14th July

Sunday morning the dogs thought was going to be an earlier start than normal, at 4 am when they woke me up I didn’t put anyone out just opened their door and put the radio on.
I gave the pens a quick sweep so they didn’t trample everything.
I went back to bed until 5.30 when I got up and put the house dogs out and two groups from the top.
I fed all of the bitches and pups and gave the yards a quick clean and wash down.
Coosa pups went out in their pen for breakfast.
Everyone else was fed and water done, I changed everyone’s vet beds and the blankets in the beds in the house.
I had all of the paper work ready in piles for the Coosa pups owners all coming today to take their puppies home.
I washed all the bowls and got the first lot of washing out.
Sam phoned to say she was popping in for a few hours.
I cleaned all of the bottom pens and then up to get Kiro in as she had been out for nearly two hours and amazingly stayed quiet.
I cleaned the first two pens and then swapped dogs out in the field.
While the next two groups were out I left Coosa out and shut Rainn and tory in so everyone could have their chicken.
I cleaned the next two kennels and left them to soak whilst doing water buckets in the field and picking up muck.
Kirsty came down and picked up one of the Coosa pups and took her home for the day to play with her own dogs.
Sam did the house dogs while I was sorting out the Coosa pups leaving.
We did the lunch time feeds and changed dogs in the field, each group only went out for 30 minutes at a time and water needed changing after every group.
Coosa and his group came in and out all day as they have a shaded pen to get into.
I vaccinated the three Coosa pups that were here.
The housedogs just chilled out on the stone floor in the lounge, the only two really getting up to mischief all day long was the yorkie and his little mate, either escaping up the stairs or getting in the drain pipe.
All the bitches and pups were fine as they are in stone buildings so they don’t get too hot.
When Kirsty came back with the pup I vaccinated her and we took some pictures.
I uploaded the pictures to face book and then fed the bitches and pups.
Matzi went out which then just left Narla and Shone to go.
I got the frozen feeds ready for the morning and cleaned the yards.
Everyone was fed and locked up for 7.30.
Kirsty and I went out for an Indian, we had a nice meal and on the way home we ended up putting a herd of cows back into a field where we think they may have escaped from.
I got home at 9.15 and let everyone out again and checked on the kennel dogs, everyone has their kennel doors and windows open at night as it is so hot.
Monday morning was really hot, first out was the house dogs and the Coosa pups, I left the top kennel dogs in until the first group of bitches and pups were finished.
After I had done half of the bottom groups and put the house dogs in with their food I let Kiro’s and Matzi’s groups out in the field.
I cleaned Kiro’s pen then back down to the bottom to put bitches away and do Razzles group.
Kio and Matzi in, Reo and Coosa’s groups out.
I did Reo and Idaho then Coosa and Matzi’s pen.
Next out was Moon his pen was easy just a change of water.
Narla and Shone went out in the field.
While the house dogs were out I did the Coosa pups pen and the house pens.
Sam popped in for a couple of hours and she did the vet beds and burnt the rubbish, then she swapped over dogs in the field and did some odd jobs while I was busy with one of our hybrid owners that came down for a visit as they are camping in our area and their dogs are booked in to be castrated at my vets tomorrow.
Kirsty came down to see them as she is going to the vets with them tomorrow.
Sam did the pups feeds and I fed the Coosa pups.
After everyone had gone I left all the dogs in for a couple of hours as it was too hot for them to be in the field.
I spent some time with the pups and then brushed Kia again as she is still blowing her coat.
I fed all the little dogs their chicken and got the frozen feeds ready for the morning.
I wrote the last two days blog so I don’t forget what has happened.
Wednesday morning the dogs got me up at 3am and then again at 4.30.
I put two groups out.
I went back to bed with a migraine from hell being sick, passing out and not being able to stand up.
Kia and Rupert stayed with me all day, neither of them went out.
Sam did the dogs for me as best as she could as a large amount of which she has never done before.
I managed to get Matzi in at 7.45 and then back to bed Sam came up a few times to ask what to do next, some of the time I was asleep so she just had to work it out for herself.
Sam left at 12 and then phoned me at 4 to see if I was ok, I did not answer so she came back.
I had managed to make it down to the lounge, Kate arrived and gave Sam a hand for a while then she went off to training with Ranger.
I managed to help Sam with the cleaning of the yards and feeding, Kate arrived back, and Sam left, Kate helped me for a couple of hours to get finished.
We moved the poodle out of the house and into the whelping area as she was too hot inside.
After Kate left I did the frozen feeds and the morning feeds then bed at 11 pm.
Thursday morning I was not 100 % but I did manage a 4.45 am start and Sam phoned me at 6.30 to see if I wanted a hand which was greatly appreciated, we did the pens together and moved Moon in with Idaho so the hatch could be open into the kennel.
Matzi has gone into Moons pen so he will stay out overnight, Kiro has gone into Matzi’s pen but she probably will go back into the kennel at night as she is noisy outside every time she hears the slightest sound she makes it known.
After we had fed and cleaned everyone all the yards were cleaned down and left wet as the dogs were all too hot, they are starting to get fed up with the heat now.
We did the lunchtime feeds and washed all of the vet beds.
All the dog stayed in for four hours except Coosa’s group that stay out in the field and come in and out when they like.
I spent time with the pups and ear cleaning little dogs as I had no dogs to move in and out.
I got the frozen feeds ready early and left them to get out before I went to bed.
I hosed all the yards down just to stop everyone getting too hot.
I fed all the bitches and pups then the dogs all went out again from 6 pm.
All the yards were cleaned and everyone finished at 9.30.
I spent time with the house dogs and had an early night as I still felt a little rough.
Friday morning was an early start as I needed to get finished and take two bitches to the vets to be spayed.
We fed all the dogs’ chicken carcasses and bones early so they would get a biscuit feed in the evening.
We did all the bitches and house dogs while two groups were in the field.
All the vet beds were changed.
Meat delivery arrived so I unloaded it and fed most of the dogs early, which meant they would have a biscuit feed in the evening.
I left for the vets with the two bitches and Sam let Reo out, none of the rest of the dogs went out while I was out as it was too hot.
Sam did the pups, kept them clean and picked up in the fields; she did the lunchtime feeds for the bitches and little pups.
All the feed bins were washed and stinging nettles pulled out in the garden.
Most of the washing had been done and dried by the time I got home.
When I got in we unloaded the bitches and put them back in their kennels, they took several hours to come round properly.
I started feeding the house dogs after Sam left, and then I washed all the yards down again just to cool the yards down for them.
I let dogs out again from 6 pm and brought the last groups in at around 10 pm when it was cooler for them to go inside.
I got the frozen feeds done and left them in the freezers so they could have their food still frozen in the morning.
I did the biscuit feeds ready for the house dogs and bitches for the morning.
I sorted out my phone calls and emails; I had an hour with the house dogs before bed.
Saturday morning was a really hot start, I did the house dogs and Sam arrived and did the first lot of bitches and pups.
The top groups started to go out while we were still doing the bitches.
Sam changed all the vet beds while I cleaned the bottom pens.
All the yards were wet down and dogs all fed down the bottom.
Stuart arrived to poison the garden and a lot of the drive and a few other areas, next he went out in the field with the strimmer and started cutting down the grass which is around three foot in most of the fields.
We did the top kennels and fed everyone up there.
Washing out on the line as we had 8 washes to get through.
I took pictures of all the puppies while Sam did water buckets and cleaned the whelping area.
We fed all of the puppies and the bitches all came out in the yards so they could eat their chicken.
I popped out to get some petrol for the strimmer.
When I got home I washed all the yards down again.
None of the dogs went out between 1pm and 6 pm so I had time on the computer ordering baths for the yards so they can play in the water.
I cleaned a few bitches’ ears and gave Coosa a brush.
All the pups were fed again at 6 pm while dogs started going back out in the fields until 10 pm.
Bitches all fed and yards cleaned, Coosa pups were in at 9.30 so I got to finish at just after 10.

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