13th November

A good start to the week, with an improvement in Tarna, she is back out in the kennel with Breeze the Labrador for company, she is eating bones and chicken carcasses but still drooling a bit, her chest seems to be fairly clear so far.
Dora and Quilla are doing well with the hybrid pups, they are growing so fast.
Pictures have been taken this week just as the eyes are starting to open but they do still look like blobs at the moment.
They were not to keen on the wormer and having their nails clipped.
Next week they will look more like puppies and probably be twice as wriggly to photograph.
Tarnas pups are already walking out of the whelping box.
We have a female going to Cornwall a male going up north and another male going to Norway so far.
Still available are 2 males and 1 female.

Shaun and Isla came over for a visit in the early part of the week and brought Peaches a hybrid pup who is just 9 months old; she is beautiful just like her mum Taska.
We all went out to dinner at The Rising Sun, the reason for the venue was
Because this is the pub were lupus one of last year’s hybrid pups lives as a pub dog with Kirsty and her partner Simon.
This was a great opportunity for Peaches and Lupus to meet.
We all had a really good night out the atmosphere was really nice and calming and the food was very enjoyable.
This will also be a good place to socialize my new puppy that I am keeping from D’Quilla as it is dark so early in the winter and not much spare time in the day its ideal to have somewhere nice to go in the evening away from the town pubs that are too hectic.

C had a good night at training thankfully as she is in a little monster stage at the moment.
Monday night she opened the back door and let herself in the house when I was up in the top kennel, paperwork is not my best subject as finding time to fit it all in is a pain, but C found time to help out by throwing it all around the room, she only ate a few pens and pencils, grooming brushes nothing very important so I was not too upset.
Tuesday evening I was a little more fed up with her as she ate my phone, so she spent an hour in her pen on her own while all the other dogs were chilling out in the lounge, she did create for about 10 minuets but I ignored her.

Meli has got a new home she will be going next week the family she is going to join 5 other wolf dogs of mine.
I am pleased I waited so long to find a really great home for life.

Apart from the change in the weather for the worse I may add the rest of the week went well with the exception of a lot more kennel cleaning and bedding up constantly to keep everyone dry.
Saturday was very busy, Wendy and Brian came down to sort out the rest of the tree we pruned last week and to rechannel the water from the soak away to a new area.
Brian has got all of the trees logged and ready for Shaun and we had a massive fire to clear all the excess bits of branches.

Shaun, Isla and Dawn were here on Saturday doing part of the dog course here using some of my dogs as part of the training.
Kiro was very good she defiantly gave them something to think about and I felt she did her job brilliantly.
Bobbie was the bitch that gave us the most surprises, she was a little unsure of Bracken the Labrador,
She listened and backed off when Chea growled at her, and she was very good with Reo you could she with her body language she wanted to play.
I was very happy with this, as it will make it easier to find her a home.
Her best friend is Kia they play together most days.
She is now kenneled with Steel my Czech bitch in pen one right by the house, just so I can keep a close eye on them, so far all is going well.
Kate was great she came back to help get all of the dogs sorted out for the evening as the course took a big chunk out of the day.
Wendy and Brian stayed late and Wendy helped me prepare all the veg for Rachael and her friends coming to dinner today.

Rachael had been training for the weekend in the Forest near Exeter, so they all came down with three vans and 18 dogs, they were all really good, no noise.
Sunday afternoon was really great Rach and everyone moved all the trees that had been cut down ready for Shaun.
Rach came to the rescue and transported a dog to Lincolnshire, which really helped out to free up a kennel.

We have a Czechoslovakian wolf dog female here on loan from Paul Winder of UK wolf dogs she is here to be mated with Reo.
Her name is Iman she is due in season fairly soon.

Akna racing results for wolf dogs

Forest of AE rally organised by SDAS 29th/30th Oct

2 dog open class 3rd place Austin and Mya, 4th place dak and vadar.

Dora and tarnas pups sleeping

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