14th August

Wolf dog puppies for sale and Timber wolf hybrid mating coming soon.
This week has been a far improvement on last all round.
Judy our Labrador re homed last week, is settled into her new home and very happy she has the run of 42 acres.
Meli is still available for re homing to a family home under no circumstances can she have another litter so please do not ask as it will not be allowed.
Cedar and Boots are both really happy in their new homes.
Dora is in season so she will be mated to Matzi for an early hybrid litter, ready for new homes in December.
Meli’s pups are now ready to go to new homes she has 3 boys and three girls they are ¾ Czechoslovakian wolf dog ¼ Inuit.
Tarna and Tory’s pen is causing us a little concern at the moment all three bitches including D’Quilla are in season and none of them will be mated this time round.
Quilla is keeping clear of the two youngsters and letting them sort out their differences between them selves.
Coosa and Kia have an unhealthy relationship I am trying to break.
Kia is fairly much on a permanent diet, as she gets fat by looking at food.
She rubs along the mesh by Coosa’s pen and makes stupid noises and Coosa drops biscuits through the mesh.
When his food has run out she then puts her feet under anyone’s pen that has biscuits or bones so that she is able to pull out underneath.
The general mood of the dogs is now changing towards autumn, they are starting to get more vocal and a little dominance is now starting to show with the Alfa bitches.
I have noticed some of the dogs testing to see if Vicci and Kate are on the ball.
Kiro and Reo have both asserted their positions and taken both girls by surprise in the last week.
Siren is starting to be more affectionate towards me, which hasn’t pleased Coosa.
Matzi is being very playful, a bit rough at times but he is showing off as he is in with Dora who is in season.
Meli, Kia and I have spent the afternoon clearing all the weeds and stones from the garden in the hopes to finally get a lawn and some plants to brighten the place up a bit more.
Also it will give a nice area for the small housedogs to go out into next summer.
All being well it should be ready for planting in October.
Vicci has been cutting back all of the black thorn growing through the fencing around the perimeter of the fields so we do not get any problems with the electric fence shorting out.
It’s a tedious job and has been left too long really, but the area Vicci has done looks very nice and tidy.
I have spent several hours with the brush cutter taking down all the stinging nettles in the paddock at the top of the field that we have not used this summer.
We are going to try and extend the main field that Coosa is in so that there are fewer nettles in their next year.
It is good that having three paddocks there can always be dogs out when we are working in one of the paddocks.
Vicci is now away for two weeks doing part of her grooming course; hopefully most of the course will be finished by Christmas.
This will be good as the traveling back and forth will be awful in the winter, it will also be nice to have another pair of hands here as the days are so short from October onwards.
Kate has been out today to start stocking up on the winter wet food for the yorkies, storage will be a struggle as I try to keep three months supply of food in as there is not time to be out and about picking up food later in the year.
The straw has been ordered; this is not too much of a problem as the farmer is happy to bring in 12 bales at a time.
Dust free shavings are more difficult to store so we are trying to move and tidy any area possible to get a larger delivery.
The central heating oil has even been ordered this will get us through till Easter.
All of the salt for the outside areas is already here so that’s another job done
Wendy and Brian came down today for a surprise visit as they could not get down last week for my birthday they came bearing blankets towel and hundreds of newspapers this is a great help.
We went out for a carvery which was absolutely fabulous and very much appreciated to finish off a very hard and busy week.

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