14th December

Sunday morning was a cold, very wet, start at 6.00 am. House dogs and puppies out, fed, cleaned and back in.
Siren and Kiro in, Rio and Vika out, we went down to the kennel, puppies fed, Narla fed and the poodle group out briefly in the rain.
Kennels cleaned out, food in and dogs back in the dry, the same for Razzle’s group and the Yorkies.
Coosa’s group went out in the paddock and drive while the puppies were cleaned out and then Coosa’s kennel cleaned out for the evening.
Dave cleaned up the drive ready for customers due early for their puppies while I washed up the bowls and checked e-mails.
Both of the puppy customers arrived together… which was nice that they have both met as will be training together in January.
The customers left then we had a quick breakfast before loading Coosa in the van and the rest of his group went up into the top block and field 1.
Everyone was locked up and off we went to Exeter to open an account at a pet supermarket retail store. This turned into a joke as I didn’t take a photo ID with me.
Maybe had I have been told that I would have needed it the trip would not have been a complete waste of time. On the way home we stopped at the cash and carry to pick up a Christmas present for my sister.
When we got back the rain had nearly stopped, I unloaded Coosa, who surprisingly had been very good throughout the entire trip.
Everyone fed and out for the afternoon in the sunshine. I went out in the drive and picked up, then took new shavings into the kennel while Dave filled a hole that was developing by the gate… with his little poodle helpers.
I moved Cola with Peaches into another kennel as Cola is due to whelp soon. I took the house puppies and kennel puppies out into the field for a play while Dave finished the boarding in the grooming room.
When I got back to the house with the puppies Shone had been on the rampage in the house, I cleared up the mess and put her out in the yard the n we came in for lunch. While lunch was cooking I cut up an ox liver into miniscule cubes for baked liver treats for training. Then I cooked the lines of fat from the beef to make paddywaccs which is a rock hard treat which lasts the poodle’s ages.
I moved Coosa’s group into field 2 while we did the fire and then Dave cleared the leaves from the top kennel drains and picked up in field 1 while I hosed the bottom block.
I spent some time with Narla and the puppies while Dave fitted a call nuisance blocker to the business phone line. I got out the frozen food for tomorrow and did the evening feeds.
Everyone in, fed, cleaned and locked up… time for dinner.
Monday morning was another early start as we had planned to make attempt two of going to the dog toy cash and carry after the morning kennels were finished.
House dogs went out and the puppies were cleaned out and fed.
Reo and Vika went out and Kiro and Siren went back in for the day.
We let the first group out in the paddock and the second group in the drive.
Puppies fed and cleaned out, first group in and then Narla went out, I started to pick up her paper as there was some ruffled up by the door, oh my I screamed, out jumped a mouse it was just as shocked as I was.
Dave finished the paper for Narla’s kennel while I started to clean Razzle’s kennel, next was Budds kennel.
They came in and Peaches and Cola went out and the Yorkies went out in the paddock.
After they came in Coosa’s group went out in the paddock and the drive.
Dave picked up the drive while I burnt the rubbish and put the food out ready for Coosa’s group went they were going up to the top kennel area when we were going out.
I put Shone and the house dogs away, Reo and Vika went back in, Coosa’s group went up to the field and the top kennels, I put Coosa in the van and off we went again to cash and carry to see what toys they had.
Two hours later we came out of the shop with 187 toys and a fair few pounds lighter.
We got home and Dave unloaded the van while I fed everyone and got them all out in the fields and drive.
Dave loaded his car and headed off home.
I got the evening feeds ready and then sorted all the toys and leads and collars and treats out and hung them up in the office, my office looks like toy zone now.
I am planning to buy crates, beds and bowls and fleece blankets this will complete everything a new puppy would need when going to their new homes.
I brought everyone in just after dark and fed them.
All locked up and off to my sisters to pick up chicken carcasses.
After a coffee, and a glass of wine I came home and fed everyone in the house and let them out and then got the chicken out of the van.
I cooked my dinner and cut up the chicken carcasses they are all in the fridge ready for tomorrows lunch time feeding.
Racheal was on her way down to stay the night and then take Vika and Rosie back home the next day, at about 11 pm Rach phoned and said she was on another diversion and we worked out she would be an hour longer.
I put the house dog out and then they went to bed so we didn’t have too much excitement when Rach arrived.
Rach arrived just after the dogs came in and went to bed.
We stayed up late chatting and then went to bed, up early for another full day.
Tuesday morning house dogs out and fed.
The kennel dogs all went out and had their chicken for the first feed as I had to go out for an appointment.
I got everyone cleaned out and exercised; Rach washed up the bowls and picked up in the drive.
The meat delivery arrived so I unpacked the meat and froze most of it; we burnt all the boxes and the kennel shavings.
I finished all of the kennel dogs and then we loaded Rach’s van with the two dogs and the bones she was taking back.
I moved Reo back in with Kiro and put Siren in with my Labrador Jezz.
Coosa went into the van and then Rach left; I moved the rest of the hybrids up to the top kennel and field.
Shone, Cito and Rupert stayed in the house and then I locked up all the gates and the kennel and off I went to my appointment accompanied by Coosa.
While I was out I stopped quickly at the shops and Coosa had a look around Morrison’s car park, he was quite happy until I shut the back of the van, and then he started banging on his cage door, he soon stops when he realises that he cannot get any movement on the door.
We got home and Coosa had his food, then I fed everyone else and put all of the little dogs out and then the house dogs had their chicken.
I got the paper work ready for the puppies leaving this weekend and answered a couple of answer phone messages and then sent a few emails.
Next I did the evening feeds ready, it looked like everyone would be in just before dark as it was becoming damp and misty.
All of the little dogs came in and then Coosa’s group came down to the drive so they were easier to get in when it rains.
I brought Coosa’s group in and then did the house dogs, I put my dinner in the oven and went back down to the kennel and fed everyone.
Kennel locked up and then Kiro and Reo out for the night.
I had dinner and the fed the house dogs, and then wrote the blog and made the morning feeds.
Wednesday morning was so windy and wet the house dogs went out briefly and then came back in and stayed in their pen for a while.
Cito and Shone were out in their bottom block for half an hour and then wanted to come back in.
I did the kennel dogs and then put Coosa’s group out in field two for an hour while finishing off, I did the fire and moved Coosa’s group to field 1 and the top kennel area with their food.
The kennel dogs alternated between field two and the drive.
Shone had another wrecking session in the house which didn’t please me too much, she is a pain in the day time but you can leave her five hours at night in the house with no problems.
I had another meat delivery arrive as I am trying get as much in before Christmas as possible, most days we use around 60 kilos of Carcasses plus meat, bones and kibble.
I cleaned the puppies’ room in the house and got that ready for the night time.
After the meat was all cut up I picked up in the drive and fed everyone before Kirsty arrived with Jess to spend time with Narla and the puppies.
I started to price up some of the toys and things purchased from the retail pet shop on Monday.
All the dogs were fed lunch and then Kirsty arrived I had just locked everyone back in and thankfully my timing was good as we had the heaviest down pour for over an hour long.
Narla was great with everyone holding and stroking the puppies but she did make it clear she wanted just as much fuss as the puppies.
We had coffee and I brought Coosa’s group down to the bottom block so they could all have some liver and then Kirsty left and I had lunch.
I hosed the puppies yard and the bottom block I had to have hat two coats and gloves on it was so cold.
I put the yorkies out for a very short time they were struggling to run in a straight line as it was so windy.
Night time feeds ready and then morning feeds also ready.
I gave Rupert a brush and then pulled some hair from his ears, then up to the kennel to brush Siren he is looking like a manky old sheepskin rug.
Jezz had her ears cleaned as she felt she was missing out.
Coosa’s group went out into the drive so I could get them in quickly if it rained again, all the little dogs went out in the field for the last run.
I got everyone in and then fed them all, I put Kiro and Reo out for the night and then fed the house dogs and had a bath as I was cold and wet.
I had a quiet evening with the house puppies.
Thursday morning was very windy and wet so I did the house dogs and all of them came back in.
Kiro was already in she wasn’t too keen on the heavy rain so I fed her and locked them up for the day.
I did each group in the kennel as I didn’t want to leave them out too long with the rain being so heavy.
After everyone was finished I put Coosa’s group in the paddock and field two and then picked up in the drive for Hannah coming.
I did the fire and then Hannah rang to say she had broken down and would not be able to come today.
I put the house dogs out and then Kate arrived to help me get everything priced up for the toys I had bought.
We did some pricing and then fed the lunch time feeds.
We finished the pricing and had lunch and then Kate left and I put everyone out again.
I fed everyone and locked them up for the night.
I let Kiro and Reo out and fed them, then fed the house dogs and had dinner.
After they had a mad half an hour except for Cola who was already sleeping and they all went to sleep.
Cola was making up for keeping me up most of the night running around my bed.
Friday morning was a very wet and windy start, after doing the house dogs I went down to the kennel and you could see the broken branches all over the road and the drive, the river was very high.
I put one group out and then did the puppies.
I let everyone out and cleaned all of the kennels and then got a kennel completely washed down and disinfected ready for when Cola has had her puppies and goes back into the kennel.
Coosa’s group went out and I picked up in the drive and then the meat delivery arrived, I unpacked it all and then cut it up ready for the lunch time feeds.
I locked the gates up and let the Yorkies out, and moved Coosa down to the bottom block and fed him.
I cleaned the puppies room and let the house dogs out into the bottom yard.
I then moved Coosa back up to the top kennel area and hosed all of the yards at the bottom and then moved him out into field two and the paddock, while I fed everyone.
Coosa came down on to the drive this gave me the chance to do the paper work and insurance for the puppies going.
Night time feeds ready.
Saturday morning was the coldest morning we have had so far this winter, I did the house dogs and then put Kiro and Reo away and fed them.
I went to open the first padlock and it was frozen solid, so I had to get a can of wd 40 and then had to spray all the padlocks to try an open them all.
I fed the puppies and let everyone out and cleaned them out.
I picked up in the drive and opened the gates ready for the first puppy owner arriving.
Wendy and Brian arrived to spend a few hours with me and pick up the cows ears they had ordered for their dogs.
The dogs could only go out on the drive or the fields as the pens were all like skating rinks, I haven’t started to salt at night but I think now is the time to start.
My first puppy owner arrived and picked up her boy and then the next two left.
Wendy took the fire stuff up for me, so I had a very big fire today which was nice as it was still really cold.
Wendy cooked a late breakfast while I swapped over dogs and did the lunchtime feeds.
After breakfast Wendy brought some bags of food and bales of shavings down to the kennel for me.
We had a long chat about the next projects that we need to do outside in the spring and then they left,I locked up the gates and took the house dogs up the drive for a run.
I was late getting the chicken carcasses out of the freezer so they are all over the kitchen in meat trays defrosting for the morning, my house dogs are great they won’t take them off the side they prefer to rip my leather armchair to shreds as they did again today.
My carousel stands arrived so I took them down to the kennel and put that on my evening list of jobs.
I spent a short time on the computer while Coosa’s group were out in the field.
Next I dusted two kennels with my hand hoover and then spent some time with Narla and the puppies.
I got the evening feeds and the morning feeds in the kennel ready.
I brought everyone in and then spent a couple of hours tidying up and rearranging the toys and leads and things in the office, at the moment it is a little difficult with space but that should hopefully change by the end of next year as I have decided to sell my yorkie adults, this will give me a good size room for everything you need for a new pup.
After I had finished sorting out the stands I fed the puppies and Narla and then washed up and locked them all up.
Kiro and Reo out with their food and the house dogs all fed.
I picked up in the bottom yards at the house and then came in for dinner, phone calls and the blog.

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