13th May

Four of the Steel pups left today so cleaning is easier giving us a little more time to fit in other jobs.
After a terrible weekend of worry about Whisper, a hybrid that I bred being still out in the Lincolnshire countryside I had news on Saturday evening that a dog fitting her description was seen in a private country estate and had been chasing sheep, I was told they were going to shoot her, on Sunday morning I had a message to say she had been shot, there was a feeling of sadness and a sort of a relief that her ordeal was over with.

Then late on Sunday evening there had been another sighting of a dog like her, so I was again getting stressed not knowing if it was Whisper or another dog that had been killed.
Monday morning I had the email confirming that the dog that had been shot was scanned by the police and it was Whisper.

Monday was a very gloomy day the weather here was wet and horrible and my mood matched it, I was so very sad as any hybrid from my kennels has a very special place in my heart.
I hope whisper will now be at peace in a better place, such a waste of a beautiful young bitch killed just a couple of days before her third birthday.
She has now been laid to rest and free from harm at her home, she will not be forgotten.
I helped Kate for a couple of hours with the cleaning then went in to do paper work and spend some time getting my head together and trying to adjust to the news.
I had to carry on as normal even though I felt sick and tearful all day; I can still remember holding that little girl in my arms.
In the afternoon the rain was beating down on the roof, I did not much feel like being outside so I spent a lot of time sat in the run with Taska, Matzi and Coosa , all of Whispers relations and felt blessed to have my guys.
Tuesday morning was Kate’s birthday so we tried to get finished as quickly as possible so she could go home and have some time with her family, it didn’t go quite according to plan she only managed to leave half an hour early.
I carried on with the rest of the jobs before I had people coming to visit looking for an older dog.
Roka was their chosen dog so she has now been rehomed to a very nice couple and will live near the beach.
I was sad to see her leave but she did not make the size I was hoping for and as I am breeding fewer wolf dogs it was not necessary to keep her when she could have a nice home and get individual attention.
This now only makes three dogs in the group she was in so a little less cleaning.
Wolf came down and brought Echo, Rupert and Meala the cockapoo pup for a few days.
Keeping Cito and Echo apart is difficult with both of them being house dogs.
Rupert is fine he is in with C.
Meala is in Razzles group along with another little pup who is here for 10 days while his owners are on holiday.
After we had settled the dogs in Wolf and I went out for an Indian while Kate looked after the dogs.
This turned into a late night with an early start looming.
Wednesday as always is very busy Kate and I did the morning cleaning and Hannah had a number of dogs to clip and bath.
We popped off to drop my van in town to get tyres; we left the van and came home for Kate to carry on putting out dogs while I helped Hannah on the ear cleaning with most of the house dogs.
Ali came in to look after the dogs and degreased the panels in pen four while we went of to get my van, then off to training.
Kate took Peaches and this was the first night for Puzzle she did not really enjoy any of it from the travelling to the training, next week she may feel more settled.
Peaches were good, she was a little stubborn to start with but finished off on a good note.
C was very good she was much more enthusiastic on her recall and heel work.
She also played with a toy again and enjoyed it.
We got home late and Ali had let all the house dogs out and checked on all the outside dogs.
We all had a coffee and chat and I got the morning feeds sorted before bed.
Thursday morning was wet and miserable, I did half of the outside cleaning with Kate then I came in to do the house dogs while Kate did the top block.
We had second vaccinations on five dogs to do before I had to go out.
The afternoon I made time to spend 10 minutes with each group to see how everyone was getting on and make sure that there are no problems looking like they are likely to arise in the near future.
I spend the evening on ear cleaning with the house dogs and playing with puppies.
Friday morning Jo could not work as her daughter was still sick so I ended up doing the day on my own.
I am having to find another girl as it’s difficult to make any plans to do anything unless kate is here.
I have had a couple more people look round but they are just not suitable and the thought of training someone that is never going to get the hang of how things work is a waste of time.
I have another girl coming this weekend so fingers crossed maybe she will be able to clean.
Saturday was unbelievable busy and nice 5.30 start, with a clear sky, so this started the dogs off wanting to get out.
I let most of the groups out and did a quick kennel clean and clear out everyone’s bedding.
When Kate came in she did the rest of the bottom groups picking up bones and getting the straw all out ready for power washing.
In-between visitors looking at pups, I power washed nearly from top to bottom of the whole place for ten hours.
We were rushing to finish as we were expecting visitors, Paul and his family were dropping off a couple of their dogs.
As Paul rarely breeds now these two were staying with someone and things were not working out, the dogs were not happy so I said I would have them.
The male is a pure bred fci registered csv.
The female is a high content timber wolf line.
When we had nearly finished most of the dogs Paul and his family arrived with the dogs.
After we had unloaded then into their new pen we had a look round at the other dogs.
Paul had a play with Iman before she goes to her new home in the next couple of weeks.
Then Shaun arrived so we got chatting for some time about Wolves and wolf dogs.
When everyone had gone it was late so I brought all of the house dogs in and came in to do the paper work for the dogs going in the morning and prepared the morning feeds while feeding Echo {one of my pet hates} as she is probably the strangest dog I have ever come across where food is concerned, thankfully she was being reasonable and ate some chicken and liver and then 41b of raw diced beef.
Another busy day ahead for Sunday.

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