14th February

Another wet start with hailstones and wind.
Everyone out and cleaned and then some back in for food some eat outside.
Coosa’s group went straight up to the top kennel for food.
Dave gave the whelping boxes a good wash and then we put new bedding in for everyone, Dave cleaned the windows in all of the kennels.
I got chance to have a look around and Dave did an amazing job of hoovering everywhere; it looks really nice and clean right through the kennel.
I put the first load of washing on and then Dave picked up in the drive and opened the gates.
My sister and one of the builders came over to meet with the structural engineer as we came across a couple of structural issues we needed to address immediately.
Dave left to go back home after a ten day visit and we had the meeting and then everyone left and I carried on sorting out the dogs.
My next job was to arrange transporting my new hybrid for the beginning of April.
Everyone fed and had a quick run as the weather was not too good and very windy.
I had a couple of phone calls to sort out and then everyone had a good run before coming in for food and bed time.
I fed Shone and Cito and then brought Coosa’s group in and fed them.
The weather got progressively worse during the night we had a major thunder storm and hail stones along with exceptionally high winds.
By 4 am I had enough trying to sleep so I got up and did a few odd jobs, the dogs started to get quite unsettled with all the banging and crashing outside, it was so noisy you couldn’t possibly sleep through it.


I didn’t really start any earlier than normal even though I had been up for hours.
First job was to go and put Reo and Kiro away and feed them.
We had minimal damage really, a few slates off the roof a couple of broken bins and the water butt was at the wrong end of the drive, both sheds have lost the felt from the roof.
The worse thing was the catch on Kiro and Reo’s door broke and they got shut out over night, I was really surprised to see they were not soaked to the skin, I think that took shelter under the steps and stayed dry, I have now changed the clip and put a breeze block there ready to jam the door open.
The rain slowed down and everyone went out again for a good run until the wind pick up so much it wasn’t really safe for the smaller dogs to go out and the labs and wolfdogs all wanted to come back in fairly quickly.
I fed everyone their chicken most of them ate in their kennels and then in the afternoon we had a few heavy showers but everyone got out for a run
I brought Coosa’s group in and fed them and then I let everyone out again as it was nice from 5 pm until 6.30 and then all in for bed time.
I spent the rest of the evening on the phone talking to people about wolf dogs for a litter coming up.
A really cold start to the morning but fairly dry, Kiro and Reo in and then everyone out, fed and cleaned out.
I got organised and cut up the chicken ready for lunch time feeding for Kate and then wrote her a list of other jobs to try and get done.
Everyone had another good long run and then I got changed and off to see Laura and Sophie for the rest of the afternoon.
I had to pick up Coco as the lady that had taken her on Saturday wasn’t coping with having a dog as this was her first dog.
I had a really nice afternoon and then back home via Morrison’s for a very quick shop and diesel.
I got back and arrived home in a hail storm.
Kate and I got the rest of the dogs finished and then off she went and I sorted out feeding and phone calls, finally finished at 8 pm and then did nothing for the rest of the evening.
A very wet start everyone out quickly and then after I had finished cleaning the rain had stopped so everyone was out again.
I picked up in the drive and Simon arrived to have a look at pricing the new staircase in the house, after Si left everyone back out again.
A couple of calls to sort out and more stuff to order for the builders.
Lunch time feeds all done and then a few more phones calls and paper work.
Evening feeds ready and morning fees done ready, cheese cut up for training I cooked a chicken and stripped it off for the dogs for morning feeding.
Everyone spent the afternoon out in the fields, drive and yards.
I brought everyone in at 4.50 to give me time to get ready for training.
Kiro out and Winter in the van ready to leave.
We had a really good night at training Winter was very good with everything.
The silver and gold class went really well they are both coming along nicely.
I got home in good time which was great as I had so much still to do with emails, phone calls and letting a few dogs out and then feeding Cito and Shone.
A bitter cold but dry start, it was so cold the locks on the metal gates were all frozen.
I got everyone out fed and cleaned and then opened the gates for Hannah and the builders.
Coosa’s group up in the field with their food.
They both arrived and then I quickly went to town for bones and cement, I got home and locked up the gates and got everyone back out again for a good run.
We unloaded the van and then I got the washing on and checked emails and got all of the bowls washed from the morning feeding.
Hannah was working her way through the little dogs with bathing and clipping.
We did have a few showers and then a short power cut but all resumed back to normal fairly quickly.
I cut up the chicken and fed everyone and then I had some bits to sort out for the builders.
I got a short time out with each group of dogs and went for a play with Coosa’s group oh my I was filthy when I came back down.
Chicken cut up and then everyone fed.
I got the frozen feeds done ready in buckets in the freezer.
I cleaned Coco and Rupert’s ears and then cleaned the puppies out again and had a play with the pups for a bit.
I played ball with Coco and Shone on the drive and then brought the washing up and sorted it out.
Evening feeds done and then everyone in and Kate came over and we went out for an Indian meal and had a really good evening, we got back home and then spent a short time on the computer and still found thigs to chat about until 11 pm.
A horrible wet start, everyone went out and had their food, I cleaned the kennels.
Then it dried up so everyone out again for another run and then the rain was back with a vengeance so I cut up the chicken for lunch time feeds and then I went out with my sister looking at slate flooring the downstairs of the house.
We then met up with my other sister and bought some new clothes for dog training, I think the filming we are going to be involved in for the gold class has a little to do with new smart clothes.
After our shopping expedition we went to the Italian for lunch and then we did a little more shopping before an afternoon tea.
Finally home to get all of the dogs out for a good run and then feeding before bedtime.
Coosa’s group came in just as it was getting dark and then the little dogs all went out in the fields and the drive for an hour, they do like going out in the dark sometimes when it’s dry.
I did the morning feeds and then a couple of phone calls; I brought the last groups in and let Shone and Cito out for a run.
Next was to let Reo and Kiro out and I wrote todays blog before I forgot what had been going on.
A really nasty wet start the dogs were not impressed about going out to get soaked, nearly everyone got fed in their kennels.
After everyone had a quick run and food the rain stopped so they all went out.
I fed Coosa’s group and then picked up in the drive, I had Cito and Shone out with me.
I spent some time with the poodle puppies; they are really coming on well and so playful now.
I have a message from a friend to tell me the people I had spoken to and arranged for them to take on one of my older labradoodles has taken on another dog so they don’t want her now, it’s a shame people can’t let you know these things as it would make it much easier to just tell me and then I can advertise the dog to find her a suitable home and give prospective new owners the chance to meet her a few times and get to know the dog, so back to advertising again.
I started to feed everyone whilst trying to have a major tidy up in my room and the office, with my paper work and building paper work all over the place you can barely move in here.
The afternoon looked grey and cold but manged to stay dry, everyone was out all afternoon.
Cito and Shone stayed up with me in the office.
I had a really nice chat with a chap today I took his wolf dog bitch last year, she was going to be put to sleep so a friend of mine brought her here for re homing but the next day I contacted him and said there is no chance of getting her a home she is very aggressive towards people, and even to try and get a vet near her would be traumatic for her, so he came up with his family and we had a long chat, I offered to talk to them any time they needed advice and he took her home again, I have had a few telephone conversations with him and today’s call was great the bitch has come on so much in the last 6 months and the family love her to pieces, they also have a male for company now from another member of the family and everything is going really well for them it’s so nice to get a call like that and to know you can help someone when the breeder can’t be bothered.
I spent the rest of the afternoon shredding paper and hoovering in the kennels.
Everyone in and fed and then Kiro and Reo out.

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