13th July

Sunday morning I had everyone fed, out for a good run, cleaned and back in and a good fire going before we had some very heavy showers.
Four groups of dogs have their own yards so I leave them out and they go back in on their own if it rains.
I had my first visitors not turn up then the second lot got here early and the third were very late, I don’t know how people think you can organise your day and feeding routine when you are messed around so much.
After lunch the weather had improved so I got everyone out again.
It turned out to be a very nice afternoon all the dogs chilled out in the yards.
Everyone came in and I went off to mums to do the garden and to replace flowers in the house.
I finished just before dark and went to Nathans on my way home; I got home at just before 12 o clock.
Monday morning was a nice easy start all the dogs were out by 8.30.
I put the house hybrids out and cleaned their yard and then got feeds ready for lunch time.
The rain started late morning and the showers were heavy so everyone back in again.
I got fed up with dogs in and out like yoyo’s it went on all day long.
I wasn’t going to achieve much waiting for the rain to stop so I put my water proofs on and strimmed the paddock as the grass was getting too long and I had trouble poo picking up as most of it was getting hidden in the long grass.
I let everyone out and then did the evening feeds, about an hour after feeding the rain stopped so everyone came out again for half an hour before bed.
I had a couple coming to look at puppies so I spent quite a while up in the kennels waiting for them which gave me chance to have a tidy up and move things around in the office and tidy the grooming room as Hannah was coming in the morning.
A busy morning, getting dogs done before the meat delivery and Hannah arriving.
After the dogs were finished I let the 10 hybrids out and did the fire.
Hannah started with doing puppy nails and ears and then on to the labradoodles and poodles.
Kirsty popped in for coffee and had Lupus’s nails trimmed again, now he should be ok to just come monthly.
We had coffee and Lupus went out to play with Soldier, Siren, Narla and Shone, I brought Cito in as she can be a little over protective with her pack if we are not sat outside with them.
I left Hannah to keep an eye on the dogs while I went off to the vets.
I got home with four dirty puppies and a dirty cage; I cleaned the puppies up and then the van.
I let all of the dogs back out for a run before feeding and bed.
I left the gates open for the hybrids and took Rupert out with me to hang the towels out as it may have been 7 pm but really windy, one hour later dry towels.
Wednesday morning was fairly easy all the dogs fed, cleaned and run by 8.30.
Hybrids out while bottom yard and bottom block cleaning, then the fire was done.
A few odd jobs to finish before late morning feeds.
Van ready for training, class worked out for mock test tonight.
Paddock cleaned and water buckets changed in all the outside areas.
Adverts done puppies worming done, timber ordered for the front fence and gate, this means when it is finished Kiro can run loose in the drive over night I just need to leave her kennel door open.
I gave Shone a brush ready for training and then got the morning frozen feeds sectioned out before a couple of hours weeding and cutting brambles.
Evening feeds done, kennels cleaned ready to leave for training.
Kate arrived and off we went via Mc Donald’s.
We arrived and set up ready for the puppy class, they were doing their final night and getting certificates for passing all the tasks they needed to complete.
Kate was on refreshment duty which was nice homemade cakes.
I ran my bronze class through a mock test so the owners where aware of how the hall would be set out on the night so as not to alarm them and then the gold and silver class combined and more cake.
We got home and I cleaned out the van and checked emails and did a quick clean on the kennel dogs, Shone went out in the yard with the rest of the pack for a while before bed.
Thursday morning was an early start all the dogs were all out and done by 9 am, I had to go to town and a few bits and some shavings.
I got home and unloaded the van and then did the lunch time feeds.
I stopped for lunch and then spent a couple of hours replanting bushes in the field so the hybrids can’t see the little dogs in the paddock to reduce the noise.
I went back to the house and after a few minutes I could hear all the yorkie pack barking and going mad, I thought someone had arrived so I went back out to see what the problem was and where they had eaten the bung from the parasol stand one of them had managed to get most of the water out so the wind had increased and the parasol had blown over, they were not happy having a parasol blowing around their pen.
I went in and rescued the parasol and took the yorkies out in the paddock for a while.
As it was still quite hot I left everyone in for a while and went out and pulled up some more stinging nettles.
Arms all stung now to time wash yards before bringing in the hybrids.
Friday morning everyone out and first clean by 8.30, next the fire was done water buckets changed in the field.
I let the house hybrid pack out and cleaned their yard.
Meat delivery arrived and was sorted and frozen, I did some more weeding and planting then brought the hybrids in as it was getting too hot.
Time for a bit of paper work and check emails.
I had puppy viewers but they wanted me to keep the pup for a further 8 weeks on a small deposit that was unrealistic in my eyes and not fair on the puppy.
Lunchtime feeds done and then pups came out in the yard for a short time to play.
While they were out I popped back into the house and steam cleaned the floors.
Yards washed morning feeds ready, I let the house hybrid pack out and moved Coosa’s group over to field two.
I left Coosa’s group out until 8.30 and then brought them in and fed them, last kennel clean and all the outside yard dogs away, the only one’s left out were the house hybrid pack until 9.30 then they came back down for food so I shut the gates and left them with the bottom yards.
Saturday morning all the kennels were done and all dogs were out by 8.30.
After I had finished I went out in the field with the yorkies for half an hour and then cleaned the bottom yard where the house hybrids are.
I weeded and dug over the next place where I will plant more shrubs after we have taken down the top part of the fence by my garden.
Lunchtime feeds done, frozen feeds ready in trays in the freezer for tomorrow.
All the dead leaves swept from the paths, water buckets refilled.
Next job check all the little dogs ears.
Another hour gardening, then washing yards and evening feeding.
I had just finished washing the new run at the front of the kennels and it started to rain so off quickly to get the hybrids in.

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