15th December

Sunday morning was very cold I started with the house dogs and the couple of bitches with pups up here.
I cleaned their pens and did their food while they were out.
I went down to the new kennel and soaked the puppy food.
The lab and doodle group went out in field one while the poodle group went in the paddock.
I fed the puppies and cleaned them out then cleaned out the other two groups and put their feeds in and brought them in.
Next out was Coosa and Matzi group in field one, the hybrids in field two and Reo in the paddock.
I cleaned them all out and fed two lots in the field and the other have their food when they come back in.
Wendy and Brian came down and started taking a lot of the old pens down from the second whelping area so we can use that space as storage for shavings.
I got Reo back in and fed and Kiro went out, I cleaned her out and came back down and let the housed dogs out.
After Brian had taken down the panels they started to put up and panel fence and a temporary yard at the front of the new kennel building for labs and doodles and poodles.
It was not an easy job as the ground levels change so much, I could not help with much until later in the day as I was doing the dogs on my own and I had a puppy viewing that was a waste of time.
I did the puppy feeds and re cleaned them out, Wendy cooked breakfast while I cleaned the bottom block.
As we have more space most of the dogs stay out all day.
Wendy cleaned out two of the old kennels completely and I cleaned out two from the top.
We hardly stopped all day and still didn’t finish everything we needed to get done.
Matzi was being really horrible to Coosa as Taska is in season it has been going on all week but this time he has put a nasty mark over and under Coosa’s eye.
I moved Coosa in with the 5 hybrid group of girls were he is not quite as happy yet but he won’t get scared or bullied.
I fed and locked the dogs up at just after 6.30 and helped Wendy and Brian with the yard, we finished at 9 pm, we were all shattered.
I came back in and did my house dogs and bitches with puppies.
Monday morning I did the house dogs and the feeds and then hosed the bottom yard ready to move Shone and Vika into later in the day.
Amy arrived and we went down and started the dogs in the new kennel, we did the same routine as Sunday.
Hannah arrived and started to bath the yorkies in the house.
After we had finished in there we cleaned the rest of the yards.
Amy did the odd jobs while Hannah sorted out the grooming kit and split what we needed to keep at the house for the yorkies and took the rest down to the new kennel.
We had to put the electric grooming table into my van as it was too heavy for us to carry.
We got one of the spare rooms set up for grooming as a temporary until we have time to finish the grooming room properly.
Next Hannah and I put the bath together and Hannah bathed one of the labradoodle girls.
I got all the dogs in and fed everyone and then up to Taunton for dinner with mother then a flying trip to Asda for light bulbs.
Next I popped around to my friend’s house and mated my yorkie then popped in to see my son and his girlfriend on the way home.
I got in just after 10.30 and checked all the dogs in the new kennel and did the feeds for the house dogs for the morning and let all the house dogs out.
Tuesday morning I did the house dogs and cleaned one of the yards and brought them in and fed them.
Amy arrived and we went down and fed the puppies and let the dogs out and fed them all.
We cleaned everyone out and washed all the fed bowls.
Amy brought up the shavings from the old kennels and the shed; I went to mole valley and bought more shavings and paid a couple of bills.
When I got home two meat deliveries had arrived so I unpacked that and sorted out the food for today and the frozen food for tomorrow.
Amy cleaned out the old whelping area ready to wash when we get time.
I had someone come to view my kennels with the thoughts of purchasing the same kennel for the boarding business.
They were a nice couple and we had a good chat, they have offered me 60 kennel panels at a reasonable price to fence my drive when they put their new kennels in so that was great.
We did the lunchtime feeds and had a tidy up in the kennel.
I let the little dogs out and did the chicken feeds for all of them.
I put Reo in with Vika for a while and they mated.
I cleaned all of the yards and got the washing finished.
I went out in the field when the lab and doodle groups went out and checked the fencing I thought it might help keep them quiet.
Everyone had a good time out in the field and then I brought them all in and fed everyone and then house dogs and puppies.
Next was off to Argos to get some last minute things for the new kennel and for Christmas.
I got home and had dinner and spent the evening with the house dogs.
Wednesday morning I was on my own as Amy was hunting so I made an early start I had up stairs tidied up and bed stripped clean sheets all done before 6.30 am.
I let the house dogs out and did the feeds, I went out and let coco out and fed her puppies.
Next I put the wolf dogs in the house out and fed them.
I went down to the kennel and let the lab group out with food and then the doodle group into the outside pen.
I fed the puppies and cleaned the first two pens out.
Next I cleaned one litter of pups and then brought the two groups in.
Next out was Kiro and the hybrids, I cleaned both of their pens and went up and fed the hybrids and changed water buckets.
Kiro came in and Reo went out I cleaned his pen then when I brought them in I took Reo down to the house to mate with Vika.
I went back up and let Coosa’s group out and cleaned his pen and the hybrids and the last two kennels with puppies.
I washed all the bowls and then did some tiding and sorting out in the kennel.
I took Reo back up to the kennel and let the house dogs out.
I did their pens and then got the lunchtime feeds soaked for the puppies.
I cut up the chicken and fed everyone.
I phoned BT and arranged to have both of my phone lines put into the new kennel office just after Christmas.
I cleaned the yards and the sloping pen at the top of the old kennels.
I started getting ready for the evening feeding and cleaning the outside pens.
Everyone was in and fed by 5.30.
Thursday morning I had done all the house dogs and one of the bitches with pups before Amy arrived.
We went down and did the dogs in the new kennels, we had everyone out and cleaned and finished by 9.45.
We moved a load of vet beds to the new kennel and more water buckets.
Next we cleaned the yards and I brushed Cito who is still moulting the never ending coat.
We cleaned the floors in the house and then the yards.
I popped out quickly and Amy did some odd jobs.
When I got back we fed the puppies and had all of the wolf dog groups out as I was expecting problems with a whelping.
I fed Vika and Shone and left Shone in the house while I fed all of the wolf dogs and labs and poodles and gave them a run before locking everyone in and taking my yorkie to the vets for a c section.
I got home with the bitch and puppies and settled her in and then went and fed all the pups in the new kennel, they were nearly two hours late for feeding but they were all ok.
I didn’t really get to sit down for dinner until after 9 as the yorkie was unsettled.
Friday morning I had finished the house dogs and Coco so when Amy arrived she picked up in the yards and then we went down to the kennel and let the first groups out while we fed the puppies.
After we had let everyone out and fed them we moved another 6 dogs out of the house as they are now starting to drive me mad, they wake me up every night and one of the yorkies is also in season which is not helping.
We now only have two yorkies and my poodle Rupert in the house and two wolf dogs as Vika is only visiting I don’t count her.
I may have to move Narla back into the house as she is not happy in the hybrid group.
The meat delivery arrived so we sorted out the food for today and tomorrow and then fed the little dogs and puppies their chicken.
We cleaned the bottom yard and moved one of the poodle bitches into the house as her puppies are not eating very well and it is easier to keep a watch on her in here.
Puppies all fed and cleaned again.
I cut up the chicken and fed everyone, the little dogs were not out too long as it was very wet.
The wolf dogs stayed mostly in under cover pens at the top block and had bones.
By 3.30 Coosa was really fed up with the rain and not too many dogs going out in the field so he kept howling and I brought them all in by 4 pm.
I power washed for a couple of hours in the top kennels and outside pens and then I fed everyone and finished outside at about 6.45 pm.
I had paper work and bits to get done in the house.
Saturday morning was a dry start so I put the house dogs and bitches out and made the feeds for everyone done this end.
After Vika and Shone had their breakfast they came back in for a couple of hours.
Amy arrived and picked up from the house dogs and then we went down to the kennel and got the labs, poodles and doodles out.
I fed the puppies while Amy was putting dogs out and doing water buckets.
Wendy and Brian arrived to get some jobs done, Brian started with taking down a pen in the garage and putting a gate on the back of the new kennel so the dogs can’t get back in when they are in the paddock.
We got everyone out and cleaned, Amy burnt the rubbish while I finished off the kennels.
Wendy and I vaccinated a couple of puppies.
Amy disinfected the front whelping area then Brian and Wendy did some bits in there ready to move some slightly older puppies in so they can have more room to play.
I had an owner come and pick up their puppy so Amy did the feeds while I was sorting out the pup leaving.
I did the frozen feeds and Amy put them all ready by the different kennels for the morning.
Next we disinfected the yards and the bottom block, I power washed it all as it was going green again.
Amy left and we tidied out the garage and got a whole load of stuff ready to put in my van in the morning to take up to the kennels.
Brian cleaned the spare fridge to put into the new kitchen.
I got the dogs in at 3.45 as the rain started and it was really heavy.
I went back down to the kennel after we had moved the puppies and the velux window had not been shut properly so it was fully open and Coosa’s kennel was drowned, I had to clean everything out and re bed them, I was not best pleased.
We moved some more dog stuff from the house and Brian and Wendy left at 6 I went out to feed and finish off outside.

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