15th July

Last Sunday was nice and dry Kate phoned in sick at 6.30 and I already had two groups of dogs out in the field by this time.
Lobo had ripped the lining off the roof in pen two so I glued it back up and moved him to pen four hopefully he can’t get to the roof in there, if he does then he will move back up to the top block and Bobby will have to stay on her own until A’Lupa has her pups then she can go in with Siren.
I had finished all the cleaning by 9.30 so I went out in the field with every group of dogs and spent as much time as possible with them.
I felt like I need to get as much done as possible while we had nice weather so I got the brush cutter out just as I was starting it up I got a horse fly bite on my hand. I cut the entire garden, by the time I had finished my hand was like a balloon, I came in and put some anti-histamine cream on it then I did some of the front by the drive.
I did an hour in the field then I had a break and went out with the labs to play ball for an hour.
After lunch I sat in the pen with Coosa and his group while two other groups were out.
Then I came in and got the names and worming dates put on the computer for the labradoodle litter due to leave mid-August.
Monday morning was dry for the early part, so Kate and I got everyone out before I had to go for my appointment to get my shoulder done, while I was out it started to rain so the house dogs came in but as it wasn’t too heavy the rest of the dogs went out ok without getting too wet.
I tidied the garage and got the human and dog first aid kit ready for the September.
The freezers had to be defrosted ready for the meat delivery on Tuesday morning.
I had a labradoodle viewing in the afternoon.
Everyone was in and finished by 6.30.
I spent the evening with the house dogs doing very little.
Tuesday morning was Ann and I, we had loads of cleaning and power washing to get done before we had more people here looking at re home wolf dogs.
The meat delivery arrived and Mark phoned to say he was doing well with his journey and could arrive early.
Kate was booked in tom start at 12.30 but to make things easier as I did not want to leave Ann on her own Kate came in much earlier and worked with ann.
Mark has one of my girls called Zora he was coming to see Budd, everything went well they got on without any problems , so budd set off on his long journey home, Mark has agreed to keep in contact and let me know how Budd is doing from time to time.
It was with mixed feelings that I let Budd go, as I was growing very attached to him, as was C, she has now lost her play mate.
I know Mark will be good for Budd and he will be very happy.
Shaun came over to meet our next prospective new owner for another re home.
Francesca came down with D’ quilla to see if she was happy to reunite with her daughter Quannahy, everything was good the girls were happy together and Shaun and I were happy to let Quannahy go and live with Francesca and her pack of West highland terriers.
Both girls got in the car together without a problem and off they went to start their new lives.
The girls cleaned the second whelping area for A’Lupa and put the box in all ready, so that area will only need a quick freshen up when we move Lupa before she has her pups.
Bobby has come into season so she will stay with Lobo, thankfully she has come in now as we were going to move dogs around when Lupa has her pups.
After a long day Kate and I went for a walk with Kiro and Lobo, quite strangely, kiro was very good with him when we were out but she will not have him anywhere near her at home.
They were great together they played and chased and fetched things without any arguing at all.
The both had to be washed down when we got home as they were covered head to toe in mud and cows muck.
Wednesday was Anna and I, all the cleaning was finished in good time and then I power washed the labs yard and two top outside pens before lunch.
Everything went well all day the little dogs got out for a nice long run before the rain came at 4.30.
Ali came in to look after the house dogs and make sure there was no noise from the outside dogs while I went off to training with C.
We only have three weeks until our silver test so it was an intense night and after a three week break we were both fairly shattered by the end of the class
Training was good we did a road walk that all went well, then into the hall for heel work and stays, altogether a very successful night and C was really happy and bouncy. She even played with the Kong squeaky ball.
When I got home I went up the field and played with the house dogs so they were worn out and went to bed at 11 o clock, by ten past they were all sleeping, which gave me a couple of hours to catch up on some phone calls and emails.
My first email I opened I did with bated breath it was my PRA results for the last two parti poodles I had sent away.
Thankfully they are both clear, this was a huge relief as I have got very attached to both of them and they fit well into my pack.

When Kate leaves at the end of the year, I am undecided if there will be girls one doing 2 days a week and one doing 5 days, or if I am going to have a third person so when someone is on holiday or sick it doesn’t make things so difficult for me.
Ann is going to be doing two days a week; Sophie is in on Friday’s and Saturday’s.
Thursday morning was Kate and I, I got as far ahead with cleaning as possible before Kate arrived as I wanted to spend the morning grooming with Hannah, as we had several dogs to get through.
We wanted to get as many clipped and tidied up before Hannah is away for a couple of weeks when she gets married soon.
We did really well we bathed and clipped two adult poodles, two puppies four yorkies and Razzle the cockapoo.
After Kate left at lunch time with lobo none of the dogs went out until the evening as the weather was atrocious.
We finished grooming at around 5 o clock, I then fed everyone and went off to microchip three puppies.
The roads were really flooded in many places there were rocks and debris, it took me a little longer than expected but no major problems.
I came home and did all the house dogs and spent the evening sorting out drawings and trying to decide when we can get the roof on the new building.
Friday morning was unbelievable wet and windy.
Despite the weather everything went really until 3.30 when I had a call from a vet in Doncaster to say someone had found one of my Wolf dog puppies, I knew immediately that it was Sira.
The owner had not bothered to contact me as she said, she did not want to worry me, I told her this was unacceptable I should have been informed straight away, she said when the bloody dog gets out it normally come back after a couple of hours, well this time she had not and she had been missing several hours.
Thankfully Stacey a young girl and her mum had taken Sira to be scanned and were happy to keep hold of her until we could arrange to pick her up.
Due to a problem with the mobile network service we could not get hold of Stacey to get her post code of where she was staying.
Anyway the short version of this saga that went on till 1 am is that Sira has unfortunately been returned to her owner.
Sira is very underweight and looks poor, this is such a shame as I had someone who had driven all the way up to Doncaster to bring Sira home where we could access her properly and sort out with the owners what was going wrong.
If a puppy keeps getting out then clearly it is not happy and quite likely not been correctly cared for.
Sira was such an easy pup and very loving, when she left her there was no problem with her weight, I was told her shoulder and hip bones were sticking up, not want you want to hear about one of your pups especially one that you have kept longer for an owner so they could sort out a safe area for her at their new home.
Saturday morning the police contacted me to say Sira was back with her owners.
Then the owner telephoned me and lied about having the dog back, people are most unpleasant to deal with sometimes.
I was about to ring the police and say the dog has not been returned to the owner, when she started screaming down the phone about solicitors.
It was clear when Sira left here that the husband was a nice and knowledgably person and his wife did not have a clue about animals, I had hoped her could teach his wife about the breed as he had personal experience with Csv’s.
This is one sale I wish I had not made.
The morning was wet and horrible but then brightened up and became fairly warm.
Sophie and I finished the cleaning, I went off to answer my emails and see a couple who are looking for a labradoodle pup.
Sophie finished off odd jobs and let the dogs out for the second run.
I had an easy afternoon, so I could spend time with all of the dogs and it stayed dry so I was able to brush a couple of still moulting wolfdogs.
2 year old spayed female Katchina


17 month old castrated male Koomkee


Steel 3 year old pure CSV


Starr 16 month old female unspayed


KOKO 18 month old pure CSV
Koko and Star are kennelled together


Koko and Starr

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