15th November

Sunday morning was an early dry start, everyone out and fed and then I went up and cleaned the labs kennel and then power washed one of the labs outside pens.
Ccoosa’s group were fed in the field.
Next was to power wash the track, Coosa’s day pen and the top part of the steps, I swapped over dogs in the fields and on the drive every hour as it took me just over 4 hours cleaning.
I cut up the chicken and fed everyone and then stopped for lunch.
I wormed the puppies and changed their bed.
I gave the labs lamb ribs for the first time today, Jez didn’t have a clue on what she should do with it so I cut hers up and then she eat it, the rest of them worked it out very quickly.
The afternoons are very short now it is difficult to fit much in.
I cleaned up Coosa’s face as he is still having trouble with a cyst on the side of his face.
A few of the little dogs needed ears cleaning and then time to get the evening and morning feeds done.
I picked up in the drive and then brought Cito and Shone up to their room, Kiro and Reo out on the drive for the night and I went over to Nathan ‘s to pick up some more disinfectant, I stayed for a couple of hours and then home.
A dull dry start to the morning, Kiro and Reo went in and then the kennel dogs were done.
I made a few phone calls and did my emails and then sorted out some more paper work from the house, still not moved everything out yet.
I swapped over dogs in between moving bits from the house.
I cut up the chicken and then fed everyone.
I spent time playing with the dogs in the field and on the drive.
I got the meat out for the morning to defrost for Coosa’s group.
Next was to pick up in the drive and put the bags out for the collection.
I spent a couple of hours doing paper work and invoices.
Evening feeds ready and morning feeds done.
Letters written for training club and printed ready.
It was a really cold afternoon and then the wind started to get up later in the day, I had the last group coming in and it started to rain so I got the labs into their kennel and Coosa’s group down, I brought the dogs in from the drive and then got Cito and Shone from the bottom block and let Kiro and Reo out.
I needed to answer some emails and then have dinner.
A damp start but not too wet, Kiro and Reo went in and then the labs out.
All of the little dogs went out on the drive and the wolf dogs into the field.
After everyone was finished I went to the house with Cito and Shone and packed up some more stuff and sorted out a couple more boxes of paper work.
Coosa’s group fed and then the chicken cut up ready for the next feeding session.
The lab group out with their lamb bones except Jez she only wants to eat chicken.
The meat delivery arrived so all sorted out.
Time for lunch and some more things to do in the house, Cito and shone are in with me, Shone is helping.
I moved my lab into the kennel block on her own as she didn’t seem very happy when I brought the group in after the lunch time run so I can keep a better watch on her in the kennel, she is due to have pups.
Even though it was grey and horrible it did stay fairly dry for the majority of the day so dogs were out on the drive and in the field nearly all day.
I picked up leaves right through the drive again with help from the poodles.
Evening feeds done and everyone in before dark.
Cito and Shone came out to pick up in the drive, this was the last outside job before letting Kiro and Reo out for the night, it is horrible a dry day and then the second I let them two out for the night it rains.
I had dinner and watch the tv for a while and then Jez started whelping it was a long night with 7 puppies all doing well and mum is happy.
An early start but I was up with Jez anyway.
Everyone out and clean, I changed the vet bed for the puppies again and then stopped for breakfast.
Next was a delivery for my kitchen units oh yes more of the damn things.
As the gates were open I popped up to the butchers to pick up meat.
Home and cut up chicken and started to feed.
Coosa’s group first and then Shone and Cito came in from field to the bottom block and had their chicken.
While each group were eating I sent some emails and then sorted out the washing.
I unpacked some more of the dog stuff moved from the house yesterday.
I was waiting for a friend of my sisters to arrive, he is a tree surgeon, I have a number of trees that need pruning and an ash tree needs removing completely, he is going to try and get in at the end of the month.
After Derek left I fed the next group of dogs and then stopped for lunch.
The afternoon was getting feeds ready and sorting out washing and a list of dogs for Hannah for Fridays grooming.
I opened the gates again as the builders and window guy wanted a site meeting, they were here just over an hour, I was with them for a short time and then I fed everyone and brought all of the dogs in and took Winter off to training, I left Shiraz at home as she is in with Chianti.
We had a good night Winter was very good he even had a play with the dogs from the silver class.
I got home and let Cito and Shone out and then checked everyone else before going to bed.
A dry start I went to let Cito and Shone out only to find Reo was waiting just outside the door.
I put him and Kiro back in their kennel and then did all of the dogs, fed, cleaned and out for a run.
Phil arrived at 9 am to do some odd jobs, he moved everything up to the fire for me and then bagged up all the leaves I had raked up.
Next he dug up and replanted some cotton candy for me so the labs won’t have such a good view down from the paddock to the drive.
I did the lunch time feeds and Kate arrived to give me a hand for an hour.
The meat delivery arrived so Kate and I sorted that out and Kate went up and fed and let the labs out.
I went to the dentist and Phil power washed the front pen.
I got home feeling really awful after my tooth out.
I got home and let everyone out again fed everyone and brought the hybrids in, Shone and Cito came in and I did nothing for the rest of the night.
A horrendous wet start everyone out and cleaned and then fed in their kennels.
Hannah arrived and had to park outside the gates as it was so wet I had no intention of drowning while picking up in the drive.
Hannah started with the red poodles and then I let more dogs out on the drive as the rain had eased off by 10 am so everyone had a good run and then I helped Hannah with Rupert’s ears.
We frontlined a number of dogs today and then the rest need to be done on Monday three days after the bathing.
I cut up the chicken and started the lunch time feeds, I wanted to get everyone fed while it was dry as the dogs that had just had the flea treatment I didn’t want them to get wet.
The showers were so heavy it was difficult to get everyone back in as the rain came down so suddenly each time.
I went out and picked up meat and met my sister for a very late lunch, I got home and gave everyone a quick run and then brought Coosa’s group in and fed them.
Cito and shone up with me and Kiro and Reo out on the drive.
I popped out to pick up my sisters birthday present and a quick Tesco trip, fuel and home.
I still have a very sore mouth from my tooth extraction so a quiet night is needed.
For some reason I had in my head it was going to be a dry start well wherever that notion came from it couldn’t have any more wrong it was awful tipping down with rain and cold.
Everyone went out and most were fed in their kennels when they came back in.
The labs didn’t want to go out for long so they were waiting in Coosa’s day pen by the time I had finished cleaning the kennel, I let Coosa’s group into the back pen area and fed them.
Helen popped in a short visit to bring me the paper work for Henry her stud dog I used on Jez as people coming today wanted to see his papers.
Shone and Cito stayed up in the kennel with me while I did some emails and paper work.
My first puppy viewer of the day arrived to see Jez and puppies; they bought a little yellow boy.
Cito and Shone have gone down to the bottom block for a while as it is too wet for them to go out in the field.
I just managed to get everyone out for lunch time feeds even though they all got soaked and my next puppy viewer arrived with her little boy, they have purchased a little girl for a pet and to hopefully use as a working dog in the future.
I waited patiently for my next puppy viewer but she must have got seriously lost as she gave a road name I have never heard of in a message, so now I will wait a few hours and see if she would like one more chance to find where I live before offering her to another person on the waiting list.
I fed everyone and let the labs out for a quick run and then cleaned Coosa’s day pen.
Labs in and Shone and Cito up to the kennel for dinner.
Kiro and Reo out for the night.

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