15th May

A good week a couple more pups have gone to new homes.

Taska hybrid, should have been rehomed this weekend but due to a change in circumstances she is still available

Cito still has two pups available one male one female they are just over three weeks now, eyes open running around and eating well.
I am still looking for a name for my girl that I am keeping.
Mia has two pups left one male one female both fully vaccinated wormed and micro chipped.
Lorraine in Lincolnshire a former wolf dog breeder has now taken her Yorkie female and Labradoodle male to join her gang of little poodles and Doodles.
The Coosa group has started to settle down now, only the odd vocal encounters with Coosa and Siren.
Matzi and the girls tend to ignore them now.

Taska has a couple of new additions to her pack for a few weeks, Bracken and Jezz the two labs have moved in until after Jezz has finished her season.
Taska is fascinated with Jezz she keeps taking very large stones out of her mouth and investigating the stone, this is keeping her amused.

I have six dogs still moulting and the field looks like a furry blanket, I was beginning to think Coosa was fat but thankfully after brushing him all week he does actually have some shape, he is not such a blob.
The ones that have finished their moult look naked.

Boots has a really nice litter, they have just started to be weaned and they are loving the food.
I am very tempted to keep a female for future breeding, as this is her last litter.
As much as I am looking for a home for both Boots and Cedar to retire to, I will miss both of them, they have been very good girls from the start.

Another good week at training both dogs are progressing very well, Rupert was always going to be easy as the pure csv is very willing to learn.
Lupus seams to learn at the same speed, which is extremely commendable for a hybrid.
Before long I think our group will be taking over at training as a friend of Kirsty’s is also having a Mia pup and he wants to bring his dog along.
Josh who is Kirsty’s son will be training the next wolf dog that we are keeping.
With all our new pups we are keeping this year the Labradoodle puppies will be trained at home by the girls and myself, they are great, as they do not need the same level of socialization as the wolf dogs.
The early training makes our rehoming so much easier when we have finished breeding later on.

Eba and Dora the two Saarloos girls have accepted Cheauh the csv Inuit cross into their pen which is making the morning cleaning a little easier.

Wolf is here this weekend with Echo to visit Rupert, its really nice to see so much of Echo, we all still miss her even though we get updates every couple of days.
She is in her element with a huge garden when she is at home, when she is at work she gets walked in the park, she has become a little shadow with Wolf.
When Echo first came here as a rehome she was a very difficult dog, but to see her now is great, the time and work put into her as paid off for all of us especially Echo.

Roxy the Staffie has now gone back to her new home to live with Nathan my son and his girlfriend.
Its good not having the extra work, even though she was no real trouble.

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