14th April

Sunday was Sam and I she was feeling better after spending another night in hospital with her asthma, hopefully now she has been sorted out with the right inhalers.
We had a busy start but it was more relaxed as we did not have anyone booked in to see dogs.
We did the pups which takes a little longer now as two of my hybrids are now outside with the cockapoo pups to free up some space in the house.
All the top groups went out and had their breakfast, while the house dogs were out we disinfected the yards and did the washing of numerous vet beds.
We scrubbed all the remaining water buckets and did the feed bins ready for Monday.
Lunchtime cleaning out and feeding was finished on time which keeps me happy.
My neighbour came over for chat just to keep on top of any grievances there may be over noise or anything, that all went well.
I got the rest of the dogs out and yards cleaned again.
Kirsty came round to do some more training with reo everything was going really well and then Reo slowed up really suddenly and stood with his leg up, I had a look at him and told Kirsty he will not be filming as he has pulled his cruciate ligament and will need a long rest.
We changed to Moon as he is light in the face just like Reo and this is the colour of the dog required for the film shoot.
Moon was great he is very responsive even though he can be a little over excitable at times he did exceptional well.
We got the rest of the dogs in and fed the pups.
Sam came in for a while to look after the dogs and do some odd jobs while Kirsty and I went for a walk with Moon and Shone, we did the town walk and the park, we took a slight detour and gave the dogs a quick look around the vintage tractors, not my thing but it was good for the dogs.
I came home and put Moon away and fed Shone, I let all the house dogs out and then spent some time on the computer.
Monday morning was kirsty and I we did the bitches and pups then Kiro out, Reo has to go out on a lead as his leg is still delicate.
We did the top groups then down to the bottom lot.
Everyone was in and fed before the little dogs went out.
We had pups leaving, visitors to view pups and worming, then on to vaccinations, the morning flew by.
We gave Atlz a really good brush ready for a man coming to view him; we did the lunchtime feeds and then scrubbed all the bottom block buckets by this time Kirsty was late to leave.
I did the afternoon feeding cleaning and letting dogs out.
I managed about 20 minutes brushing Kia but after Atlz my arms were aching so that was enough for one day.
Everyone was in by 5.30 and the house dogs then went out while I spent two hours grooming a poodle as she is due to have puppies within the next couple of days.
I spent the rest of the evening with the house dogs.
Tuesday morning Kirsty and I did the same routine as the day before and after we had finished the first part of the morning we stopped and sorted out the meat delivery and got the frozen feeds ready for the next day.
I wanted to get in front as much as possible as I allegedly had someone coming to look at Atlz low and behold the person in question didn’t even have the common decency to ring and cancel the appointment so he just messed up my day for no reason, it annoys me as we change things around to accommodate people and I really don’t know why I bother I should just carry on as normal and make them wait if we are not ready for them.
So this leaves Atlz still looking for a home and this is very frustrating as we need the room for the next litter of pups.
Roka is still looking for a home as well.
We did the lunchtime feeds and cleaned the bottom yards, Kirsty left and my poodle started whelping so I spent the afternoon rushing A to B letting dogs in and out and cleaning yards while whelping, thankfully this was a far more successful whelping than the last two. She is a good mum.
I got everyone fed and locked up then Kirsty arrived with the chicken carcasses before she went off to work.
I sat with the bitch and did some paper work so that I could be on hand if needed.
All was well and I went off to bed at 12.
Wednesday morning was Kirsty and I, when she arrived I was finishing off the house dogs feeding; she went straight into fed the first groups of puppies.
We cleaned the bottom yards ready for the first two groups to go up to the top and out in the field while we did the little dogs.
We finished down the bottom and took the feeds up for everyone after they had been out.
The top groups went out and came back in for feeding, while they were out we did Idaho her pen was really dirty as she has a bad stomach today, I thought it best not to feed her and she how she goes during the day and then may be a small feed later in the evening.
We put the house dogs out and then changed all the vet beds and water from the house dogs this takes a little longer now as we have two more girls in the house that are having pups.
Shone came back in and had early lunch as she is training tonight and doesn’t travel very well, after an hour out in the yard she came in to go to sleep for a couple of hours before we leave.
Two washing machines going and the mountain of washing was slowly decreasing as the day went on.
We cleaned the whelping area and did their water and clean bedding, then got the frozen feeds ready for the morning.
Hannah was here grooming dogs and doing a quick bath on the bitches that have just had pups.
We did the lunchtime feeds and disinfected the bottom yards and cleaned the bottom block.
Kirsty left and I brought all the bowls in and got the chicken cut for the dogs for the next day’s feeding.
I got everyone out for the rest of the afternoon we had a few light showers but nothing much.
I spent some time sorting out about the new CCTV and alarms that are going up around the kennels and on the new build, tomorrow the wiring is being put in ready for everything to be connected up.
There are a number of dog thefts going on at the moment all over the country so I want to make sure my dogs are a safe as possible.
Sam came in to look after the dogs while I was out and does some cleaning this means the little dogs can be locked in later than normal and she finishes off the odd jobs so when I get home I don’t have to rush around doing everything.
I got home and fed Shone and just checked on the rest of the dogs, everyone was fine so I spent the evening with the house dogs.
Thursday morning was Kirsty and I we had a horrible day it rained all day long, the dogs were soaked and not too happy about it so they only went out for short exercise times and spent a lot of time in their kennels with bones and chews.
We still had plenty to do with worming, vaccinating and sorting out paperwork for dogs going to the vets on Friday morning.
We did the feeds and got the frozen feeds ready in bins in the freezer just to take out when we needed to take them up to the top.
In the afternoon I was juggling viewings and letting dogs out and a couple of evening viewings.
I finished outside quite late.
Friday Sam and I did the morning cleaning while Kirsty was at the vets sorting out passports for pups going.
The weather was unsettled we had heavy showers without much warning so a few times dogs got wet.
Kirsty popped back in to pick up Moon to go out and do some training she swapped dogs over for me as I had a run of people viewing and picking up puppies, I was glad she came round or I would never have got finished.
Everyone went out for as long as possible before it was too wet to let anyone out, after 3 pm it was much brighter so I thought it would be nice to spend time out with each group until it was getting dark, then I had a couple of hours with the house dogs and pups.
Kirsty came back with Moon and said how pleased she was as he had worked perfectly, I am happy as he will be taking Reo’s place for the next couple of film shoots.
We had finished most of the normal daily stuff and caught up on stocking up everywhere with towels and cleaning stuff, getting stock orders together.
The rest of my day was hosing outside pens, feeding and finishing off the puppies.
Saturday Sam and I managed to get all of the dogs out for a run and in for breakfast before the rain, it was then about two hours before anyone could go back out.
Coosa’s group were the only ones who had the field and the run to get back into if they wanted to.
In the time the dogs were in we did vet beds and feeds and cleaned the yard from where the doodle group came in from the field really wet and muddy so they had to go in and dry off.
After just finishing the house dogs I had four lots of visitors before lunch so we didn’t have time to spare for much else. I had hoped to get pictures of a few of the pups.
The rain had stopped by 3 pm so everyone went out in the field and the little dogs in the yards.
I fed everyone and the pups and finished for 6 o clock so I could get some time to do nothing for a few hours.
I sat and watched the wolfdogs and hybrids with the yorkies and doodles in at the moment; it is 99% of the time the bigger dogs deferring to the little dogs.
We still have two hybrid pups from Taska and a male from Roxy for sale.

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