14th August

I woke up feeling rather worse for wear so Kate helped Vicci for a while with the puppies, and then Kate left and Vicci did the dogs for me
I finally manged to get myself motivated at 4 pm and then did the evening feeding and made up the feeds for the morning.
All the dogs were in and finished by 8.30 as I needed to go back to sleep.
I got up not feeling the liveliest but anyway all the dogs done and then the builders arrived.
I finished off the dogs at the top kennel and then swapped over dogs on the drive.
I had phone calls and emails to catch up with and then I stripped the beds in the house and got the washing sorted.
Lunch time feeds done and vet beds changed.
I spent the afternoon just catching up and spending time with the dogs.
I had an easy day and then got a phone call to say the lady that has Oli is not coping as her other male is getting aggressive towards Oli so he is coming home tonight.
I did the evening feeds and then Oli arrived home.
Kate has found Oli a good home.
Evening feeds done early and then Shone’s group came up to the kennel.
They were really good they just settled down for the night.
A good morning everyone done and the top group finished and the pens all cleaned.
I had a lady come and pick up her puppy; she went home with him and is over the moon with him.
I had a quick chat with the builders and then sorted out the washing.
Lunch time feeds done and then dogs swapped around.
I washed the kennel floors and left the doors open to dry the floors quickly.
All the feed bins topped up and the disinfectants all replaced in the kennels.
I had a chat with the painter and he is coming tonight to start on the windows downstairs in the house.
I spent some time with Shone’s group and had a play with Voodoo.
Lots of time making phone calls and emails.
Puppies needed play time out in the yard so we had a riot playing with them.
Hannah’s grooming list is done for this week and a list of puppies that need pictures to be taken.
I did the evening feeds and then brought Shone’s group in for the night.
All the dogs done and the outside pens washed.
All the builders were in.
I popped into the butchers to pick up meat.
When I got home Kate arrived to take Oli to his new home.
I did the lunch time feeds and then the painter arrived for the afternoon.
I got the evening feeds ready as I was going to be leaving early and getting back to feed slightly later than normal.
I spent time with the puppies and then did a little tiding up at the house.
We had some rain on and off so I let Narla and Siren out for a good run as I didn’t want to leave then out while I was away for a couple of hours.
I had an email from Dusan’s new owner to say he is doing ok in the US.
It has been a sad week for Wolfzone we have suffered a terrible loss of a hybrid youngster it was a freak accident and our owners are totally devastated.
I locked up and then went off to see Nathan and Sophie we had a good night and then I came home and did my dogs and then off to bed.

I did all the kennel dogs and opened the gates for the builders.
Hannah arrived to groom she had a big list including puppies to clip.
Next I went up the top kennel and cleaned and fed everyone.
I did the fire and then went to have a chat with the builders.
I had to pop into town and get meat and a few bits.
I got home and swapped over dogs and then my friend arrived for a couple of hours to see the dogs.
All the puppies went out into the drive and the front pen for a good run around.
Lunch time feeds done and then I had more cleaning to get done in the kennel and hoovering.
I got the evening feeds ready and did another clean out on the puppies.
I spent time back in the tiding up and then came back up and fed the pups.
Bobby popped down with his partner to have a look at the pups, we had a coffee and then I had a friend pop in for the evening.
I fed all the hybrids and then brought Shone’s group up and fed them.
Morning feeds done and then off to bed.
Voodoo jumped on me in the middle of the night and thought he was going to lay on my chest as he didn’t want to get off I dropped a bottle of water on the floor to distract him.
I woke up with one hell of a pain in my chest, I felt my ribs and nearly fell off the bed, I was finding it hard to breathe.
The dogs all done and the puppies had a run and then the gates opened for the builders.
I went up to the top and did all dogs and then came down and disinfected the bottom block and power washed it all.
Nathan and Tommy arrived to get the electrics to the under floor heating done before the plumber comes back next week.
I popped in a couple of times to see how they were getting on.
Lunch time feeds done and then the poodle puppies out for a run in the front pen.
I had a few calls with prospective puppy owners and for our Czechoslovakian wolf dog litter due this winter.
We have a lot of interest in the litters due for the wolf dogs and hybrids this year
I swapped over dogs and then went to the house to start trying to clean off some of the lime from the render on a couple of windows so when the painter arrives he can at least see out of the windows.
This was a job I was not too keen on but we didn’t have a labourer today so it became my job.
Lifting anything or walking up to the top kennel was difficult as my ribs were really playing up and I was short of breath.
I picked up in the drive and Nathan left and then a Royal canin delivery, I was pleased when that was done as my ribs were really giving me hell today.
I went out for a play with the next group of puppies.
I got the evening feeds done and then put Narla back out for a couple of hours.
Bobby arrived to do some more restoration on the windows in the downstairs.
I had a lady rang me she had a deposit down with another breeder but was very unhappy at how she was treated by the breeder so she asked if she could come up late evening to see the puppies.
I put all the top groups away just before 8.30 and then fed Shone’s group.
Bobby had just left so the gates where open for the visitors.
They arrived just after 8.30 and left at 10pm.
A very nice family they have left their puppy for another couple of weeks before they pick him up.
After they left I brought Shone’s group up and did the morning feeds.
I managed to get most groups out before we had rain.
I was finding today even harder to breathe so it seemed like a good time to go out.
After everyone was finished the rain was quite heavy so I went into town to buy some more things for the house.
When I got home I got the lunch time feeds ready and let three groups of dogs out while I was putting the shopping away.
I fed everyone and then went to see Coosa’s group, I decided to sit outside the field and talk to them as he thought of Matzi jumping up would have been more than I could have coped with.
All the pups went out in their groups to the front pen and the drive.
I had a chat with a few people about dogs and then unloaded my van and took everything to the house.
Washing nearly all sorted out and then frozen feeds all trayed up in the freezer for the morning.
I did the evening feeds and Shone’s group and then had dinner.
My next task was to pick up in the drive which I find the most painful at the moment.
I locked everyone in at 9.pm and brought Shone’s group to the kennel.

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