15th June

Sunday morning was a beautiful start to the day, the sun was shining and the sky clear.
I did the morning feeding and cleaning and then got the lunchtime feeds ready.
I had a few phone calls to make and pictures to email.
The house needed hoovering and floors washing so I finished that and then cleaned the yards.
The start of the afternoon was good everyone was out in the fields, paddock and yards, I tidied up plastic and cement bags and wood just to make a general overall better appearance when people arrive.
I fed everyone and then did some adverts, the next thing I had to get everyone in as quickly as possible as the heavens opened up and the rain came down so hard for about half an hour so I stayed up in the new kennel and did some paper work it was a far better option than going out and getting drowned.
The rain finally let up so I went down to the house and checked on the rest of the dogs, the two poodle girls were in their kennel happily eating cows ears and Enya my cockapoo girl was playing outside in the water, she looked like a drowned rat.
Monday was a dry start we had the odd shower here and there but not too bad.
All the dogs stayed out most of the day, Coosa’s group all had a brush.
The little dogs had a mass vaccine day which all went well, the only dog that was difficult was the westie, I thought my yorkie would be difficult as they are very hard to worm.
Kate came in for a flying visit to drop off some newspapers which was a very nice surprise twice in two days.
I have spoken to a couple of potential new hybrid owners this week for our litter at the end of the year.
I was hoping for a quiet evening to groom Rupert, nothing quite goes according to plan Rupert had a bad ear and then Shone came in from the field with three raging hot spots, so I had to spend the time trying to calm her down and treat the affected areas, bless she had a terrible night a fly landed on her and she leapt up and perused the fly around the bedroom with sheer determination she caught it in the end.

Training went well I taught two classes.
I did not take Shone as I thought the stress may be too much for her until the steroids take effect and stop the weeping and scratching.
Thursday morning was so hot I got all of the dogs out for as long as possible as I knew they would not want to be out in the early afternoon.
Cam did some odd jobs Brian had left for him so it got them a little in front for Saturday.
In the afternoon I had Cam do some weeding and weed killer around the front of the house and the drive area.
I microchipped the puppies while Hannah held them for me and then we flushed Rupert’s ear and groomed him ready to bath him next week.
I ordered a comfy cone as Ru is still likely to have problems with his ear.
I left the hybrid groups out until late as it was so hot I felt they would be happier with the field and the top pens.
I had time to make a crumble for Friday evening as we were having a family meal for my brother in laws birthday.
Everyone was in just before 10 pm.
The next morning I got everyone got early, I had just sorted out the meat delivery when the fire officer arrived to do my yearly checks.
Paper work and insurances done for puppies leaving.

Saturday was great weather the dogs spent all morning out and then had to stay in for a couple of hours as it was too hot for them.
The puppies owners came and they went off to new homes.
Brian, Wendy and Cam were here fencing, I cleaned all of the kennels and Wendy floated between all of us helping were needed and then came back with a bacon sandwich which was nice.
The afternoon Wendy and I spent clearing brambles ready to change panels in the labs yard later as we need the panels for the new pen in front of the new kennel to extend it.
The yorkie pen is coming along well; the drive fencing is nearly finished.

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