13th September

A great start to the day nice and sunny, the house dogs went out and then the labs went out and I cleaned the kennel and then put Kiro and Reo in.
I did the kennel dogs and the fire.
Shone and Cito went out while I cleaned the house dogs room and steam cleaned the floors.
Everyone then went out for a really good run and then I went off for a couple of hours to see family as my niece and children are here from New Zealand we all went to see Laura and Nathan it was really nice the weather was great and Laura made cakes and scones, we stayed for a couple of hours and then I headed to Morrison’s on the way home for shopping and fuel.
I got back and let everyone out and fed them, Kate arrived she wanted me to look at Lobo’s dew claw as he has ripped most of it off, it’s not very nice but hopefully won’t need to be taken off.
After Kate left I unpacked the shopping and then put my dinner on to cook and then brought the dogs in and swapped them around as it is quite hot in the field.
I wrote today’s blog and then went in for dinner.
I fed the house dogs and got their room ready and then fed the kennel dogs and brought the dogs in and then brought Coosa’s group in and fed them.
I locked up the kennel dogs and let the poodles out on the drive for a while, so they can have their last run while I am cleaning the yard and getting the food out for Coosa’s group in the morning.
I brought them all in and let Kiro out for the night.
A nice bright but slightly cold start, house dogs out and fed then the labs out and fed and kennel cleaned out.
Kiro and Reo in.
I let the poodles back in then did the kennel dogs and the fire.
After everyone was done I picked up in the drive and then sorted out emails and phone calls.
Helen popped in for coffee and a chat before she goes off on holiday.
I stopped for lunch and then fed everyone their chicken.
Everyone spent the day outside while I did the normal, water buckets clean yards, ear cleaning and the packing ready for the weekend at the wedding in Scotland.
I power washed the labs yard and then soaked up some more bedding for the kennel dogs while I am away.
Last minute shopping for a few bits and to get food in for Vicci.
I cleaned the bottom block and got all of the house dogs bedding washed and dried.
I took Ruby to the vets to have her checked and the stitches taken out.
Evening feeds done ready and then started to feed the kennel dogs.
Everyone in and Kiro and Reo out and the house dogs in.
House dogs out and fed then the labs out fed and cleaned out.
Kiro and Reo in.
Jez moved down to the kennel block with Helen’s dog Henry she will stay there for a couple of weeks.
The bone delivery arrived so I sorted that out and took the boxes up to burn.
All the dogs cleaned and fed and then I put a group out in the field, Shone and Cito in field two and Coosa’s group in one and the bitch pack on the drive.
I finished off in the kennel and then did the fire.
Coosa’s field de boned and the paddock all clean.
I popped into town to pick up some bits for my sister and then came home and fed everyone their chicken.
My carcasses delivery arrived so I cut up the food for today and then froze the rest.
I spent a while on the phone asking about cabin dryers for the grooming room and then fed everyone.
I tidied up in the house and stopped for lunch.
The rest of the afternoon was spending time with the dogs.
I did the evening feeds and then over to my sisters for dinner and drop off my clothes for the wedding.
We had a great night and then I got home after 12 and got Narla and Siren in, the labs went into their kennel then Coosa’s group came in and had food.
I locked up the kennel and then let Kiro and Reo out and brought the house dogs in, I got the morning feeds ready for the house dogs and had a coffee before bed.
A good start to the morning house dogs all done, labs out and fed and then Kiro in and the kennels dogs all finished.
I did the fire and then Shone and Cito went out in the field while I cleaned the bottom yard.
I swapped over dogs on the drive and then power washed Kiro’s yard.
After I had finished I brought Cito and shone down to the garden and then let the bitches with puppies out in the drive while I did emails.
Everyone else went out for an hour and then came in for a short time while I went out with the house dogs
Lunch time feeding done and then I power washed the front pen at the kennel while the bitch group were out on the drive.
I stopped for lunch quite late but that’s not unusual.
Kirsty came down to see what needed doing with Kiro and Reo while I am away, she stayed for coffee and then I popped into town for a couple of bits.
I got home and let everyone back out and then got the feeds ready to start feeding and getting everyone in so I could lock up and feed the house dogs and let Kiro and Reo out.
An early start as Hannah was due in at 8 am to start grooming.
I did the house dogs and then the labs went out.
Hannah arrived and started grooming I finished the kennels and did the fire.
I got my bag packed and loaded the van; I put Shone and Cito out in the field and cleaned the house dogs room.
Vicci arrived and then we spent the day going through what need to happen with the dogs while I am away.
The chicken delivery arrived and we both cut up the carcasses and fed the lunch time feeds and then got the food ready for the next day.
We popped up to the butchers and picked up bones for the hybrids and bagged everyone’s food so Vicci knows what to feed them.
Kirsty came down and picked up her chicken and then Hannah cut Bucks dew claws, he was out with Shone in the garden..
We did the evening feeds and Hannah left.
I ordered my cabin drier hopefully for next week’s delivery so we can be doing three dogs at a time.
Kate arrived and picked up her chicken and we had dinner and then got Coosa’s group in.
Kiro went out for the night and we spent a couple of hours with the house dogs.
Friday – Viccy
It was an early start to the day and a lot to take in. I am glad Andre had the patience with me whilst I frantically scribble notes. We let Buck, Cito and Shone out first thing, then Andre went and put Reo and Kiro in to bed for the day and sorted out their pen. We then let Coosa’s group out and cleaned and sorted their inside and back pen ready for them to come into in the evening. It seemed to go quite smoothly. We then did the house dogs together, got everything fed and back in.
We headed up to the kennel block and began letting the dogs out and feeding breakfast (this is where my scribblings went a bit mental) Remembering who gets fed what, where and which time etc. We changed all the vet beds and cleaned the pens, replacing the water etc So many buckets! And making sure the little people with pups had food in their pen for throughout the day.
We headed down to the house to put the first load of washing on, grab a coffee before Andre had to shoot (Running late!) We quickly ran through what my next plan of action should be so once she left I cracked on. I poo picked everywhere starting from the house, then drive and front pen then paddock and field 2. It was nice to be out with the dogs again. I have missed spending so much time around them, but I had plenty of company whilst picking up poo and I couldn’t of been any happier.
I moved dogs around again, starting a rotation that I was hoping I would remember throughout the day. I then went and sat outside Coosa’s field door so they could sniff me, I got licks from Taska and River a little ‘bouff’ from Aimee but thought its progress. Coosa was digging at my back and sniffing lots.
The afternoon was spent swapping dogs defrosting feeds and checking my trusty list. I called Kate and had a chat about when she would pop in, mostly for my own reassurance as most things had been done.
I started feeding with the kennel block for the evening. Letting each group and feeding via my notes of who goes where with what food. I let each group out in turn the only thing I had to keep on with was the noise as I think they knew it was feeding time. I was only hoping I was doing it in some sort of order they were used to. After everyone had been fed I let then out for one last short run before bed.
Kate arrived to help if needed with getting Coosa’s group in. All went well though and they came in very well. I took up a bit of chicken to give Coos as a thank you. Kirsty then arrived and Kate left. I got my wires crossed whilst talking to Kirsty earlier so was up to open the gates for her, was very pleased she checked first before letting Reo and Kiro out for the night! She didn’t stop as she had to go on to work. I am so glad the pair of them are about as I am always in need of reassurance that I’m doing things the correct way. I am very thankful that they could help me out.
I then put my dinner on in with the house dogs and slumped in the chair mentally exhausted. I got all the house dogs out and then back into bed. I made myself a drink and headed to bed. Was in bed 5 mins and Shone started howling, I felt sorry for her as I had to put her in her box for the night with Cito on the couch and Rupert on the chair to keep her company. She is used to sleeping up with Andre so I went down and reassured her and she slept the rest of the night.
I was awake at 5 after the dogs started howling, they did shut up quite quickly as I stumbled down the stairs half asleep, probably thinking ‘what the hell is that’. Kirsty arrived at 7 to get Kiro and Reo in, they went in fine and although she looked like me (half asleep) I was so happy to see her as it meant I could crack on.
I let buck and Shone out first. Then put them upstairs whilst the house dogs went out down the bottom block as it was raining. Then it was all in for breakfast and Buck and shone out with their breakfast. I then headed up to Coosa’s to let them out before Kate arrived at 8. Once they were out I picked up all the poo and washed both inside pens I was in the middle of hosing it down when it dawned on me that I had to open the gates for Kate. So I ran down and made sure they were open. Kate knew I would be doing Coosa’s pen so came straight when she arrived. We swept it down, did the water buckets and left the inside pen to dry.
We were running 10 mins late but I thought at least its only 10 mins! However this morning I found out that if you run late at any point you spend the rest of the day catching up! It didn’t help that as we headed to the kennel block it started raining. Well it stopped for a little while so we rushed dogs out the front and back for their food and frantically cleaned the pens. I let Jez and Henry out the back and when I went to get them back in they were tied. So we had to leave them to it and just hope that it would be a quick tie. Kate took the labs out to field 3 whilst I picked up poo between groups. Kate went and go the chicken out to defrost for the next days feeds We managed to get all the feeds done and have everyone back in fairly quickly. It was just Narla and Siren waiting to go which they were extremely good about. Finally they were not joined so we brought them in and let a very happy Narla and Siren out. The sky darkened and it poured down, so they were in pretty soon. We got the labs in however one was minus her brand new collar. The rain eased a little so we let Narla and Siren back out, they did get a little confused as I had Andres jumper on, Sirens face was a picture ‘you smell like my mum but I am looking at you and you aint my mum’ the mind boggles. Me and Kate then went to the field to try and find the collar, the heavens opened and we got soaked.
We put Narla and Siren in as I wanted to get Shone and Buck out for a run in the field once the rain stopped. When it did we managed to burn some rubbish. Kate helped me unscramble my head as the rain had put a stop to what was my routine yesterday and the day before with Andre, so I needed help with the who, where and next and what we thought I should do if it just continually rained. Kate left and I went and got Buck and Shone to go out. I then let the house dogs out into the bottom block and garden. I washed dishes, water bowls etc in the house and then hoovered as I hoped I might manage to steam clean the floor later. I cleaned their little yard as I didn’t give myself enough time the night before. I then brought them back in after ¾ hour and went and brought Shone and Buck in. On my way to get them I took up Coosa’s food which he was most pleased about as yesterday I fed them around 2.30 forgetting that the day before me and Andre fed the earlier (really must wear a watch). I then went and let Narla and Siren back out and dogs out the front seeing as the rain had stopped temporarily, I wanted to make sure everyone had time out.
Finally it dried up so I let dogs out again for a longer run which they all appreciated. And sorted the feeds out, washed up bowls etc and what needed to come with me when I went back to the house. I checked on the puppies and their yummy mummies, Rosie’s Yorkie pups are gorgeous and they are now moving around and behaving like little terriers.
I fed all the dogs, letting them each out in turn, washing bowls and replacing newspaper as I went. Then headed down to the house dogs to sort them and hopefully get something to eat. Kate was arriving at 6.30 to lend a hand if need be with sorting dogs and getting Coosa’s group in. I took the house dogs up the field so the ginger ninjas could have a charge around, Cito enjoyed having a sniff about and a change of scenery, Rupert stood still for about 5 mins whilst the rest of us walked around the field, he eventually moved had a sniff about and then sat next to me eyeing me up, he is such a little queen, hilarious.
I put a load of washing on and hung this morning’s wash up to dry in the house. Finally changed my shoes and my feet were swimming in my wellies.
With all the dogs done I let Kate in and after a quick coffee I went to get Coosa in. All except Aimee came straight in, so I went in the field as Andre had showed me the other night but she shot down her hatch, by that time the others were wondering where she was so came back out to look for her. So I tried again with the whole group being there but she did the same. I called Kate up to see if the two of us could get her to go the right way in, we used some biscuit to try and entice her but she didn’t want to come in. Instead of pushing her too far we called it a day and put them all back out and opened the hatch. As soon as we did so they all came running in through it including Aimee. But figuring they had had enough we called it a day. I said goodbye to Kate and arrived in the house with everyone in just in time to answer the door to Kirsty. Kirsty let Reo and Kiro out with no problems and then came in for a cuppa. We had a nice catch up and then she went home.
I decided I should probably eat so made some dinner and sat and watched tv. I stayed up late in hope that the later I went to bed the less the dogs should howl. Again they howled after 10 mins of me getting into bed but were then quiet until 6. I was so happy I managed to get a good few hour’s sleep I didn’t mind.

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