14th September

Sunday morning I had the first group of dogs out by 5.30 all the top group of dogs were let out cleaned, fed and back in their kennels by 7.15.
I came down and did all the house dogs feeds and let them out, then got all the puppy feeds done ready for when Maddie arrived.
We fed all of the pups and the bitches and then the two poodle groups were fed and cleaned out.
Brian and Wendy arrived to do more digging for the drainage.
Maddie and I cleaned Idaho’s pen and then we cleaned the outside yards everywhere.
I spent a short time on the computer looking for yorkies, I wanted slightly older pups but ended up sending mum up to the midlands for two pups that are allegedly 8 weeks old.
She had a terrible day, apart from visiting some really rough area to pick up the pups, she broke down on the way home.
We burnt the rubbish and then did the lunchtime feeds for the house dogs and the puppies and chicken carcasses for the poodles.
Maddie left and I put dogs in and out for the rest of the day.
The weather was very changeable from sun to heavy down pours.
Wendy made food while I was with a customer.
All the dogs went out for a good long time in the fields as it was still warm so the rain didn’t worry them too much.
I did the frozen feeds for the morning and the biscuit feeds, then went on the pc to order some more large puppy trays
The evening feeds were all done and pups re cleaned out, the last group of dogs were out in the fields while we had dinner.
Wendy and Brian left and I got the last of the dogs in and locked everyone up.
I went off to Taunton to pick the puppies up from my mum’s house as she had finally arrived home.
I picked up the pups had a very quick coffee and then back home to settle the new girls in.
I let the house dogs out and cleaned all the puppies out and then bed.
Monday morning was Maddie and I we had a new girl here from college to learn about the dogs and kennel management, she seems to be coping ok.
I had finished feeding and putting dogs out up the top and left Reo and the Coosa pups out in the field while we fed and cleaned out puppies.
Maddie had Amy with her a lot of the time they cleaned the bottom yards so I went to town as we needed shavings.
I got home and Maddie unloaded the van while Amy disinfected the bottom yards.
I did the puppy feeds and then sorted out the shopping.
Maddie held C while I took her stitches out, all is looking good with her from the spaying.
I had a couple of calls to make and then a meeting with the building inspector about the new kennel and drains.
After lunch I got the kennels ready for the evening as it was another wet day and I wasn’t sure what time the dogs would be going in to their kennels.
The frozen feeds were all done ready for the next morning.
I went out with the Coosa pups and Shone and Narla to check on the fencing and make sure there has been no digging.
Coosa was pacing up and down the fence line as he gets jealous when I spend time with any of the other groups so I went in and spent some time with him and Matzi and Taska.
When I came down I cleaned the puppies out again and started to clean the yards as it looked like the heavens were about to open.
I fed the pups and locked all the little dogs in their kennels.
I got Coosa and the last groups in before it rained, and then I fed the puppies and took the frozen feeds up for the morning.
I had a quite night with the house dogs and the new puppies.
Tuesday morning I put two groups out and cleaned both of the kennels and fed the dogs that were waiting to go out.
Coosa was back in the day pen with this breakfast, Reo was out in one field and the Coosa pups were out in the other field with their food.
I got the house dogs out and made all the feeds for the puppies ready for when Amy arrived.
We fed all the pups and cleaned them out and then went up to the top kennels, I had already cleaned two kennels early so I changed dogs over and put kiro out so Amy didn’t have to do anything with her.
I burnt the rubbish and left Amy to clean the other two kennels while I went down and sorted out the meat delivery and got the chicken cut up for the little dogs for later.
I changed the vet beds and cleaned out the other bitches out with puppies.
Amy finished up the top and then I showed her how to clean out a whelping pen and left her to do it.
I cleaned the yard as Razzles group were particularly dirty.
Amy fed all of the puppies and cleaned them out.
There was a little bit of spare time to show Amy some of the odd jobs that need doing when I am busy, Amy left and I fed all the little dogs.
Crumble our second gen doodle was out on breeding terms arrived back home today thankfully she has fitted straight back into the house pack at the moment.
I spent another hour on the phone trying to sort out about this new treatment plant we are getting as the building inspector wants everything redirected into it including the existing drainage from the house, we are also having to put the new pipes in for the new kitchen and bathrooms for when the house is eventually gutted and redone.
I then had to cut all of the overhanging brambles down that were coming over the path on the steps leading to the top kennels as I was fed up with getting thorns in my arms when I go up the steps.
I cleaned Idaho’s pen and towel dried it as she was dirty and there wasn’t time to do it in the morning.
Coosa’s pen leading to the field needed a really good clean so I did that one and then the Coosa pups day pen had to be cleaned while they were out in the field.
I hosed the yards and cleaned the puppies out.
Visitors came to spend time with their puppy so after they had gone I fed all of the pups, and then got the feeds ready for the morning.
I did some paper work and then spent a couple of hours with the house dogs.
Wednesday morning I had fed the top groups and put them out, I cleaned two of the kennels; there were still two groups out as it wasn’t raining.
I did the house dogs feeds and put them out in the bottom yard.
Maddie arrived and we fed the puppies and cleaned all of the bottom groups out.
I went to town and Maddie cleaned the last two of the top kennels.
Hannah had arrived to bath the poodles.
When I got home the puppy vet beds were all changed and in the wash, Maddie was just re cleaning puppies.
We cleaned the yards and then had a puppy viewing.
Maddie sorted out the towels that had all just been dried from the never ending tumble dryer.
We did the lunch time feeds for the puppies and then I fed all of the little dogs in the house and the poodle groups.
Maddie left and I went out in the field with each group to spend some time with them, this took up a large part of the afternoon.
When I came back down it was time to feed the pups and clean all of the yards.
Everyone locked up and time to get paper work ready for C and the puppy that were leaving the next day.
Thursday morning was tipping down with rain so everyone went out very quickly and came in for food.
I did the feeds for the puppies and house dogs.
Maddie fed some of the pups and cleaned them out and I did another group.
We put the poodle groups out fed and cleaned them out and then put them back in again.
I popped into town and picked up some food as mum was coming for lunch.
The yards practically washed themselves as it was so wet, all the dogs stayed in for a few hours.
Mum came over and we had a meeting with the guy about a treatment plant and a water harvester for washing down yards in the new building.
This will also help with bringing forward the drainage being in for the house when we put the new, kitchen and bathrooms in when the house is renovated.
Mark came from Guernsey to pick up C; he spent some time for them to get to know each other.
After a while I took C out and then showed mark how to put her in and out of the land rover, as it is much higher than my van.
C got the hang of it and off she went to her new home.
I let all of the house dogs out while we fed the pups and cleaned them out.
Maddie left and I fed everyone and cleaned the yards.
I cleaned some of the puppies’ ears with Hannah and then fed everyone.
I let all of the dogs out for a sort while and then locked everyone in.
Mum had cooked dinner before she left.
I did some paper work and had an early night.
Friday 13 th.
The weather was really awful the rain was coming down so hard and it was still dark.
I put the dogs in the top kennel out for quick wee, and brought them back in for their breakfast.
I did the house dogs feeds and let them out.
Puppy feeds were already done waiting for when Madddie arrived.
We did a group of pups each and then I went off to the vets to get the passport done for a puppy going to France, I also had another little pup with me that had a small swelling on its head, it was a bite from another pup had caused bruising.
Kia went for yet another check-up, I was dreading it as the swelling is not looking good.
As I expected she has a Seroma, at the moment we can only measure and monitor it, her chances of surviving another operation is not promising, I am not sure I can put her through that again.
I am taking every day as it comes, I have prepared myself for the worst, and I have spoken to the pet crematorium and arranged an individual cremation and explained everything to them.
They have agreed that if needed when the time comes I can take her in one day and bring her home the next, the name plate, casket and picture are all taken care of.
I thought it was best to arranged while I was in the right state of mind.
When I finally got my head around the fact that I could lose her at a time,or she could make a recovery only time would tell, I managed to carry on with the day and focus on the rest of the dogs.
Maddie had everything under control when I got home, dogs had been out, and vet beds changed washing done
We fed the puppies and then had an owner pick their puppy up on their way home from their holiday.
Maddie left and I fed the little dogs and cut up the chicken carcasses for the house dogs.
The meat delivery arrived so I sorted all that out and burnt the boxes.
The people who are putting in the new treatment plant and the next lot of drainage arrived to measure up.
I seemed have an afternoon of calls for puppies, in the end only one of the calls was actually a genuine person who really wanted a pup the rest were time wasters.
I cleaned the yards and put the dogs in for an hour as it was raining and some of them will just sit out in the rain.
I got the frozen feeds ready for the morning and did the puppy feeds ready for them.
I fed all of the pups and brought Shone and Narla down from the top kennels to the bottom block so they could eat and get dry before coming in the house for the night.
I re cleaned everyone and brought Coosa’s group in as it was really raining now and they were just lying in the front part of their pen.
I had to put them on straw as they were dripping in mud.
I came down and had dinner and spent some time with the house dogs and got paper work ready for the puppies that were leaving.

Saturday morning was dry thankfully, I put all the dogs out from the top kennels and fed everyone, I cleaned out Idaho’s pen and got Coosa’s ready for washing.
I left Coosa pups group out and Reo out.
I came down and let the house dogs out and fed them, all the feeds were nearly ready when Amy arrived.
We fed the pups and cleaned them all out; next we did the two poodle groups and the next puppies.
Razzles group were out and fed, Amy picked up everywhere and washed were needed in the yards.
I washed the bowls while Amy took all of the bags up for burning.
Amy did the vet bed for the pups in the house.
Coosa went out but came back in rapidly as they were howling so they stayed in the outside pen looking down over the yard for the morning.
We went up and cleaned the top kennels and burnt the rubbish.
After we had finished them Amy picked up from the puppies and the yards while I was on the phone and then a customer arrived to see puppies.
After the pup had left we cleaned the yards and fed the puppies.
Amy changed all the water buckets and did some odd jobs while I was on the computer.
Amy left and I fed all of the little dogs, I checked my emails and the people that were booked in to see pups at 2 pm messaged me at 1.45 to say they were not coming, that was very thoughtful to leave it so late.
I did the frozen feeds ready for the morning and got the garage tidied up.
Taska has had her injection to stop her coming into season today.
Kiro and Tory have now both come in to season as well, neither of the bitches will be mated as there are not enough suitable homes lined up for the next litter.
Both bitches will have injections to prevent the full season.
Until at least five deposits have been placed there will not be a mating.
I had a couple of hours to spend time with groups of dogs in the yards and out in the fields.
Evening feeds done puppies locked up.
I had dinner and then brought the last two groups in from the field and locked them all up for the night.
I did the morning feeds and spent some time with Kia and the house dogs.
I had a couple of phone calls and a list of jobs to do for Brian and Wendy arriving in the morning.

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