15th January

A good week all round cold wet and windy in the early part of the week but this did not make much difference to our normal plans.
Monday was busy with mainly phone calls while Kate did the dogs.
Tuesday was my job to get Peaches the poodle brushed and ready for Wednesday raining poor Kate has the job of taking Peaches to training club in the puppy class and I am still training with C in the bronze class, I think I have the easiest of the two dogs.
Both were very good and behaved extremely well.
Wednesday was a rush, as Kate had to shoot off to the station and pick her boyfriend up as he had just returned from 2 months in New Zealand and then she came back in the afternoon to get the dogs finished before we went off training for a few hours.
Thursday Kate did the dogs while I went to pick up a hire van and drop my van in the garage to be sorted out after the lady hit me in the car park last month.
I took the opportunity to go shopping for clothes and dogs toys etc then off to lunch with mum to chat about the coming years plans for breeding ,staffing etc.
Shaun and Isla came over to have a meeting about future training and breeding then we went out for a meal, which turned into a fairly late night.
Friday we had a new lady called Hannah start, she is part time cleaning and part grooming with the small dogs which will help me out as I am not too good on the clipping side of things and really find it hard to spare the time.
Saturday has been really busy, as two dogs have had to go into the vets to get passports done.
Wolf has come down for some more training with Rupert and to take his puppy back home.
Kate has been doing the dogs most of the day as I have been training and helping out with Wendy and Brian to catch up on some more odd jobs and running repairs of dog chewing and general devastation that the little darlings cause along the way.
Brian has also sorted out the new drainage pipes to stop the drive getting flooded.
The new taps are all on the water butts that had been chewed off and wire caging put round them so they can not eat them again.
Wolf and I have been shopping again for more dog stuff, my house and garage looks like a pets at home storeroom.
Echo and Rupert have now got their passports for their holiday in Canada.
We had a really nice evening out at a very nice pub out in the back of beyond.
Sunday is busy with pups leaving and Wolf is off home after some training with Rupert and picking his new Cockerpoo puppy.
Rupert is staying for a while to do a little more training while Wolf settles his new puppy in at home.

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