16 th December

We have two puppies available from Kiro one female and one male due to a cancellation.
They are Czech Timber wolf hybrids both grey.



Last Sunday Kirsty came in for an hour and a half, Kate came in briefly but went home as she was not well, she ended up going to the hospital, thankfully Kate and the baby are both ok.
Lorna will not be able to come back as her partner needs the car after his accident.
We had a very cold start all the outside taps were frozen again.
We did the bitches and pups while the labradoodles were out.
I did the rest of the day on my own.
Coosa was still down in the bottom yard as he cannot get any dirt around his ear.
Most of the hybrid owners picked up their puppies so this has lightened the load a little.
Between Kirsty and I we have had different pups staying in the house and being caged overnight.
After the lunchtime feeds I hosed all of the yards and spent a small amount of time with each group before their afternoon feeds.
I had the builders here all day and another one came to give me an estimate on plastering.
There is so much to think about and work out how the pens are being done; we have had several suggestions from different companies on what is suitable to go on the walls.
I did the afternoon feeds, and then got the frozen food ready for the next day.
I defrosted one of the freezers ready for another delivery.
I got everyone in and locked up for the night.
I fed the pups and took Kiro for a run down to the village to post a letter.
I spent the evening printing stuff for puppy packs.
Monday morning was the coldest day we have had so far it was -3 and hell we knew about it, we had no outside water except for the top kennel block.
We put the doodles out and did the puppies and Kiro.
Straight up to the top, Kirsty did Idaho while I did the labs.
The next two groups were Reo and Sirens group of girls.
We cleaned them out and changed the water.
Coosa had his antibiotic injection then the two bottom groups went out, Matzi, Lobo and Bobby were really disgusting so we had to carry loads of water to get their pen clean.
Kate popped in and picked up some money to go and get me loads of tripe and her box for Lobo.
While she was here she took a couple of pictures for me and made breakfast.
Kirsty and I cleaned the puppies out completely, then the water started to defrost so I managed to hose and salt all of the yards.
Kirsty went off home with another puppy to spend some time socialising with her dogs and cage training.
Kate returned with the tripe and a present for me, she knows that I need both of my hands now she is not here so she bought me a head torch, which is really useful as most nights its dark before I have finished.
We unloaded the tripe and put a cage in the car for Kate so Lobo has a cage in his new house.
Kate went off with Lobo, it was quite sad to see them go, but they will both still come and visit.
I went on to feeding and finishing the afternoon.
I finally finished what seemed like a long day but actually it was an early finish.
I came in and sorted cooked a meal for a change, then sorted out paperwork and emails and spent the evening grooming and ear cleaning.
I was not functioning at my best I have another infection in my tooth since my dentist visit, now self-medicating with Ibuprofen and Metronidazole, I feel really tired and still in pain constantly.
Tuesday morning was horrible it was -5 yet again no water outside so we had to defrost the buckets in the kitchen with hot water.
Doodles out, Kiro out, puppies all cleaned out and fresh water.
We did the top block, then the bottom groups.
I went out to the bank and picking up more shavings while Kirsty carried on with the small jobs and taking straw bags to the top kennel.
I got back and we unloaded the van, then on to lunchtime feeding.
Kia hardly came outside today I think she was feeling the cold as her coat has not grown back yet from where she was clipped for her lumps to be removed.
I had an hour on the computer before kirsty left doing the blog and answering emails.
I put each group out for 45 minutes and then did the night feeds.
I came in at 6pm to do the house dogs.
I gave them all beef bones and sat down in the warm, my face is really swollen and the antibiotics are not taking affect.
I had an early night but could not sleep.
Wednesday morning was not as cold the water wasn’t frozen everywhere just a few of the outside buckets.
We did the same routine as Tuesday and then I got the yards hosed and swept before we had a labradoodle viewing.
Kirsty did the odd jobs while I was busy.
We fed the puppies and cleaned them out again.
Kirsty left and I started the outside dogs feeding and the house dogs.
I cleaned the labs and a couple of poodle’s ears on the ones that live outside.
I tidied up the garage and storage area, did a food order to get us through Christmas just to be prepared if the weather turns bad I don’t have to worry.
I did the afternoon feeding and got everyone out for the last run.
I was hoping to come in and do very little for the evening as I felt terrible, no that did not happen.
I went off to the dog training Christmas party without C to deliver some food that had been ordered.
On the way home I went shopping and filled up with diesel.
When I got home I let all of the house dogs out and then gave them bones so they could have a couple of hours to chill in the house before bed.
Thursday morning was a cold start we did the doodles then the pups.
I helped kirsty in the top kennels then I went off to the dentist to see what they could do with my infection.
The guys came to put the roof on the new kennel but couldn’t as the boards were frozen and it was not safe for them to get up on the roof.
The antibiotics I was using were not working so I have now changed to erythromycin which started to take effect quite quickly thankfully I was really feeling very drained with the constant pain and not sleeping.
I got home and did the lunchtime feeding.
Kirsty left and I did the outside dog’s lunchtime run then feeding.
Everyone was in by 5.30; I was pleased about that as I had a number of calls to make to see how the hybrids were settling in to their new homes.
So far so good everyone is happy with the puppies and they are all doing well.

Friday morning
A wet start but the roof was going up on the kennel, the lads were totally drowned but they did not mind, a little more progress each day, I still have no idea when I will be able to get it finished.
Kirsty was only in for a short while so we really had to rush as much as possible.
We did the pups together and the top kennel then Kirsty did Roxy, Atlz and muck buckets while I did the other older puppies that I am keeping.
I did the feeds as we had just had our second delivery of the week.
Hannah was grooming the house dogs.
As the rain was not looking like stopping for a while I left all of the dogs in except for Coosa who can come and go as he feels like.
I came to the house and got the paper work and food ready for the puppy that was leaving.
After the pup had gone I hosed one of the bottom yards then did the lunchtime feed.
Kiro came out with me and wandered around while I hosed the next yard.
I had half an hour on the computer before going back outside.
Most of the dogs stayed in for a couple of hours as the rain didn’t stop, they were ok they all had chews.
This gave me a chance to help Hannah with Rupert as he does not like being clipped if I am not in the room with him.
At 3 pm the rain had stopped so everyone went back out for a run then in for dinner.
I fed the pups and Kirsty came round to pick up the next two puppies that are going to Dubai, these two stay at the pub for the evening while Kirsty is at work and then they go back and stay at Kirsty’s house for the night then back here tomorrow.
Kirsty then repeats the process with the next two pups.
I have had a call today saying that the puppies will go to London for a week with their owners and maybe fly out to Dubai from there or come back here for a week before flying out.
This will give us a chance to clean their pen from top to bottom and move Jez the Labrador who is due to whelp into the spare pen that the pups were using in the daytime.
We have two more hybrids going out this weekend so we are now only left with the two pups that are still available one being due to a cancellation, the other is a female that Kirsty has her fingers crossed that I will keep, I am not planning on keeping a pup at the moment as there is so much going on here with building work and not enough hours in the day.
Saturday morning Kirsty was here until 9.30 we managed to get most of the kennels cleaned out and everyone out.
I had a hybrid pup go off to Ireland and doodle pups go.
I had planned to power wash as the rain and mud has left everywhere looking dirty, that did not go according to plan as I only managed two outside pens then gave up as I was soaked and felt disillusioned.
I hope to get some more of It done tomorrow if the weather is better.
I did the lunchtime feeds and then spent some time with each group of dogs as none of them really wanted to be out getting wet for no reason.
I had chance to catch up on the phone with a friend of mine who is also a breeder and they were getting the same weather as us.
I had another large meat delivery so we are fully stocked up for Christmas.
I fed the house dogs in pen one so they did not get drowned they were fed in relays.
Kirsty came in with the puppies she was very pleased with the two she had taken today she said they slept through 30 rugby players coming in for a drink, so she got most of the men to come up and stroke the pups.
She has taken a different two pups again tonight; these two will come back in the morning and then another two will go off again.
Hopefully next week it will be more concentrating on the last two hybrids that are left.
The next plan is to get Kiro back out into the kennel.
Kate is coming over tonight for a Chinese takeaway.

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