13th March

A very long hard week one I must say I pleased is over.
Alot has happened this week, with pups and rehomes in and out.
Cedar is doing well with her puppies she is a very good mum as always.

Taska is a little star with her hybrid puppies, I have brought two females into the house these two pups are being kept, one by myself and the other by Shaun Ellis, when the girls are 8 weeks they will both go to live with Shaun at the wolf park, my girl will come home to have puppies in the future.
Quahany has gone to a little training with Shaun she is a half csv half Saarloos she may be sold but it will be nice to get her socialized properly, if she come back to be bred from she will have had a good start then when she is homed in the future she will be easy to work with.

Mia is doing exceptional well with her pups they are growing well and Mia is gaining weight, puppies from this litter are still available and Mia is looking for a home as soon as she has enough weight on.

Smokey has now been rehomed to a friend of mine he is doing well out in the real world.

Titan Lobo has gone to live in Suffolk with Luta one of our ex breeding girls who went back home to live with her previous owner after she had puppies.
Titan will be a companion to Luta as she recently lost her mate Harry who very sadly passed away last week.
Martine spent time with Titan here today and they seemed to bond well.
He will have a wood to run in and a nice kennel for when Martine is at work.

Cito and Kiro are a little lost with out him but Cito has asserted her dominance over Kiro for the first time ever.
This should bring Kiro into line a little more.

Coosa has been away for a while and now he is back Matzi and Siren have found out its not such a good idea to bully him as he has now learnt to stand up for himself, not bad at five years old, he is still my baby bear and just a loving and cuddle with me.

Friends of mine in Somerset have fostered our 2-year-old rehome temporarily as she really was not enjoying being in a kennel or in a cage.
She is looking for a loving family home.

Rosie lee the Labrador has moved into the house this week, as her puppies are due soon.
Judy the lab is also due pups in the next week.

Three little Labradoodle puppies ready to be homed now they are red and apricot.

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