14th November

14 th November.

D’Quilla’s puppies are now a week old and doing very well even the little one who was born at 3 oz he is now 15 oz.
His brother is 2.8 Ibs he is a monster in comparison,
D’Quilla has really excelled herself with such wonderful mothering skills this year.
I am very pleased with her and the progress of the puppies.
There may be one male pup left for sale from this litter he would be 2,000 pounds to the right home as a pet not for breeding.
The controls are now working on the web cam on D’quilla’s pups.

Dora is doing well with her little man he is not as big as D’Quilla’s boys and he is a week older.

CSV news.

Kiro our csv girl has now been mated by Reo so pure bred January puppies.
More exciting news on the csv I have this week just bought a female puppy from Europe with fantastic bloodlines.
She will not be in our kennels until next October but progress reports will be posted on her.


All of our F1 Labradoodle puppies are sold.
I had decided to keep one but a slight change in plans she is now going to live in Munich.

Tease our F1 girl is due to have puppies early December.

Our little boy from Kodi is making a very good recovery he has been nick named Jacket as he has to wear a little coat to keep his body heat in.
When he has made a full recovery and gained enough weight he has a nice new home waiting.

We had a good day here with Shaun and Isla this week.
As part of the wolfdog courses we did dog aggression with people.
It was very informative and a most enjoyable day.
Anyone thinking of doing a Wolf or Wolf dog course please contact Isla.
You will find it be to exceptional, learning that things are not always how you perceive them to be.
Everyone I have met on the course has been so impressed with what they have learnt.
These courses are not only for inexperienced people but also dog trainers and behaviourists have been very happy to learn more and different techniques in how to deal with issues.

Fenn and Lupa our two puppies from the last two litters are still looking for new homes.
New Pictures taken this weekend are on the web site.

New camera will soon be working on the boy’s pen.

Coosa came out of his kennel with his back leg looking like a balloon on Saturday morning; this resulted in a trip to the vets to locate were his leg needed draining.
He was the perfect patient just laid down while Gavin cut the back of the leg to drain the abscess.
He is more upset about not being allowed out in the fields until the cut has healed up.
He spent the day in the yard outside the kitchen so he can see all what is going on.
He was a happier boy on Sunday out playing in the mud and the rain, so the leg still needed a major clean up when he came in but bless him he didn’t mind.

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