15th May

An early start as it was hot and the dogs all wanted to get out.
After everyone was fed, cleaned and exercised I got the washing on and then went out for a walk with Voodoo to the park, he is not keen to go out but it does him good, we met up with a really nice man with a snoodle and he stopped for a chat for a while.
I got home and swapped over dogs and then let the girls out and washed out all of their kennels and moved them into new kennels ready for whelping soon.
I cut up and put the chicken ready to feed later as it was so hot.
Matt arrived to plumb the bathroom suite in and get some more pipes in for the ensuite.
One of my customers arrived to visit Tease with her husband as she will be leaving next month for her new home.
Kirsty was a real star she put some ads up for me two puppies sold today from the adverts so a big thank you to Kirsty.
I had a quiet day really so lots of time to spend playing with the dogs and not too much work a change.
All the kennel had a dust and then hoovered before going out to spend time with the hybrids and give them a bit of a brush as it is never ending at the moment.
Razzle spent most of the day sleeping on my bed, he is not looking too bad but still struggling a little with his breathing.
I stopped for dinner and then fed the puppies.
The little dogs all went out in the fields for their last run before bed time at 8.30.
I finished around 9.30 and then Peaches started whelping and then Luna started whelping.
I spent most of the night with them and checking on Razzle.
I started to let the dogs out at 5 am as I was up anyway.
Everyone finished by 8 am and then Coosa group fed and all the dog out in the field while I went to the dentist.
I got home and had a chat with the builders and then a customer arrived to pick up a puppy.
After they left I moved the bitches out of their kennels and washed them all out.
I had several vet beds to wash and then shopping to sort out.
The afternoon was paper work and phone calls.
The entire week has been checking on bitches and puppies and looking after Razzle.
Kate has been a godsend she has made three vet trips for Raz this week, he had to have an emergency operation on Thursday and I was whelping another bitch so Kate took him in and brought him home in the evening for me, bless him all the tissue had died and just fell off so the smell of rotting flesh was so unpleasant.
It does look really horrible but I think after one more operation he should be ok.
The week has flown by and trying to get any extra time to do anything other than look after the dogs has been difficult.
Voodoo has been really good this week, he loves Raz so when he comes in at night he sits by the cage and talks to Razzle this makes Shone jealous as she also is very taken with Raz.
This has been a really busy week with all of the pups and razzle not being well.
Saturday morning I washed the front yard and then a fairly normal day.
I was happy I managed to get Coosa’s big pen washed and dried.
The bottom block was all cleaned last night ready for Shone and her group for the morning.
Then a night with the pups and Shone’s group.

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