14th October

Last Sunday Kirsty and I did well with the cleaning; I managed to get some pictures and other bits sorted out.
I spent the afternoon outside doing the feeding and a bit of gardening.
I had an hour or so with Soul whilst Reo and Rainn were in the field eating their dinner.
I got a large batch of chicken cooked for the puppies and frozen in portions.
I had a bit of time to spend with all of the bitches with pups and the bitches that are due.
I had a family come to look at Labradoodles for may be one in the future.
Mum was here doing some paper work and cleaning, she also cooked a very nice roast duck.
I got the house dogs in just before dark and moved Coosa’s group who were in an outside pen eating bones.
I came in and got all of the paper work and health cards up to date, for my next council licensing inspection that normally happens around October, November.
Monday morning was Kate and I we had a good morning the weather stayed dry, after we had done the cleaning I left Kate to sort out other jobs and bitches with pups.
I went up to the bank and did some shopping.
I got home and we washed down all of the steps and outside yards as the leaves were everywhere and it looked a mess, not to mention that if it gets slippery then Kate may end up on her bum.
We moved Siren and Bobby back down to the bottom block.
We tried Atlz with Idaho but that was not going to work as he howled constantly and so did Roxy.
Now they are back together and Reo has gone in with Idaho, they now have the back run and inside kennel two in the top block.
A’lupa has an outside pen in the day and an outside covered pen at night.
Rainn and Soul are living together in pen 1 at the top and go out in an outside pen in the day when it is dry as Rainn is thick and sits out in the rain.
I spent an hour or so after lunch with a customer viewing dogs.
I did the evening feeds and got the next day frozen feeds ready.
I had a chat with Kirsty on a rough plan of when she could help out and what we would do with the hybrid pups that are staying here until they are 15weeks and ready to fly to their new homes.
I went up to swap dogs around and poor matzi hobbled down to the gate looking very sorry for himself, I checked his front leg and foot and really could not find an reason for him being lame.
I finished outside at 6 then spent some time with the girls down in the whelping areas.
Tuesday morning was Kirsty and I we got all of the outside kennels cleaned and bedded down.
I was on the phone and we heard a scream from field one so Kirsty and I both went out to see what was going on, well Taska was now lame on her front leg, we searched the field and could not find out what she had done either.
Kirsty left and I did the whelping area and the meat delivery.
Kate arrived to take lobo out but due to the constant rain we had all day she decided against getting drowned and stayed and helped me for a while.
From 11 am until 4 pm no one went out in the field as the rain did not stop, at 4 O clock I let everyone out again, the rain had not stopped but it was lighter.
I then went in and spent a couple of hours on the computer renewing ads and answering emails.
Kate has been on the net and found the bedding I have been looking for to whelp the hybrid litter on as I am not too sure if Kiro will dig up a vet bed and I don’t want her to squash the pups when they are being born.
All being well it won’t take long before the pallet of bales are delivered.
Wednesday morning was kirsty and I we had to get everything finished quickly as I had someone visiting at 10.30 and I needed to spend an hour with them.
After they had left and kirsty had gone I let the next group of dogs out and got the lunch time feeds ready.
I spent the next couple of hours running up and down letting dogs in and out while cleaning in the house and hoovering.
The weather stayed horrid all day.
After I had finished in the evening I went off to training with C, I was really pleased with her, this was her first week back after a three week break, her A recall was good, off lead heel work was the best she had ever done, and to my amazement she even did her send away twice, I thought now time to quit while I was ahead.
I got home to several phone calls and finally got dinner at 9.30.
Thursday morning was kirsty and I as Kate was off on another baby mission, Kate picked up Lobo and went off to the hospital and then went off and got our next couple of month’s supply of dog chews, this was great as it saved me a good few hours driving down to south Devon to pick them up.
The dogs were completely fed up the rain was at its worst; you could see the river banks breaking over the road from us.
Coosas pen spent most of the day howling as the dogs only went out for a short time each time they went out they couldn’t wait to come back in.
After Kirsty left to take her dogs out I started whelping my labradoodle bitch, she has a really nice litter all went well.
I fed everyone and finished off outside at just after 8 pm.
Friday morning was kate and I, we got the first two groups of dogs out which was little people, as the next two lots went out the rain came down in torrent’s, it was so bad that the dogs were looking like drowned rats, they were none too pleased to be caught out in that.
After we had got everyone out once and done the first lot of cleaning and feeding I popped out quickly to get some shopping and banking done.
Just after I arrived back I had a couple come to view doodles.
After lunch when Kate had left I spent the rest of the day checking bitches changing paper, feeding and letting dogs out for a run in between down pours.
I came in just after 7 and did my feed orders and messages.
I had to write a list for Wendy and Brian as they are here on Saturday.
This has been a long hard wet and horrible week, I would happily sit down with a glass of wine but can’t just in case Kiro whelps and I may need to drive to the vets.
Saturday morning Kate was in for a short while before going off to do baby stuff.
We had yet another very wet start; everyone went out and got soaked through including us.
Wendy and Brian make a start in blocking the end panels in pen 4 as the wind changes and the top part of the ¾ panel lets rain come in.
Brian replaced 4 light bulbs in the bottom block.
The next job was to cut back all of the brambles up the side of the steps on the bank; this was to keep the oil tank clear from leaves blocking the vent.
After he had finished mountaineering up the side of the bank he then went on to putting a board along the bottom of the panel up in Coosa’s day pen, the reason for this A’Lupa can go in there to be fed so she doesn’t have to eat out the rain.
It has been known for dogs to bite other dogs feet or ears and as Kate knows all too well Idaho damaged Lobo’s tail under a door and the result of that was half of the tail being amputated, so just to be careful and not take any risks Brian has bolted and solid board on.
Kate and I finished cleaning doings feeds and vet bed.
After Kate had left Kirsty came in for a while and spent time with Kiro.
Tory also had visitors Sandra and les came to spend an hour with her while we were picking up all of the brambles from what Brian had cut down.
Wendy was letting dogs out between heavy showers whilst I was seeing visitors or doing vaccinations and microchipping with Kirsty.
After we had finished feeding at lunchtime kirsty went home to take her dogs out.
I was doing house dogs and washing down day pens.
Everyone was in by 6.45 so we had dinner and Wendy and Brian left, I spent an hour on the computer while the little dogs ran around in the other room.
I had a check on Tory and the bitches then did the morning feeds and washed up before sitting down for a while with the little dogs before bed.

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