13th March

Saturday night was a quiet one thankfully as my poodle started whelping at one am so it was a long night, she was a little early but not too much to worry about, unfortunately this was noticeable in a couple of the pups that you could see were premature and just didn’t get going but the rest are doing ok at the moment.
Shone is running around my bedroom and the hall with her teddy bear, I think she is getting broody with all these puppies around.
I started to let the dogs out at just after 5 am in-between the heavy showers, I had to shut Kiro and Reo away as they were making too much noise for that time of the morning.
Everyone out cleaned and fed by 6.30 the only dogs still in were Coosa’s group as they would probably just go out and howl after a short time.
All the chicken cut up and ready in the fridge as I wanted to feed early as I was meeting up with family for mother’s day lunch, we were meeting not far from me so it meant I wouldn’t have to be away for too long.
Shone and Cito were out running around the drive and it was time to get Coosa’s group out they had been so patient this morning I couldn’t believe they hadn’t made a sound.
At 7.30 I let Coosa’s group out and went up the top to move them into the next field and River was off somewhere on her own so I let the rest through to get their food and went up the field to find her, she came in and Coosa had already took his bone and hers, River squirmed all around him to ask him to let her have a bone the answer was a definite no, so I ran down to the freezer and got her another one.
I thought it would be a good time to check on everyone’s ears and give them all a quick clean and check everyone’s teeth at the same time, teeth are always checked when worming as well, you never know when you will find a broken one and it’s always best to get them taken out before an infection sets in.
Shone and Cito went down the bottom block and the yard as my next job was to get three more groups out for a run and then tidy up after the builders and sort out all the stuff for burning then I burnt it all with my stuff from meat deliveries so I had a massive fire in the garden as I couldn’t be bothered to walk all the way up to the burning pit.
After the fire was done I let the bitches with pups and the yorkies out in the drive for a while.
After everyone had a good run and then their chicken carcasses I brought Shone and Cito up to the kennel and then went out and met up with most of the family for lunch, we had a really nice afternoon and Nathan bought me some lovely lilies and Adele cd’s so a great day, after a couple of glasses of prosecco I did feel like a sleep would be good but no, back home to let everyone out and get the evening feeds done.
Everyone was fed and exercised and back in by 6.50 and then Kiro and Reo out for the night.
A fairly good start just one light shower everyone out and cleaned ready for the gates to be opened at 8 am for the builders to come in.
Coosa’s group out in the field waiting to be moved for their breakfast.
I put the rest of the dogs out in the field and drive and then fed Coosa’s group.
All but one group had a good run before the rain came down quite heavy and then continued to be wet until lunch time.
Everyone out again and fed their chicken carcasses.
I had a quick look down the house to see how things are going as the builders have started in my study now this is going to be the dog room, fitted out with 4 indoor kennels.
I had a bit of tiding up to do in the garage and get the frozen feeds ready for the hybrids for the morning.
I had a mating with Peaches and Chili which should be nice to see the pups from these two.
Everyone out until 5.30 and then Shone and Cito came back up for a run on the drive before coming in for food, I brought Coosa’s group in while Shone was still out and then did his ears.
The bitches needed feeding again.
Everyone was finished by 7 pm and Kiro and Reo out.
A wet start to the morning but it soon cleared out with a few light showers on and off.
Everyone fed and cleaned out and then I started to check for bitches in season, it would appear that 4 bitches have come into season over the weekend and one was showing no sign at all, I thought it strange how the other bitches were being towards her so I spent the next two hours changing dogs around and getting them into the right groups, the only one that had to go back to her group was Chardonnay as she really did not like Razzle and barked for half an hour solid, he was getting really fed up with her.
I went out quickly for some bones but that was a waste of time there weren’t any at the butchers.
I had a chat with Rachael about picking up my hybrid boy in Europe and also my new Cocker I have just bought from up north.
One of my hybrids is coming home as the owner has family problems and cannot give this boy the time he needs and he cannot see this situation improving, it is a very genuine reason for him coming home.
I fed everyone and then the meat delivery arrive so I sorted out the chicken and just shut the gates and the dried beef delivery arrived this is what the dogs have every night at bed time.
Everyone had a good time out for the afternoon and then I did the night feeds and the morning feeds ready.
Shone and Cito came up to the kennel and Coosa’s group came in.
I picked up in the drive and let the builders out and off I went to see Laura, Sophie and Nathan, I spent some time with Sophie and then we had dinner.
I got home and let the bitches out and Shone and Cito before going to bed.
The wind was really howling and lots of banging and crashing made it hard to sleep.
I woke up early to aging and crashing the weather had not improved the wind had picked up considerably and the rain was still coming with it.
Everyone was out fed and cleaned and then the rain stopped but the wind was still strong
I got the dogs out for as long as possible when the rain was holding off.
It has been a difficult day for the boys Rupert was mating with noodles and got absolutely soaked, Merlot nearly had a mating and the rain stopped play, Chili is very easy and I am trying to teach him to be a martini boy as I really don’t like sitting outside in the rain so he had his mating in the office.
I moved Chardonnay as she was getting picked on and she wasn’t very happy poor soul but even the moved wasn’t helping she was howling, I have now also put Peaches in with her and the yorkies so she is much happier now which has made me happy, dogs are funny things they would rather be in a group, they are familiar with and be bullied than go with a dog that don’t know that won’t pick on them, Peaches will give her confidence.
Everyone went out for the last run before bed time.
I popped in quickly to see the builders and then brought Coosa’s group in and let Shone and Cito out for a run before letting Kiro and Reo out for the night.
A really nice morning dry bright and warm, thankfully as this was an early start.
Everyone was out and finished just Rupert’s group in the front pen when I opened the gates to let Hannah in to groom the little dogs.
The builders came in and then gates shut and everyone out again.
I cut up the chicken early ready to feed everyone before I had to go off with my sister to get her camper van serviced.
Coosa’s group fed and the frozen feeds done in the freezer ready for the next morning.
Shone and Cito came in from the field and spent the day down in the bottom block.
I managed to get three loads of washing done and then just left the last wash and dry to sort out when I get home.
There would be another two loads from the towels for the grooming.
Everyone was fed and been out, I had left Hannah a list of grooming and what dogs go out in which areas and how long to leave each group out.
I left and then met up with my sister in Somerset, she dropped off the camper van and then we went to see Laura for coffee and my sister to meet Sophie, we stayed for coffee and cake and then we went off shopping and more coffee at costa.
I got home and then let everyone out again and brought the dogs in that were out in the field.
Hannah left a short time after I got back.
I fed the bitches with puppies and Shone and Cito.
After everyone had been out I brought Coosa’s group in and fed them and then Kiro and Reo out for the night.
Nice dry morning again.
Everyone out and finished by 9 am.
George arrived to do the cleaning and dusting as it is getting too much to keep up with it at the moment.
A customer arrived to meet the labradodles to see if it is what she would like one as a pet; she loved the breed and has put her name down for a pup from the next litter.
After the lady left I swapped over dogs and then got the chicken cut up and started to feed everyone.
I brought the labs back from the field as they had been out for over three hours.
Shone and Cito went down the bottom block with bones, they were sat watching the builders.
I spent quite a bit of time with the bitches and puppies while the rest of the dogs were outside.
All the dogs stayed out until after 6 pm as it was still such a nice evening.
Everyone came in and had food and then Kiro and Reo went out.
Another nice start to the morning except the time was earlier than I had planned but Kiro and Reo were making a noise outside and winding up the kennel dogs.
I put them two away and then got everyone done and out in the drive and the fields, they were on the second run out by 8 am.
I power washed the front pen while dogs were out.
I had my first puppy viewers at 10 am and then a few more booked throughout the day.
I managed to brush Shone on her second run out and then I cut up chicken.
A normal routine of everyone out in the fields or the drive.
Lunch time feeding done in between visitors.
The afternoon was just the same swap dogs and visitors seeing their pup.
Narla had a brush she is in full moult.
Everyone in and fed by 6.30 and Kiro out.

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