13th January

Last Sunday was Lisa and I we had a busy morning and it was productive for a change.
All the bitches are now where they need to be for the next litters due.
Taska will move late in the month as Kiro needs to stay in the whelping area and keep her wound clean.
Kiro has now taken to wetting in her bed every day, we have tried tissue bedding, straw and a blanket.
As none of the above work she is not having anything in her bed maybe she will stop her tantrums as she has never been dirty before, this is still a protest about the pups going and now needing to wear a collar to stop her pulling the stitches out.
The builders were here all of last week and the weekend most of the block work has been done all of the Ve lux windows are in and the renders are here doing a scratch coat at the end of this week all being well with the weather.
Roka has settled back in well she is happy with the lab and doodle group, I would hope to get her with a wolf dog group at some point.
After Lisa had gone I was out with the dogs for the rest of the day and hosing the yards.
I did all the feeds ready for the next day.
Monday morning was Kirsty and I, we did the bottom group and bitches then up to the top kennel.
We power washed Idaho who was her normal dirty self, as I am struggling with sweeping due to my shoulder and neck hurting constantly we towel dried the pen after I had swept as well as I could.
We did the house dogs and put them all out in the field, I went off to cash and carry while Kirsty finished off Roxy and trigened the yards.
I picked up all of the cement on my way home and the roofing lads unloaded it for me.
I unloaded the van and then hosed all of the yards that had been disinfected.
I fed everyone and got all of them in by 4.15 as I needed to be over at my sister’s house before dark so I could walk C and Shone with her dogs for a bit more socialising with Shone.
They were really good they all had a very god run.
I stayed for coffee then stopped on the way home for a glass of wine with a friend and talked dogs for a while.
I got home and let the house dogs out fed Shone and had an hour just chilling out with the dogs before bed.
Tuesday morning Kirsty and I did fairly much the same as Monday, then Kate popped in with Lobo for a coffee and gave us a hand for an hour or so, it was nice to see her, the next time she comes over will probably be to drop off lobo before she goes into hospital to have the baby, she only has a week to go.
I We did the lunch time feeds and then started feeding all of the outside dogs, feeding now takes up to two hours with the little dogs and the bitches as everyone has to be monitored so they get the right amount of food.
I hosed everywhere and locked everyone in by 5 pm thankfully an early outside finish as I wanted to spend time with the bitches that are due to whelp.
Wednesday was Kirsty and I, we had a rush as mum came down to meet with one of the builders to get prices for the plaster boarding for the office and the first two rooms.
Kirsty came in after getting the poodle group in with blood dripping from her finger, one of the poodles had picked up a bone from the field and would not come in so Kirsty took the bone off the dog and another poodle came long and bit her hand.
This is quite funny as she has now been bitten twice both times by poodles.
We finished off the dogs in the top block I took Ruebin out for a run and spent a little time with him before he went off to his new home in Lancashire.
It was sad to see him leave but I have a number of pups out of him now and I have a young male that has mated a few bitches so it was time for Ruebin to be rehomed.
I then finished off outside with kirsty before doing the lunchtime feeds.
Hannah was here grooming I popped in and gave her a hand with some of the dogs.
We needed to get three bitches bathed and groomed that are due to whelp soon.
We put all of the expecting girls onto new vet beds after their kennels had been stripped out and disinfected.
I got everyone fed and in by 5.30 as I had an appointment with the chiropractor, I was dreading this one as I was very ill after the last session I had.
I got home and spent the evening with the house dogs and looking for floor tiles on the internet.
Thursday morning Kirsty and I got everyone out and all of the cleaning done before we had visitors come to view pups.
Hannah was here again as we still had a lot of dogs to be bathed groomed and clipped.
I helped her when I could the yorkies needed two of us one to hold them while the other clipped their nails.
I had a distressed call from one of our owners with two hybrids there had been a mix up with the food they were given and the pups both got very sick and have really bad tummies it got to the stage of water.
Both pups were brought back here immediately from London, they are both in isolation just be to on the safe side.
They are now being starved and treated with antibiotics; they should have been flying out to meet with the rest of the pack that are already in Dubai.
Unfortunately these little guys will not be fit to fly for at least a fortnight if all goes well when they are slowly introduced back to food.
This has added a lot more work on to my day as the pups need to have regular time and company with us.
The guys came and put the windows in the new kennel block.
The sand arrived for the renderers, but due to the weather and the labour being ill that job has been put off for a week.
I did the feeding and then a late meat delivery arrived so I was still sorting that out after everyone was in and fed.
Friday morning was Lisa and I we had a wet start but everyone did get out slightly shorter time than normal for the first run.
It was ok after all the cleaning was done everyone got out for longer.
I have had to spend time training with Shone in the bottom kennel block at night as I do not have a spare minute in the day time; it does her good to work in different areas.
Normal afternoon routine feeding hosing and me time playing with the hybrid group.
Tessa came round for a chat and a glass of wine for an hour in the evening.
Yazmin had her puppies, all went well a really nice litter but not many pups.
Saturday morning Lisa and I got everyone down the bottom finished then Wendy and Brian arrived to help out with lots of odd jobs.
Lisa left early and Wendy helped me scrub Roxy and Atlz’s pen top to bottom power wash it and put a whelping box full of straw in there for them.
I took us over two hours to get the whole pen done and then I moved them back in and fed them.
Brian moved all the lime and stacked all of the cement for the builders.
I now have a nice new gate fitted between my office and the lounge Wendy saw one advertised in the local pet shop where she lives.
It is a relief as Shone had worked out if she kept hitting the bottom of the old one she could smash it down and aggravated the yorkies.
I finished off outside and came in to do the blog.
While typing away I heard a strange sound that I could not identify so I got up and went to check what Shone was doing, well not impressed she was happily eating my credit card machine.
Cito obviously knew this was not the done thing and was sat at the bottom of the stair in the kitchen, I think she thought oh no mum will not be pleased with this I will vacate the room.
I have spoken to several prospective owners this week looking for hybrid puppies.
Taska is due to have pups at the end of this month.

The house dogs chilling

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