reach the weeds along the top of the bank and then he went back out with the brush cutter to just have a strim around the top bank area before it gets to long again.
I took Cito and Shone in and left them in the bottom block and put the poodle group back in to the house with the bottom yard.
I picked up in the drive and opened the gates as Alan had to leave at 5.30, he has only got the sliding doors to finish off.
The house dogs came out in the drive and then I got a mating with Rupert and the schnauzer bitch, Ollie the yorkie was trying his best with the other bitch but she is 4 times his size.
After the house dogs went in for dinner the rest of the kennel dogs went out and had their last feed.
I brought everyone in and then Coosa’s group came down and had food.
Kiro and Reo went out and the house dogs stayed in and we had dinner.
An early start as Wendy and Brian were arriving at 8 o clock so I wanted to get the dogs finished so we could get on with other jobs.
House dogs all done and the labs out, Kiro in and the kennel dogs all done.
We had a big fire and then Brian and Wendy arrived.
Dave went off with the brush cutter to field three and the banks. Brian put the roof sheet on the lean-to in the drive for more shade for the dogs and then repaired the gutter in the labs pen.
Wendy and I went to mole valley and picked up some more Verdo and then to Sainsbury’s for a couple of bits.
We got home and Wendy and Brian unloaded the van and I started to fill up the new shelves in the grooming room.
I hoovered the office and hall area of the kennel as it was covered in shavings.
Dave was poisoning weeds along the fence line of field three; Kate arrived to pick up her meat and stayed for a while.
Wendy brought the doodle group in from the field and we left them out the front for a while.
All the dogs in the fields were swapped over.
I had a couple come to look at puppies they had met my son when he went around to price a job for them and got talking about dogs, they have bought one of my black labradoodle boys.
After they left Kate came down and gave me a hand and I cooked breakfast a little late but still better late than never.
After we had eaten I fed the dogs and the puppies and then Brian started to channel out the concrete in the yard by the house for better drainage.
Dave did another lot of weed killing.
I sorted out the dogs and did my phone calls and emails.
I had a chat with the owners that took Maple one of my yorkies, she is taking Rosie after the puppies are weaned.
I bagged up the Verdo that was now soaked ready to use in the morning, this stuff has turned out to be quite good especially on the storage side of things it means only the hybrids will be on shavings now.
Wendy and Brian left and then I got the evening feeds ready and the morning feeds the pups in the kennel were fed and the house puppies.
I cleaned ears on the labradoodle bitches and then disinfected and power washed Coosa’s outside pen.
The labs came in and went in the outside pen for another couple of hours.
All the kennel were ready for the dogs to come back into.
Dave picked up in the drive and locked up the gates.
Shone and Cito went out for a late run in the field while the house dogs were out on the drive as I had hoped to get another mating with Rupert and Noodles but he was being silly so I gave up and wrote the blog instead.
I had to move Ollie the yorkie as he thought he could terrify the rest of the dogs as he wanted to mate Noodles but that was just wishful thinking on his part.
I got the chicken out for the next day’s feeds and then the bones out for the hybrid group and bagged three sacks full of bones for Racheal’s dogs as I was meeting with Launa on Sunday night to get Enya to bring down for mating.
The house dogs all went in and then Razzles group were the last to go out while I brought the lab group and Coosa’s gropup in and fed them.
Kiro and Reo went out on the drive and we finally finished for the night.

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