14th September

Sunday morning we were out before 6 am doing the house group and house puppies, Kiro was fed and put back in her kennel for the day.
We went up to the new kennel and got everyone out and fed and then cleaned out and back in just leaving the yorkie group out.
Both hybrid groups were now out in the field, a quick clean in their yards, house puppies out with the door open so they could run in and out of the yard.
Dave scraped off old bits of cement on the wall and then de boned Coosa’s field.
We had a quick breakfast before starting to paint the wall from the house up to the new kennel, Dave and I started at opposite ends and met in the middle.
I stopped on and off to swap dogs over, I did the lunchtime feeds and we finished painting the wall just before 1 pm.
We had lunch and then sorted out a few things on the list for Dave to take home so he knows what tools to bring down for his next visit.
I took Rupert and the puppies out in the drive with me and started to weed on the outside of the fence going up the drive I managed to do about 200 metres and then put the puppies back in the yard and let more dogs out.
Next job was to clean bottom yard and pick up in Coosa’s pen areas.
I got the frozen feeds out for the morning and fed the dogs and puppies in the new kennel and then the house dogs.
I cleaned the yard from the house puppies and spent a short while on the computer arranging for Kate to pick up my new poodles that I have imported, they are coming in on Tuesday, I can’t wait it has been a long time since I placed the order for the two pups the female who is called Chianti and the male Chilli.
Kate is picking them up from Bristol on Tuesday late afternoon if all goes ok with customs.
I brought Coosa’s group in at 8.30 it was just dark and then I brought the house hybrids in at 9pm by now it really was dark.
Monday morning was a nice sunny day all the dogs were finished by 9 am with the yorkies still out in the drive and both hybrid groups were out in the field.
I put the second coat of paint on the wall from the house to the kennel, and then I swapped dogs and cleaned up the drive.
Lunch time feeds done and then a couple came to view puppies.
I stopped for lunch and then did some more weeding behind the fence, I am nearly ¾ of the way up the fence line, my arms are ripped to pieces from the brambles.
I let the bitches out and then got the puppy feeds ready, pups fed and the next group of dogs were out in the field.
I went down to the house and fed the house puppies, and then back up to swap dogs around.
Coosa was getting vocal so I spent some time with his group and then started to water the plants.
I did the evening feeds and got the morning feeds ready.
Both hybrid packs out in the field and one group in the drive.
I cleaned the puppies yard at the house and then the bottom block.
I brought all three groups in at 8 pm.
Tuesday morning was another nice dry but cold start, everyone out and fed, meat delivery unpacked and frozen.
I watered all the plants early as I knew I would be busy in the evening with the new pups.
Kate popped in for a while before heading off to Bristol to pick up the puppies.
After she left I did the lunch time feeds and cleaned out the pups, my next meat delivery arrived.
I then pulled out all of the stinging nettles and brambles from behind the fence and finally finished the whole of it from top to bottom of the drive.
Kate had a clear run with no traffic and arrived back with two fantastic little puppies, so we sat in the yard and introduced them to the Schnauzers, Rupert and Shiraz, all were happy together so after an hour we left them to play and eat.


Luna and Noodles

New Puppies

I did the evening feeds and swapped dogs around.
Next was to clean Coosa pen areas and then change all the pen and field water.
I brought all the hybrids in at just after 8 pm and then cleaned the puppy yard ready for the morning.
Wednesday morning all the dogs were out and finished before 8 am as I wanted to be ready for Hannah coming as we were grooming and microchipping.
Hannah arrived to groom the growing number of little dogs; I left her to it and went off to do the fire.
I left the yorkies out in the drive for an hour and half then put the hybrids out in the fields.
I disinfected the bottom block and yard and then brought the house hybrid group back in and fed them.
Coosa was back in his own field.
Hannah did puppy ears while I microchipped the Doodles and then put them back in another kennel ready to clean the one they had just come out of.
I soaked the feeds and then fed the house dogs, back up to the kennel to swap dogs and feed puppies.
I picked up in the drive and the paddock and then had lunch.
I filled up the buckets of water ready to do the plants the next morning down by the house.
I cleaned out the last kennel and then stocked up the new kennel with food and shavings.
Cheese cut and ready in little pots in the fridge for the puppies at training, my bag sorted out and cage papered and bedded for the two pups.
I had some things to sort out with my sister for mum’s house.
I swapped dogs around and soaked the puppy food, the house hybrids had an hour out in the field before I was due to leave.
Puppies all fed, Coosa group moved back into the top kennel area and house hybrids back in bottom yard.
House puppies in with dinner, I got changed and put Noodles and Shiraz in the van, Hannah stayed late so the dogs were only on their own for a very short time before I would be home.
Daisy the young girl who trained River in the puppy class last year had Noodles for me and I took Shiraz, they were both very good, Shiraz is exceptional, after wolf dogs it is nice to train a puppy that is so responsive and wanting to please.
I got home and brought Coosa’s group in and let the bitches out, the house puppies were playing in the yard while I sorted out morning feeds, everyone was in and finished at 10.30.
I had an hour with the house dogs before going to bed.
Thursday morning I put the house dogs out and fed Kiro and put her back in her kennel, she had tipped over all of the water buckets I had filled up ready to get an early watering on the plants.
House puppies and hybrids all fed meat out ready for Coosa’s group.
I went up the kennel and let the bitches out and fed the puppies, Coosa group were in the paddock while I was cleaning out the first litter of pups.
I took Coosa’s group up and shut them in the top kennels eating; I got everyone else out and then picked up in the drive before Hannah arrived.
I left Hannah grooming and cleaned the bottom yard.
I went up and microchipped the poodle pups while Hannah did their ears.
I soaked the puppy food and then fed them all and left four groups of dos out while we stopped for lunch and Hannah met the new puppies in the house.
I cleared all of the paper out of the puppy’s room in the house and steam cleaned the floor, while that was drying I went out in the garden with Rupert and started to cut all the overhanging branches off with the loppers, had I have known how hard it was going to be I may have left that job for someone else, after I had tons of branches I used the paper from the puppies pen and set another fire and burnt all the branches, it does look better and now I haven’t got to fight with branches to hang out the washing.
Swapped over dogs again and did my emails and wrote the blog up to date.
I fed the puppies and put the rest of the dogs out in the fields and the drive and had a coffee with Hannah before she left.
I had dinner and then put the next group of dogs out.
I cleaned the house puppies’ yard and then got the house hybrids and Coosa in, it was only 8.15 and the last dogs came in and it was dark.
I did the morning feeds in the new kennel and then emails before going to let Kiro out for the night.
Friday morning was a good start washing out on the line by 7 am, all the house groups were fed and out.
I went up to the kennels and let the bitches out and fed the puppies, everyone out fed and cleaned by 9am.
Both hybrid groups out and the bottom yard cleaned.
The meat delivery arrived all unpacked and the days feeds done ready in the fridge for lunch.
The yorkies were still out in the drive, I did some weeding in the garden and burnt some more branches from the trees I had just cut off.
I had arranged to look at an older yorkie in the afternoon so I was rushing around making sure everything was done and ready for when I got home in the early evening.
Lunch time feeds done and the new poodles in the house had their first taste of chicken carcasses, they loved them it was like they had them all the time.
Everyone came in and the hybrids were all in the top kennel area and bottom yard.
Kate arrived with Millie and off we went to look at the new bitch, we came home with her, she is called Maple a sweet natured little girl, she has fitted right in with the group and Ollie is delighted to have another member to his pack.
The hybrids went back out in the field and then I soaked the feeds for the puppies I fed everyone and then brought the hybrids in at 8 pm as it was getting dark.
Saturday morning was cold so I did the house dogs and put the puppies back in for a while, the hybrids went out in the yard and then I went to the kennel and let the bitches and Coosa’s group out.
I fed the puppies and started cleaning; Coosa’s group went up the top kennel area and the next group went out in the field, I cleaned their kennel and fed them.
Everyone was out and fed by 8.30 so I went and let the puppies back out of the house as it was not quite so cold but I did still have a coat on.
I moved my yorkie bitch from the kennels to the house as she is looking like a beached whale and she will whelp in the house as she is happier inside with me.
The two hybrid groups were out in the field and I did the fire and then went back to the house to clean out the puppies.
The yorkies stayed out with the front pen and the drive to play for another hour or so.
I power washed the bottom block and the yard ready for the house hybrid group to come back in.
I soaked the puppy food and fed them before kirsty arrived with my shopping from cash and carry, we had a coffee and I fed the little puppies their chicken carcasses, Kirsty met the new poodles, I think she is quite taken with the little people.
After Kirsty left I put the yorkie group in and fed the adult dogs their chicken and then spent some time on the computer and did some adverts as I still have a male Labrador puppy due to time wasters.
I cleaned up in the drive, paddock and front pen and then started to scrape bits of cement off of the new kennel ready to paint before the winter if I get time.
Rachael arrived while I was on the phone to Microsoft it took two hours and still did not got in contact with a human so I will get back on to that on Monday.
Evening feeds all done and everyone in at 8pm just before it got dark
I left the house hybrids out in the field while we had dinner

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